Physical Education Games – Shipwreck

This game is called ‘Shipwreck’. You will need hula-hoops. You need a start line and a finish line. You will create some teams of about five players per each team. Give all teams all a hula-hoop (you could also give a big piece of cardboard for each team if you have that). The goal of the game is that the ‘sailors’
must get to the other side by racing their boats. On the signal they will go.
They must carry their hula-hoops (they all must have a hand on the hula-hoop while they are running). When the teacher yells out ‘Shipwreck’, then they must drop their hula-hoop and all jump into the hoop. The team that gets inside first receives a point. In the example, one of the teams received a point (I think the yellow team got in first). So they continue on, they keep running, until ‘Shipwreck’ is called again. They need to scramble to get inside their boats. Whoever gets inside first gets a point.
In the example we see that yellow team got another point. They now have two points. The game continues on. The first team to
cross finish line gets two points. The yellow team got all of the points in this game. And that’s it! Go and play a new round!

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