Phonics Activity 4: Create a Rhyme

hi there my name is viktoria Lopez and I am doing the activity for creating Orion which is the number four in the phonics a through Z book this activity includes students having to fill in words in a poem that are blank for example if you give them a short story or a short poem in this case because we're rhyming there to read the poem and fill in the words in the blanks that they feel pertains to that phrase and is or is writing with the other words so their words can be written on a piece of paper or in this case maybe like a sticky note something that you know is going to stick and be able to be seen by the kids or the students that are in the classroom you can also do this or perform this on an overhead projector and have the students go and go up and write the word that they feel is appropriate or correct and then at the end once ever the whole all the banks are filled in then as a class you know we would read the the poem together to see what they came up with so let's go ahead and go ahead and give you an example so I would provide the students with this it's a phrase for example the cat ran in the blank because he saw a blank so these kids can come up with you know any type of word they feel would rhyme let's say we are going over words that rhyme with the O you write o you se and for example it'd be the cat run in the house right or or any type of work they feel is appropriate it can't run in the house because he saw the mouse and that's one example of that another one would be maybe combined a little bit more phrases so for example he had a blank that he read in his blank and he couldn't blank or it could blank so for these I just came up with these words so he had a he had a book you see that he read in his nope but he couldn't see where it could be so maybe something like that or like I said even on the overhead projector um you know so that everybody could see it more in detail and of course also the benefits to this would be or the benefits of this activity of creating a rhyme I think is not only to support the critical thinking of the child right because they have to think about what words rhyme with what and understand that there are certain rules that go about rhyming but it also helps with like spelling reading and writing as well so by having them critically think about what words go in the blank or whichever words rhyme they become familiar with it with the rules like I said that pertain to how or what makes the words run then this leads to them reading and then writing and then usually it's a bridge to be able to be a fluent you know spender fluent reader and writer this concludes the activity that I have to go over thank you so much and have a good day

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