49 thoughts on “Peter Thiel: We are in a Higher Education Bubble”

  1. This whole idea of educational tracks is destroying real education. It is becoming like East Asia. There is a reason why our nation is becoming so much less innovative.

  2. I used to be a college administration official. I had three responsibilities: waste, fraud, and abuse. We charged $50000 per year for indoctrination camp known as college. Learn to start thinking like the herd and you'll be asleep before you know it.

    Don't go to college. Learn a trade or a useful skill. Or become a doctor or a nurse…those are the honest professions these days.

  3. I have researched the education bubble for 4 years. College is too expensive for middle class and poor families. Don't get student loans.

  4. On one side there are some great critiques of higher education, at the same time it's people at those institutions who give us pictures of galaxies, black holes, and the breakthroughs in science behind all of our modern devices and comforts. Say what you will, universities are damned effective at pushing the envelope of tech & science.

  5. I think peter Thiel is a bubble he hasn't done anything other than PayPal which he pushed to exit too early in my opinion if not look a the the numbers.

  6. free gab.ai end democrat fascism by financial institutions and dont let sneeky democrat fascism stop guns or free speech using financial stavation or denying use of financial platforms!! nazi bastards!! end usury!! end the ad money accounting scam of silicon valley!!

  7. Thiel In entrepreneurship: “you don’t start a company for its own sake, but because there is a large, specific problem that can not be solved in the existing structure when they become too political and stagnant.”

  8. The book https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D97HPQI/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 says the same.

  9. odd to address "general societal improvement" and "intensive progress" while sipping on a plastic water bottle

  10. "Species reactance." You can't do that no one else has done it. I called the radio station to inform them Canada needed innovation to get ahead. "Reactance" Not found in the dictionary. New word for now.

  11. Not true. Fewer getting a huge paid for education. Most have to work 2 jobs out of high school. No way .. and its dumber, more political programming, forcing political opinions, agendas, smile nod get an A. Thiel is in his own wierd world. I hope he stays there.

  12. Go ahead and try, I dare you! Try and explain to people that the 1930s were actually far superior innovatively than the twenty teens currently are.

  13. Innovation is the only way out www.udemy.com/alexander-technique-introduction/?couponCode=POISE4LIFE

  14. I did under graduate work at Cornell and found myself taught by clones to be clones. I escaped and didn´t send my sons to any school. We are all successful artists. Very un-American.

  15. Higher Education now is mainly for cloning academics, creating compliant slaves for corporations and babysitting for the rich.

  16. Unfortunately, No one can effectively short the education system. That bubble is gonna last for a long time.

  17. Great contrarian investor… People will keep on piling into college degrees as long as the unlimited government credit taps are open.

    Massive misallocation of human capital learning skills that aren't worth anything as reflected in the massive college graduate underemployment and exploding student debt while many trades are paying upwards of $70-$100K double what the average bachelor holder makes today.

    Debt isn't necessarily bad but when debts in a specific investment class and I would categorize a college degree as an investment class because if learning is what you really wanted to do you could do it for free on the internet. This massive explosion of student debt is screaming loudly that we are seeing massive misallocation of credit and capital in that market.

    Why liberals don't have enough of a brain to see this is beyond me. What should you take from all of this? Do opposite of what the herd does, if it is piling into stocks dump stocks, if it is piling into real estate dump real estate, if it is piling into college degrees go into trades, if it is piling into trades go get a college degree, etc… Herd mentality is always creating a bubble in one sector but also creating a supply shortage in another, go where the supply shortage is scarcity is leverage.

    That is economics 101: The market is always trying to adjust supply/demand mismatches in todays case its massively devaluing most college degrees in non-STEM fields while also increasing pay in trades massively as well as in STEM fields to try to correct the massive skills gap and supply shortage in the marketplace in those sectors.

    The government meanwhile is pumping as much debt into education as it possibly can to prevent market forces from correcting this issue and crashing the higher education systems prices through unlimited government backed credit.

  18. Wow Peter Thiel is the real deal. What he said about twiiter is exactly why I don't have a twitter account, same goes for instagram. We need to let go of "coolness" factor when it comes to innovation.

  19. He views education as a signaling tool, not a tool for actually improving human capital. Now, what's our reason to believe he's right?

  20. Wow, let the truth be out from a contrarian: "University administrators are the same as sub prime loan brokers" – profound!

  21. Only 1% growth – with great goverment stimuli, 0% interest rate, globalisation and tech development.

  22. Online education is King. You can learning everything online, thats mean you can be whatever you wanna be! What a great time to living 🙂 You go to the prestigious school to connect with the rich and/or smartest Kids in the USA.. Like Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook.. All (most) key employees he has, he met them at the school or because of the school network… AI will change sooooooo much in the next future

  23. Concerning second mover advantages it could be more intelligent to go from 1 to 2, like Steve Jobs who analyzed the existing MP3-Players and its mistakes. This resulted in the creation of the iPod. Same with Yahoo (first mover) and Google (second mover).

  24. Republicans and Libertarians enjoy inflecting pain. You can see that characteristic in this Theil guy's face.  Need to check out how Thiel treated any pets he had as a kid . That should indicate just how screwed up he might be.


  26. Yeah, you're not paying for the knowledge, you're paying for the credentials. Most of those credentials are to get a government job and become a tier one citizen. If you don't get a degree you get treated as a second class citizen for not buying into the liberal idea. STEM degrees are all that should be publicly funded or degrees that you actually need in your state. The states should lend out to the students if they believe in the product so much. The federal government should get out of the game of saddling every student with student loan debt.

  27. Keep in mind, that it's actually not the education that's the problem. We live in a world where education can become free: podcasts, university seminars, online lectures, etc. It's that certification is becoming overpriced. Employers aren't hiring you because of what you learned at Yale, it's because you have a certification from Yale. The best way to fight the bubble is to self-educate as much as possible; it makes acquiring the certificate cheaper. As well, as an employer, you can administer your own testing and then offer a steep discount on wages. The Yale grad won't be able to afford to work for you, but the self-taught guy will be able to.

  28. His eyes are nuts. Feels like the guys is just crazy. Very uncomfortable.
    So intense, and completely unnecessary. Everything can be done calmly and slowly and if it can't, then you are simply too late and it's beyond your capacity

  29. The value of the degree is also personal. My ignorance knew no bounds when I left high school. After graduating from a four year college, my interests, views, & values had expanded into areas I would have never imagined.

  30. The point at the end about contingency is powerful–what a person believes about the necessity of action and the relevance of his or her own choices matters. Also, why does Aspen Institute have a backdrop that looks like it came from a children's ballet recital?

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