Physical Education Teacher: Scott Shoemaker

It’s my first year teaching P.E. actually. I was a personal trainer for TSA for the government
for about 6 years. I decided I wanted to be a PE teacher because
I just wanted to influence kids on the importance of health and fitness. Research recently has shown that improving
physical fitness in P.E. has actually shown to improve academic scores. Health and fitness can be fun and can lead
to different sports, social interaction, you can meet friends for life. I would say the most rewarding thing about
being a PE teacher is seeing the kids have fun with physical fitness and seeing them
have a great time at the same time getting a workout. PE is also a great class for kids not just
to improve their health and fitness but also to improve their social interaction. We do a lot games and activities that involve
a team or teamwork and we do a lot of other activities that involve collaboration. I would say that anyone that wants to be or
that’s thinking about being a teacher whether it’s PE, science, math, elementary school,
middle school, high school, I would say, definitely think about doing it. I decided to switch my career and be a teacher
because what better way to take what knowledge I’ve learned through my life and give kids
the best future possible really. And letting them know — passing down what
we learned for future generations so they can be the best that they can be.

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