Physical Education Games – Astronauts

This is astronauts for grades four to eight. You will need enough balloons, one for each students in your class. And some string. It is a very easy game but takes a little bit
of set-up. So you will start with four students who will be astronauts, and each
one of those students will have a balloon attached to their ankle with a little piece of string. The rest of the students will be the martians. And very simply the martians are
going to go around trying to pop the astronaut’s balloons. The balloons
you can say are their air supply (the oxygen supply for the astronauts). So if the students are running around and a balloon gets popped then that astronaut will now become a
martian and help out until all of the other balloons are popped. When that happens, you will pick four new
students who will become astronauts for the next round. So that’s why you need enough balloons for everyone in the class. That’s it for this game!

4 thoughts on “Physical Education Games – Astronauts”

  1. Definitely a game I will be trying. However, I feel like a lot of kids could end of tripping when someone steps on the balloon/string while they are trying to get away.

    Any advice?

  2. I haven't had too many problems with tripping – moreso someones foot might get stepped on. I guess just use a thin enough string (I've used sewing thread before) and leave about 6-10 inches of a lead. Good luck with it and hope it goes well!

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