Physical Education Games – Frisbee Tippers

Hey everyone, here is a little game called frisbee tippers for grade 4 to 8. You need some frisbees (technically known as discs) but I’m just going to call them frisbees here. I like to play this game when I’m doing an ultimate unit (or ultimate
frisbee) and after I’ve shown the students how to do some throws, and shown the
technicalities of that, and they get some practice throwing. Here we see two groups and
they are actually going to be working together and against each other at the
same time. I’ll explain that as we go along. You can, of course, have more groups throughout the field doing the same things as these
guys here. Students will get a disc and we’ll get started… The yellow team is going to get the first throw and throw the disc to the purple team. The purple team is not just
going to catch it: the purpose of the game is that someone has to ‘tip’ the frisbee up in
the air using either their finger, or their head, or their knee, or their foot. And then one of their teammates is gonna catch it. So we see here that yellow throws a frisbee – the first person is going to get out and tip it up before it hits the ground and the second person has caught it. So the purple team would get a point. Now it is purple’s turn to throw it to yellow, so
purple will throw it and they kind of get into position and right there we saw two tips: the first person tipped it, and the second person tipped it, and
the third person caught it. The frisbee didn’t land on the ground, so the yellow team
would get two points for two tips. And so they have reset here. Now yellow is going to throw back to purple. If purple catches it without tipping it then there are no points because the game is ‘tippers’…. whoever gets there first should be trying to tip it up in
the air before the teammate catches it. And so there would be no points there. Of course,
if it’s thrown and tipped but nobody catches it and it lands on the ground then
there are no points. And you can make whatever rule, like if a team purposely throws it
far away from the other team then it doesn’t count. They have to
re-throw or something like that. So right here we take a look
at the scoring. If a team tips it from the finger or the hand, so kind of pokes it up with a finger or punches it with their hand up in the air and it’s caught, then they get
one point. If it is tipped from their knee or their foot and
then caught, two points. And tipped from the head, three points. And you can just keep
adding the points up as you go along. That is it for this game idea!

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