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Hello and welcome. I’m Cindy MacKersie, the Director of International Education at Pierce College. Pierce College is a public 2 year community college opened in 1967. It is located in the state of Washington in the beautiful Seattle area. Students from around the world come to study at Pierce College. Here you can improve your English language skills in our intensive English program. You can also complete the year Associate’s degree, which is equivalent to the first 2 years of university studies. Then you can transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree at the University. Our students have transferred to top universities in the United States; including the University of Washington, University of California Berkeley, UCLA, George Washington University, Indiana University and New York University. If you have not graduated from high school, you can enter our fast-track high school completion program, and finish your high school diploma while earning college credits. Or if you want job training, you can earn a professional technical certificate or degree in many different fields. Pierce College has emitted international students since 1969 and offers outstanding student services. We pick up students at the air port when they arrive, we find housing for students, we provide student orientation and assistance in choosing an academic program and classes. We also can help students transfer to universities and provide personal counseling when needed. We also have many extra-curricular activities for students to participate in; including student clubs, and inter-mural sports. We even have conversation partners. American students who meet with international students for English language practice and cultural exchange. Our campus and facilities are attractive and modern, and our college environment is comfortable and friendly. Let’s take a look around and see what our students have to say about Pierce College. My name is Toan Le but I prefer going by Thomas. I’m an international student from Viet Nam and I come to Pierce to major in business administration and get my high school completion. When student need information then they usually go to the Welcome Center. They are on campus where a student can find a lot of resources to help them become more successful. There are student ambassadors who help them with any question they come up with, and Attention Center and Admission Office, so there’s a lot of things that we can help students to become more successful here. I’m actually the student ambassador for this academic year. I do get paid for every hour I work in the Welcome Center. And I am allowed to work up to 15 hours per week so in the meantime I’m studying for my major. I can earn a little bit of money and helping students, that’s really amazing. There are 2 bus routes stop at Pierce College, 212 and 214. It’s pretty convenient to take the bus to Pierce College and it drop you in front of the Welcome Center. My name is Burak Bekircan. I am from Turkey. My major is photography and cinematography. I took some English classes at Pierce College. It was so fun for me, you know, because I learned everything about English language. After English class, I took, now I’m taking college classes. Photography and cinematography and design classes. Yeah it was, it really helped me because, before when I came here I couldn’t speak English anything. After that I learned how to speak English. Now I’m feeling really comfortable. I feel really relaxed. English is now look like my first language, you know because I can understand now. My name is Peter Wu. I’m a international student. I come from China. I’m studying business at Pierce. The business student will take class in subjects like economics, accounting, business rules, statistics. My favorite teacher I think is Dr. Paul Cahard. He is one of our most popular professors in this campus. I think the teacher teaching ways total different with my home in China. In China, teachers just usually teach, just give you like math, they’d give you format. And just give you a format and ask you to remember. But in here the professor will help you to explain all how this format come from. So he helped me to remember this format. My name is Narumi Shikiya. I’m from Japan. And my major is business. I like studying at downstairs. They are quieter then upstairs and they have own space for individual person so I prefer studying by myself.It is really good. I can use my computers anytime I want. Any reasons, I do use like maybe sometime checking email, checking my Facebook or like do research with everything. Yeah, it’s very nice. Like they have like many countries languages and everything so I use all the time when I do research and everything. If I can’t find anything I just go ask the librarian. They’re very nice for every student. For international students as well, so they help me out. In the Writers’ Studio, there is my favorite place to go cause like I’m international student. I have like always struggle with writing, it’s in everything but when I go there like the teacher or otherwise or whatever will help me out all the time. My name is Michelle Kwong, and I’m from Hong Kong. And I am here at Pierce to study psychology. My name is Precious Mbethe. I’m an international student from South Africa and I’m studying construction management at Pierce College. I tutor mathematics and statistics. I think it’s fun because you get to meet different students and share your ideas and study skills, so you can improve. Students come to the tutoring center usually for 2 things. They come for the drop-in service or they only have like 1-2 question on their homework or they come in for the appointments where they meet with their tutors for certain help on 1 particular subject. We can try to find ways to solve problems, maybe a smarter way and we can share like study skills to improve both the tutor and the students. My name Hmway. I’m from Myanmar. And I’m studying economics at Pierce. The man team play basketball, baseball and soccer. And their women teams play softball, volleyball and basketball. My favorite sport is basketball. Men basketball. They’re really good and it’s so exciting to watch them. In my country there is no cheer leading. I’ve only seen movies and I really want to join cheer-leading and here I have a chance so I went to try out and fortunately I’ve been selected so I really enjoy doing that to doing cheer also. I like it. I like that people cheering but in my country nobody cheer for us so I’m like so. And I’ve only seen cheerleader in the movie and I really like them. I like wearing uniforms and doing stunts and everything. I really like it. My cheer team is like a family like we are really close to each other and like we’re just like a family and I’m kind of like a part of their family and we hang out and we go around to places and then we really help each other and encourage each other, even in our studies. Students can come here and use the gym or play sports at their basketball court. Me personally I really like working out my abs so that I can get a flat belly and strong. And I like running on treadmill. I like running so I like doing that. My name is Nam Nguyen. And I am an international student from Viet Nam. And my major is chemical engineering. I have most of my class in the Rainier building because the Rainier building is specifically for science students. We usually take mostly math, physics and chemistry for, just for chemical engineering. The lab is very well equipped. So we have a lot of opportunity to do a lab with a lot of equipment that is typically for specific subject for. Like for example like chemistry, we have like a weighing machine, balance machine, flask and reactant like acid or base. Everything has already been prepared by the professor so they are very, very good for students who experience what’s happening besides the class. Also, that the…the classroom they are very modern because it has just been built so I think that for students who have class in Rainier building, its opportunity them. I have to say that I really love staying here because when I first heard of high school completion program I would think that is a really good program for me to study. Like I can actually get a high school diploma and Associate degree at the same time. That would really shorten my time for studying and Pierce College also offer me a lot of opportunity to go to international activities like we can get to many university that we want to when we transfer or we can get some social events for talking to talking to another international students or even the native students. My name is Sabina Ibragimova. I’m from Turkmenistan. My major is journalism and mass communication. I would like to show you the Student Life office where they plan different activities and events. They bring out speakers in organized conferences and different excursions. There is always something happening at the campus. There is a lunchtime concert at the Fireside Lounge today so let’s have a look. My name is Evan Luputra. I’m from Indonesia. And I’m majoring in TV and film production, especially in directing and writing. I’m not often bring my lunch here so I’ll probably buy it here. My favorite food here is the mash potato and Gouda. You can eat french fries if you like to, you can eat chicken strip, you can eat sandwiches, mash potato, Houghton teriyaki, rice teriyaki A lot of food here. And burritos. You can find Mexican food here too. First time I heard about cafeteria in America I was just like, is it expensive? But actually it’s not really expensive here. I wrote my script here. Often I wrote my script here, I drew here but I never studied here with my friend. It’s a place of hangout for us. That’s all. Oh man it’s really easy to find somebody to be friend with. First time I came here I have no friend but now my god. I have a lot of friends. I’m Chanakarn Poomjaisak. I come from Thailand. My major is business accounting. When I need anything the first place I go is bookstore. Before I go outside or online because bookstore connect you classes so every teacher, they order the book so we…the bookstore know what kind of book that student needs so that would be the first option that all students go. They help me to kind of like guideline where I can get it cheaper and if the book is sold out they will tell me when I would get the book and they going to order it for me so I don’t have to worry about it. It’s very convenient. My name is Everaldo Alves. I’m a student from Brazil. And I major in business management at Pierce College. The theatre in Pierce College is amazing, it’s perfect. It’s very modern and beautiful and can accommodate a lot of people. Many different people actually and I’m so glad that we have this theater in college because it’s amazing, it’s beautiful and it’s right there for the students to practice and to have a good time and also learn…a learning time because it’s just an amazing theatre. The sound system is perfect and I love it. I’m so proud to say that we have one in college. I had a great experience entertaining and lecture in our theatre here in college and it was amazing because it was a person named Julian Bond, that he presented about the election time, presidential time in America and I felt so glad that the college brought this such a great speaker to our campus and we have the chance to go there and experience so it was an amazing experience. The great thing about having the theatre in college is that us as the students, we can go usually for free or with a very reasonable price. So the only thing that we gotta do is just present our ID and we got the discount right there and most of the times, when you show your ID, it’s free for students so that makes it even nicer because we don’t have to spend anything and we can get to enjoy the performance and the theatre so it’s just an amazing thing. I’m Yuka Saeki. I’m from Japan. Now I’m studying English. I like my host family is very kind as for me. So I’ve never felt loneliness since I came here. I think I can spend with my host family so I can speak English a lot so I practice English more and more. I am Nhi Hoang. I am from Viet Nam and I am an art major. My host family, they are very nice. They’re very kind to me and my host mom she inspired me of doing arts and inspired me to be in the art major. My host family here has been like a part of me because I’ve lived here for almost like 1 year, so they’ve been like a part of me. They’ve supported me and whenever I feel sad or I feel alone they’re always there for me. So having an American family is the most amazing thing in my life.

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