Philadelphia City Rowing | Penn Medicine CAREs Grant Recipient

(upbeat music) – Looking on and seeing a
bunch of middle schoolers or high schoolers move around boats that I know are thousands
of dollars a piece and are paper thin and
you can put your foot through them if you
step in the wrong place, It’s sort of terrifying, as an onlooker. You know, we try and put safety first. Remember, that’s the first
thing that a Coxswain does. That’s the first thing that a coach does. – Okay, here’s what we’re
doing on the way in. From here to the viking,
we’re going to go– – PCR is so much more
than a rowing program. it’s different than all of
the other high school programs up, throughout, in that
we provide a wide range of services, in addition to
our competitive rowing program. Our ultimate goal is to empower youth to reach their greatest potential. And we use rowing as the
tool to kind of teach those life lessons, like
perseverance, dedication, how to communicate with a
coach about where they are at a certain time. We use rowing as the vehicle to teach them those life lessons, so that they can be set
on a pathway to success. – Not only it’s made me more organized, made me more focused,
but having the structure in my own life, I know it’s
gonna set me up for college and I feel like I’m gonna
be really successful now that I have this, like, Coxswain, little side thing under my belt. – Power has to turn on
as soon as you lock in. – I know I can get through the day even running on a little bit less sleep because I’ve done a
workouts through rowing that make me keep going, even
though I don’t really want to. It’s all a mental push, really. – I’ve grown from not knowing how to put the oar in the water to now, where I think I have
a pretty solid stroke. PCR has made me grow as
a student, as a whole. I’m very disciplined. – PCR’s a small organization
and one of the reasons that we’ve been able to
build such strong programs is by collaborating with
other organizations. – I applied for the Penn
Medicines CAREs grant mostly because as I
went through the project that I was working on with PCR, I realize that though they
have a lot of resources, they don’t have all the
resources that they could use to provide the best
experience to their students. – Financial support from PennCAREs is, obviously, a fantastic benefit and thus far, 100% of our student athletes have graduated high school on time. And most graduate with plans
to pursue their education or training and that’s something
we’re incredibly proud of. – PCR on three. – One, two, three, PCR!

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