Plagiarism: Real Life Examples (Part 2 of 3)

All right class, all right. Your first writing assignment is a 5-8 page paper about Shakespeare’s Hamlet the paper
should have footnotes and bibliography and of course if there are any academic integrity violations, you will receive a F for the paper. I better read through my rough draft and make sure I did this right it is due tomorrow. (student goes over several highlighted lines) Those are direct quotes and need footnotes, one here and here. This part is all my opinion. Now here we go … (reviewing paper) … Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a complex syntax
of over 600 words new to the English language. I better check my notes. that part is from the “Introduction to the Anthology.” (writer is still thinking out loud going over the paper) I reworded it, but I use Stephen
Greenblatt’s idea. I am going to have to footnote that. Both Seuss and Shakespeare have worldwide appeal…. okay… this sentences is me. Dr. Seuss has been translated into eighteen different foreign languages and Shakespeare has
been translated into over 80 languages. Well I got those statistics
from an online article and that needs a footnote. Shakespeare
has been around longer and has more opportunity for translation It is my conclusion… Alright that part starting there is
all my idea. I’m OK, now all I need to do is make sure
that I use the right format for the footnotes and the bibliography. Okay now I am ready to hand this in tomorrow.

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