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that smells scrumptious total tomfoolery try this Oh toast time for tea and toast where's my tea pot he anyone [Applause] hold tight alpha friends this will be exciting whoa you'll never catch me everyone ready where's P V is for broom V is for victory surprise but I'm very fast I'm very very very fast raesha Burke technique we'll see H be able to top that first round those two see H time now around to the trick with dissident is not to look down [Applause] we hope to catch you ha ha we help hey hmm chain nice work fabulous a train change fantastic the engine has failed that's it this trip is terminated real soon sort this art a sale that is the way to travel set a course for Sun Sun Sun what is it it's uh well it's uh it must be a thing don't you know what a thing is No then we'll show you we start with is for breakfast but let its but I did stop wings that fold out or when it's in flight from the door to the south to get police to the west best I can do this or we can do it elites or we can be flat it'll have to be but if it won't fit you can feel it [Applause]

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