Plagiarism is Stealing!

Plagiarism in Stealing! is part of the Career
and College Readiness Lesson Plan series provided by the California Career Resource Network,
California Department of Education. In this lesson, you’ll learn about plagiarism
and how to properly cite information sources. Just like smartphones, tablets, and computers
are worth money, words and ideas are worth money, too. So stealing someone else’s words and ideas
is just like stealing their money. Stealing someone else’s words or ideas is
called plagiarism. And like stealing money, plagiarism has consequences. At school, plagiarism may lead to an F on
an assignment or to being expelled. At work, plagiarism may lead to a damaged
reputation or even being fired. In the courts, plagiarism may lead to civil
or Federal fines. Learn what plagiarism is and isn’t so you
can avoid unexpected consequences. This lesson and other resources are available
on the California Career Resource Network’s Web site.

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