Physical Education Games – Throw Up

This game is called ‘Throw Up’. It is for grades 3 – 6. You will need tennis balls or bean bags. Students will be spread out around the gym. Give each student a ball. While the students are moving around they must throw the ball up in the air and catch it. Students can walk in any direction they choose while throwing and catching the ball. That is the basic idea for this game, but you will switch it up and add other things as well. If a student misses a catch, then before he can get back into the game, he must lay down on his back
and complete a throw and a catch. Once he is successful, then he can join the group again. Instead of simply walking around tossing the ball the entire time, try some other ideas: Play to the beat of music. Increase the movement speed
from walking to jogging to running. Change the movement type (for example, jumping). Have students clap their hands before they catch the ball. Go down on a knee, jump up before the catch, or spin around. Walk backwards, or throw with opposite hand. Try using different sized objects. That’s it for this game!

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