PLATYPUS: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning

Where does the platypus fit in the Animal Kingdom? The platypus is from Australia. They are a
funny mixture a lot different animals. They have a beak and webbed feet like a duck. A tail like a beaver and fur that keeps them dry and warm like an otter. They are great swimmers and can hold
their breath for a long time. The platypus is very special, as they are a mammal like
you and me But they lay eggs like a bird. They live in burrows aside freshwater
lakes swamps or creeks. This is where they lay
their eggs. Have you ever seen a platypus? That would
be really lucky because they are very shy.

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  1. The last half of the video the entire screen is covered by ads for other videos. So it is useless to show this to my sister 🙃

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