Physical Education at UVM

(upbeat music) – What I really enjoy
about my job the most, in being a K-8 physical education teacher, is the autonomy that comes with it. I get to run my own department, getting to design my own curriculum. How cool, I get to create what I do. I found, at the University of Vermont, physical education classes,
kinesiology classes, exercise science classes
I enjoyed the most. University of Vermont campus is amazing. It’s so beautiful, the
views, the buildings. The history there is so cool. And what I love the most
about Burlington, Vermont, is that you truly get
to see the four seasons. I chose the College of
Education and Social Services at UVM because the small
student-to-teacher ratios allowed me to really get
to know my faculty up close and personal, and it allowed
them to get to know me. The University of Vermont got me started with Special Olympics Vermont. I was in an adaptive physical education course my junior year. We got to work with athletes
that were ages two to seven, with and without
intellectual disabilities. Eight to 10 years later, I’m running my own young athletes program because I was inspired through
that adaptive phys ed class that always encouraged me
to look for best practices and try to give more to the field than I could possibly give, because it’s the right thing to do, when you work in education. Another cool thing about the placements was my Middle School Methods course was right here at
Hinesburg Community School, so I was placed with a
physical education teacher here at Hinesburg for a full semester. You meet so many people that help you when it comes to networking,
to getting a job. I get one student teacher a semester now, from the University of Vermont. They’re gonna have
amazing prospects for jobs because the University of Vermont physical education program,
it’s nationally accredited as well as just in an amazing university. (upbeat music)

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