Pilsen Public Art Tours offer education about neighborhood murals, help preserve area’s Mexican heri

going back since right after the Mexican Revolution murals have been used to tell the story of the people but not a story that the that the conquerors want to tell but a story that the people want to tell the true story of Mexico or the true story of Pilsen hills of public art tours was founded by local art educators to help document the neighborhoods rich collection of murals I use the music a pop-up book we’re literally characters inside this book and the murals are illustrations I’m just a text this mural is inspired by a story called Gulliver’s Travels pensando in case take Oliver s son Gulliver Latino K Crusoe la Frontera de Cho in life story original el esta atado con la Sol Sparrow en este caso estado con one of the newest murals in the area phases alpha co community garden which will su mark this start of a walking trail from Pilsen to little village new murals constantly pop up in Pilsen but gentrification and development in the neighborhood has meant the removal of some iconic public art a developer came in and changed the building renovated the whole inside the murals were gone and the outside were the ones that he painted over which caused all the controversy and those were murals I did with kids they weren’t just my work and so the community really felt a loss and protested and he asked me if I could redo them and I said sure you know if you got the money and I have the time you know make the time carry Mosport ahead lo que no tenemos que no Tomi las Casas caramels conserve are in in character the person sitting in the heart of the neighborhood the National Museum of Mexican art as to the creativity and color that defines Pilsen public art is important parts acog oh it’s boring part of Pilsen it weren’t part of who we are as committee and even then the neighbor continues changing this is still the soul of our community it always has been we’re not gonna go anyway the murals have helped me search for my own identity and I just want to be able to educate the public on their story and on what the murals have to say we’re still here you know through the gentrification and everything you know we’re still here hey if you liked that video be sure to subscribe to our ABC 7 Chicago YouTube channel

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