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What’s going on guys and welcome back to ball these basics in education and learning and in today’s video We have something super exciting to play for you guys here and it is a ball these basics mod made by X 606 actually sell us on Bijou Mike’s video. So if you guys haven’t seen that be sure to check it out I haven’t linked in the description, but basically you get to play as Baldi how insane is that? You get to actually like smack the ruler around go around Answering questions and do all that kind of stuff and it just sounds like it’s gonna be a ton of fun for anything Of course, you guys want to see more of all these basics mods? Be sure to hit that like button right now it helps if you go all around YouTube It just helps a video out in general. So I’d greatly appreciate it And also if you’re new to challenge looking for more Baldy mods Be sure to hit that subscribe button because you do not want to miss what we have coming later today and maybe even tomorrow Anyways, let’s go ahead and get into this mod here So it’s made by X 606 like I said and oh my God, look at this. We’re already at a new starting spot What ok, so I think left click is to move. No right-click. Oh my god. Look every time you oh, this is so cool So you can just kind of like click around and move around the place so from my understanding from what I read in the readme file, it said that uh, you basically, you know How a normal ball that you answer the questions won this one, you’re actually grading the question. Oh my god, we could go. Oh Oh That’s so funny were locked out it would be so cool If there was like an MPC going around and you had to beat them to like completing the notebooks we go in here Oh my god, we can go in here. Wait. We loop around cuz I know in the main game ball He never goes through here. Oh my god, you can uh, no you can’t go to that door Dang it all the audio files like way off Dude, this chick really wants to play with someone just keep saying it. Well, I’m different if we run into her as Baldy though Come here. Come here. You want play with someone come here? I’m coming at your high speed. Come here Oh, I can’t go through there Oh your shoes. I Got her. Alright does nothing wait. Okay. So from understanding the principle who’s right here if you get a problem wrong He’ll actually like do something to you, but let’s go and do a question here and get into this Alright, so first one grade math question one click on the boxes. Wait, what click on the boxes? I’m not sure what it’s talking about. Oh, oh sure. You’re grading it Oh What? Okay, this is cool So how does this work though? There’s three boxes like the first question. So, is that correct? Let’s see here. Also, I have to do actual math here. Well, it looks like that’s I mean, yeah, it looks correct. Sure Let’s just say yes. How do you get on to the next problem now? All right Let’s just say that all three of them are correct and 200 Okay, so it goes on to the next problem then so this requires like some actual math here. Oh boy I was not expecting this I kind of just want to pull up the calculator Cuz like to sit here do bathroom you guys like while it is super easy math It’s still like it’s just gonna slow everything down. So, let’s see here All right. Let’s see if I cuz I don’t you know on the teacher. I can’t get these wrong All right, I got to be correct here. Okay. So this one is incorrect wrong. Now, are we able to go back? I don’t think so. All right. So, let’s see this one. Oh, that’s definitely not right So negative. Oh wait. No, that’s negative. Yeah, that’s correct. All right so
Let’s see if we got this one right some some kid complain that you didn’t grade their work right principal got mad at you Okay, we got one of them wrong. Probably the first one of that last one, but all right So wait now the principal’s mad at us. So what happens now is he? Oh was he doing? Uh, I can’t tell he looks mad though. He’s like it’s slowly coming toward it. Let’s see what happens What oh, so you lose That’s creepy. It says hello fusion Z gamer like it knows, it’s me. That’s so weird So, okay So if you lose one question, he eventually oh so he’s like Baldy he’ll eventually get faster and faster until he kills you. Ah, Interesting. All right, I can dig this mod a lot. All right. So let’s go ahead and do this one here. Okay so, let’s see where I think I’m just gonna have to use a calculator because if I did this before you guys like well It’s easy math if you have like paper and pencil but for a video It’s like I can’t do this for you guys on video. So we’re gonna go ahead and do that one, which is wrong Let’s do this one next 375 do this is actually surprisingly like that’s a lot that goes into this. All right This one’s correct. Now next one because like you have to do this six times which is like a lot to do All right. So, let’s see minus 43. I didn’t even really need a calculator for that But that one’s wrong and I let’s go ahead and can be Oh another day’s work. Nice. We got that one, correct All right. So now we have to do like what five more so why is it possible to lose this thing? Cuz like let’s say you don’t get a question wrong. You just like win like there’s no real threat here besides the principal Cuz like we are the threat that’s the thing like we’re we’re playing as the killer Just smacking our ruler around going and doing different math problems. Alright, so let’s see here more math. All right, let’s do this so for 78 plus 901 and that is correct. All right, you got that one. Correct, buddy I never thought I’d be playing a game where we’re grading math papers This is actually like the main focus of this game q Badgett if all these basics instead of being what it was it was this It would just be like what Aadhaar it’s like this is like going back to school but like first grade Which is just hilarious. All right, so these are wrong we got okay So the first ones right right the other two are wrong and others day’s work, right? Perfect. So we got that one done Let’s continue onward to our next question here. All right move out of the way I wish this chick would stop saying I wanna play with someone like she just keep doing that. Alright, so here we go This is question three eight. Oh seven plus 261 let’s see if they got this one, right? 1074 yes. That is correct. You actually got that one, right? All right. Let’s see The next one is 248 plus or minus 785. All right, will you get this one? Right? Yes, you did. Oh, yeah negative All right. Yeah, I got that one right man This guy’s on a roll, but we actually have somebody that gets all of them, correct I think I think so and then plus 12 now that one’s wrong. So that would just be 50 Yeah, cuz then you add the two. Yeah, that would just be 50. So that one’s wrong and another day Wait, what which one did I get wrong? Did I read that one wrong? I think I did. Whoops I must have either read one of those wrong or something else. So wait now that we completed all these questions. Let’s see Can we actually Oh cougar items is bald in and think about this Let’s see if we can grab anything here Can I grab the quarter? Can I can I please just put the quarter in the machine? Huh? No, I’m trying to grab it It won’t let me unfortunately. All right, whatever. Let’s get out of here Oh, wow, we can just like go through desks and stuff like that Well, then again, I guess we are Baldy so that makes sense. All right. So now that we completed two of them Actually, we completed three. Whoa, that’s weird. This sound like doesn’t follow me over here. Okay, now we can go in here All right, perfect. Let’s do these two and then we’ll do the final one, which is weird. There’s seven There’s seven notebooks, but it’s only letting me do six so I’m not sure what’s up with that But that’s a little bit strange. All right, so, let’s see 150 three This one is correct. All right, you got that one right buddy on to the next one Five fifty four plus an hour – I’m gonna these are like the simplest problems. I don’t end up getting them all wrong All right, negative 417 that is correct. All right. Next one. We have 142 plus 210 142 plus 210. I’m not gonna lie I kind of like playing as The other guys a little bit better. This is just actual work like this is difficult Oh, I just remembered something. We got one of the problems wrong. So that means the principal should be coming after us. I’m not sure How fast he is or where he is for that matter? But you got to be careful for that because like last time we ran into him He was really slow, but it’s still a little bit worrying All right. Now we still have that chick who wants to play with someone? I wish we could like control them and like send them around to like do stuff. All right, so this one’s wrong next one 389 + 291 you guys thought you got out of school and you got it You guys thought when you got home and watch my video you’d be out of school But now you’re still in school guys. Gotta do these math problems. Oh my god I never thought I’d be playing a mod like this. It’s so interesting all the mods. I’ve been coming out for this game Like there’s a Super Mario one. There’s like there’s such a wide variety of them All right, so we got that another day’s work is done. All right, so the final question, let’s see what happens here All right, click, click click all the way out here. We’re gonna be careful for that principal cuz I don’t know where He is come on. Come on. Come on, go go go. All right, so I think there’s two more in rooms. Oh god. No Oh, no, no, no. No. All right. We got to be careful. I hope you didn’t just like lock onto me I think we’re faster than him though. It was like Baldy. Look how fast you can go I’m pretty sure the principal could even like catch up to us. Oh the sock. All right, we’re good I’m not used to I’m not like I’m not thinking I’m playing as Baldy right now I keep feeling like we’re playing as the human. All right, it’s going here. All right, so this should be The final one this should be after this I think we just get to escape which is weird because like I said, there’s still another notebook But for whatever reason it’s like not letting us do that one. Alright, so this one’s incorrect 615 – to 29. Let’s see – 29 is 386 that one is incorrect, man This guy’s not the brightest on these math problems here then again. He doesn’t have a calculator like I do so, all right 1086 that one’s correct? And here we go. Alright, so now we’re at six out of six. Let’s see what happens here come on another day’s work and six out of six nothing Seems to happen, huh? The exits are here. Oh Okay, so it’s just like the normal ending of the game You can kind of go up to every exit and it just kind of disappears It’s so funny cuz like and I’m thinking that like we’re running away from Baldy, but I keep forgetting. We’re actually playing as Baldy That’s going to do this exit then let’s finish off the game guys move out of the way jump rope barrel No, but good. Stop me. This is the best part about it. No one can stop me. Not even the pulley I think we go straight through him. Wait, actually, let’s actually see what he does. Wait. What is this aren’t those like secrets? Can I go? Oh, I can go through him home inside of him, but That’s definitely not supposed to happen Alright, let’s go ahead and go to the cafeteria though, and let’s get out of this place the final exit and we won Congratulations you won so that is the Baltics basic moderate the players Baldy himself overall Well, it’s not as fun as playing as the human. It’s still interesting. Oh the game just closed out of itself It’s still interesting to be able to like play as him though Just like the fact that you know You you you get to see how the other perspective is like when you actually get to like see him walking around It’s like okay, he’s creepy But then when actually the players I mean like this is just a man who’s upset that you’re getting You know the wrong answer on his math problems. But yeah guys lemonade results in this mod in the comments section down below I will say I’m still waiting for a mod where you can do multiplayer Like one person plays as baldie the other person plays as the normal human being and you have to try to hunt each other down And you get faster and faster every time you get like every time it gets a problem wrong The Baldy is the person his plans fall he gets to go faster and faster Like tell me that one be so fun like if moderators are out there watching this that should be a thing for sure because like just imagine that you know, Like he he gets to hear every door you open and for him, it’s like louder so he knows where you’re at But he doesn’t know exactly where you are And he just has to like click around and try to hunt you down and kill you That would just be so much fun. Anyways guys I’m in this video here eliminated thoughts on this mod in the comment section down below if you’d like to download it I’ll have a link in the description and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Peace out guys

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