Physical Education Games – Team Ball Tag

This is ‘Team Ball Tag’. To start, create different teams
using pinnies. We have a yellow, blue team, green, and purple team. Have
three or four teams depending how many students you have. Each player will get a foam ball to
start. Players will try to tag other players from different teams and not their own team. So if yellow player has tagged a purple as you see
there, then that purple player has to sit down and is stuck down until someone else from the purple team can come around to try and save them by tagging foam
ball to foam ball. Then they are back in the game. If an entire team has been tagged and they’re all sitting down then
you can either have them eliminated or if you don’t want to play elimination
you can make a rule where they can get back up after completing pushups or situps or jumping jacks. You might want to put in some other rules such as no throwing the ball. No guarding players who are tagged. ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ when tagged at the same time. Or whatever other rules you want! … …oh, and if players are sitting for too long then give them a free pass!

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