47 thoughts on “Physical Education”

  1. I was here when you first uploaded and I’m happy to say you haven’t changed. Hopefully it stays that way. You have been a great inspiration to me about stories and animating. My friends and I are starting a little series that we are calling DreamLand and are planning to start to post it to YouTube one day and it looks promising. It all started with you, so I’m here to tell you, thank you for the idea for us to animate

  2. Yeah I hate PE. It's awful! We run for 5 minutes, then do squats, burpees, push-ups,etc. Three times a year, we do the beep test and the endurance test. Basically exhaust yourself until you vomit or pass out…

  3. We had the same PE system but I was a girl that got in PE with boys because there wasn’t enough boys but I was the only girl that wanted to play

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