Pirates of the Caribbean – Physical Education Game (Chasing & Fleeing)

hi everybody thanks so much for tuning in my name is Joey fight from the physical educator comm and today I'm going to be showing you an awesome chasing fleeing game called Pirates of the Caribbean and build one of the game the students who are going to be adventurers in this game are going to explore Treasure Island set up your playing area by having a rectangular space with an end zone one of the sides the end zone will be the beach on the teacher signals the students will begin to explore chooser Island by moving around within the playing area however when they hear the teacher yelled beach all the adventures have to move back to the beach as quickly as they can this is to help the adventurers understand the beach is one of the safe zones on Treasure Island once the students understand the beach it's time to set the second safe zone which is the treasure cave on the teachers signal all the scenes will move to the treasure cave and then back to the beach to show that they understand the boundaries of each zone now that the adventurers have explored Treasure Island it's time for build to treasure grab this build we're going to add two elements to the game first of all we're going to add pieces of treasure which are bean bags inside the treasure cave the second piece will be a box which will be the booty box that the adventurers will use to collect all the treasure on the teacher signal the adventures will move from the beach to the treasure cave collect one piece of treasure and then bring it back and place it inside the booty box a fun modification for this build is to have the students do this once for practice then return all the treasure and then repeat the process trying to beat their previous time now that the students understand how to get the treasure from the cave to the booty box it's time for build three in which will introduce pirates to the game so select two students we'll start off as pirates pirates wear different colored pennies and are each given a foam sword pirates move within the playing area but are not allowed to go into treasure cave or on the beach the pirates will move around trying to tag the adventurers who are trying to collect all the treasure and get it all into the booty box if an adventurer is tied by a pirate they become frozen on place and should keep their hands up in the air if they had a bean bag in the handle in the or tag they have to give it to the prior to tag them and that prior will return it to the treasure cave to get back into the game a frozen player has to wait for a teammate to come take them by the hand and bring them back to the beach when a player's being rescued the two players involved in the rescue cannot be tied by any pirates once the players make it back to the beach they go right back and build four of the game we're going to add a new area which is the cursed ship the cursed ship is a rectangular area that is marked off by cones in the cruise ship will be two different types of objects first of all there'll be a foam die also there will be some hula hoops plain-out continues just like before however when a player becomes tagged instead of things frozen on place they have to make their way to the cursed ship once there the player will roll the foam die if they get an even number the player is free to return to play however if a player goes to the cruise ship takes a die and rolled an odd number they have to take one to who stand in it and shuffle their way across the playing area because they are now a zombie zombies are new types of Tigers in the game they go around playing area trying to tag the adventurers just like the card so they can't go in the treasure cave or on the beach if a player is tied by a zombie the two players exchange rules so the zombie becomes an adventurer again and the adventurer becomes a zombie play continues until the adventurers have brought all the treasure from the treasure cave to the booty box or until all the adventurers have been turned into zombies so that's Pirates of the Caribbean a chasing a fleeing game that we've broken down into four bills if you'd like to learn more about this game be sure to click the link in the description below which will take you to the game page on the physical educator comm once again my name is Joey fight from the physical educator comm thanks so much for watching and happy teaching

14 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean – Physical Education Game (Chasing & Fleeing)”

  1. I play something similar with a dragon theme; dragon’s cave and treasure and a village instead of the beach, dragons tag instead of pirates

  2. Ughhhhh I need to lead a group of y4s tmrw as a y11 I find all the activities I'm finding too long to explain and to long to keep on setting up since I need to lead for 45 mins and keep on changing it up

  3. Played this today with my students in Grade 7-9. They loved it!. Instead of hula-hoops I made my students hop and jump (or Jumping Bean Pirates as they called it).

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