8 thoughts on “Physical Literacy”

  1. Leah – thank you for sharing this excellent video and the name of the musician whose music underscores the importance of the message.

  2. Can anyone please give me the name of the music being played….it is so uplifting. The music and video was beautiful constructed and I hope that the message reaches out to a lot of people. This generation is so inactive with their physical health.

  3. 60 minutes every day. I wish I had that much time for exercise, but I don't. I know I do a lot more than most do. But I agree, kids shouldn't be spending hours and hours and hours in front of videogames and TV. It can develop into a lifelong habit of inactivity, and will lead to poor health.

  4. In a generation we have wiped out the practice of walking to school. Now babies born today will have shorter life expectancies than their parents.

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