Phoenix Law Enforcement Association announces service to 'scrub' officers from the internet

six weeks after abc15 first reported about racist and violent posts on Phoenix police officers personal Facebook accounts city officials are still trying to decide their punishment now that the mayor's office nor the police chief willing to say how long it will take to finish the internal investigation and hold offending officers accountable now other officers are talking about how to disappear online ABC 15 investigator Melissa Blasius has that story ABC 15 trying to connect with the president of the Phoenix law enforcement Association Melissa with ABC 15 we're trying to get a hold of print London London has some explaining to do after this Facebook post he mentions Phoenix PD officer Facebook post investigation then offers up a new service for union members a service that will scrub your name from the internet it's more of a security and privacy type thing London says it's only $3.00 a month want more info there's some information about it on the Members Only Facebook page is called secret Facebook page here the Phoenix law enforcement Association dealing with a PR crisis a dozen Phoenix officers remain on desk duty even more are under internal investigation for posting to social media images of violence like this police cruiser hitting a man with the caption Phoenix PD get the bad guy or posts with racist or culturally insensitive comments including this offensive joke about quote Mexico's national sport an internet scrubbing or reputation management service could allow officers to continue secretly posting this kind of stuff but London's spokesman says it has nothing to do with hiding and everything to do with keeping police officers and their families safe from those who continue to attack them online I'm investigator Melissa Blasius ABC 15 Arizona

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Law Enforcement Association announces service to 'scrub' officers from the internet”

  1. That person hit the police cruiser himself while running away from the cops. That vehicle wasn’t even moving, nor occupied. Thanks “investigator” Melissa for your “journalisming.”

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