Planet for kids | Solar systems planet learning for kids

Bobby the magician bear, decided to go for
an adventure. An Adventure in space. The solar system is really an exciting place. The sun is the center of solar system. Moon
The first person to set foot on the Moon was Neil Armstrong. The smallest planet in our solar system is
Mercury and the largest planet is Jupiter. Earth is where we live. This red planet is called Mars. Venus is the brightest planet. Saturn has beautiful rings that go round and
round. Uranus and Neptune are dark, cold, and very
windy. Pluto is a tiny planet. The solar system is really an exciting place. Which is your favourite planet?

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  3. 1. Sun is the central star in our ss.
    2. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on our centrifuge moon.
    3. Venus is bright
    4. Earth is our own planet
    5. oppy,cury, and spiry are the largest american vehicles on mars.
    6. Mercury is extremly hot.
    7. Jupiter is the king
    8. Saturn has 7 rings
    9. Uranus and Neptune are funny and misterious

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