Phoenix police union looking at service that deletes social media posts

developing tonight the union representing Phoenix police officers is looking into paying for a service that would delete social media posts by its members this is all happening as the department continues to investigate racist and violent posed by some of its officers publicized in a criminal-justice watchdog today the Philadelphia Police Department announcing they are suspending 13 officers with plans to fire them an investigation by the Plainview Project uncovered the post and published a report on them in June a dozen Phoenix police officers are right now on desk duty as they investigate police chief Jerry Williams and mayor Kate Gallego have not responded to our request for comment on that proposed post deleting service

5 thoughts on “Phoenix police union looking at service that deletes social media posts”

  1. They are not gonna fire any body fucken racist fucks I can only imagine the look on their face when they die and wake up in Hell

  2. Phoenix police has become the worst in the nation. Bad cops never get fired they get excused from anything even killing.

  3. Lol. These idiots just dont get it. Until we the people control the every move of those who serve us then tyrants like these assholes will just keep on doing what they do. We are their masters, not the other way around. They seem to have forgotten this.

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