Planet Order from the Sun | Solar System Planets for kids | Educational Videos for Children

Hey Toy-Timers! Hey TommyDog! Let’s Go! Let’s visit all of the planets, in order of distance from The Sun. Planet number 1 – Mercury. Let’s take a closer look. Let’s visit planet number 2. Venus. Let’s take a look below the cloud. Planet number 3 here we come. The Earth. Woah! What was that? The Moon. Planet number 4 – Mars. Let’s take a closer look at The Red Planet. On to planet number 5. Woah it’s a big planet. Jupiter. What’s planet number 6 in our Solar System? Saturn. Planet number 7 – Uranus. Planet number 7 – Uranus. Planet number 8 – Neptune. See our new videos, make sure you press that subscribe button. Become a Toy-Timer.

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