Play Areas That Support Early Literacy

music time during circle time and also through various times during the day they would want to point out specific songs but sometimes they would they would forget what song um I hear a lot of the spider song or this are they did little you know just a little tidbit of the song to let me know so we put up this song poster in order for them to see what the actual name of the song was and to start recognizing the picture with the names and hit your name recognition which ever saw me why and me also but before saying I want this one they have to tell us the name of the song so then we say okay well then we say well tell me how that one does just so we can see if that memorization is gone getting there and I think it's very important that we do read every day and even as far as rhyming books to teach the kids how different sounds and how even songs you know some of the books teach them songs especially now that I have a little boy named David and the book know David and Oh David and David gets in trouble we have to read that about four or five times of writing materials and we want to you know lick that open because we don't want to you know to be more of a I want to restrict it or limited time for writing they I see a lot of literacy emergence with the finger-painting especially with them talking to each other well what is this picture and what are you doing with that it or all she's going this that it can be anything said okay give me your green please thank you what color would you buy what green again okay the color green that's pretty much our gold so you know they to progressive that emergent writing it can be math it's just like we can incorporate every learning approach into water play they're talking they're helping each other they're actually you know corresponding with each other to build things to make a way to miss Freneau we need more water or whatever it is but other than that there's a lot of great things that come out that water table alive something and we also use smocks just have to use the slosh it one time we did it without and it was just horrible so we learnt that lesson always you smart the dress-up that teaches them it prepares them to go out and work it shows them that they can be a doctor lawyer that they can be whatever a police officer a firefighter they do a lot of talking about what they are in the different costumes that they are dressing up in and they do roleplay and you know act like they're putting out a fire or I got you're giving me a shot if they have the doctor or nurse dress up on I feel like the dramatic play area is like death like the biggest important item of all especially in the kitchen area because that's what we see a lot of the food etiquette skills come into play and they actually learn how to like at the beginning that were just you know throwing plates on the table throwing this but now they reach the point where they set the table everyone needs a plate everyone needs a cup and we try to you know model that for them to develop their skills at lunch when actually Dee it amazes me how at one point at the beginning of the year everyone was just you know just low it's just thrilling here you know just the average typical two year old things and now it's like they're really getting that organization skills we need Forks and there's even saying oh this is hot we have to blow it and everything so I feel like that is really the kitchen area is like the best that you can have you

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