Peter Mckinnon teaches me to VLog (in AMSTERDAM)

what are you getting for breakfast Oh probably the French house in Amsterdam with uh Peter MacKinnon here guys great dancer check this out from vlogs Pass see this bridge right here right here that's where I proposed to Candice so many years ago Oh Candice was actually supposed to be with me today instead I brought ah then I brought Peter so if you don't know Peter Peter is a fantastic youtuber he's a much better youtuber than me we're gonna spend the day where Peter teaches me how to make better vlogs thanks Peter no problem man we're in like the Courtyard hotel and they were like oh my god there were some people following us I think we're smiling though Peter what did you do before YouTube like why are you why are you why is your skill set with the camera so so next level the last job I had I spent seven years filming magicians around the world so I've had kind of the expertise the working expertise for seven straight years filming everywhere and then why why take your I take your skill set and your huge ass camera to YouTube I just I wanted a platform where I could share myself without limits and without anybody telling how I could do it so I figured that was just the best way and the best platform for it many years ago do you have any place to recommend to the right thank you down totally down you're like I'm really happy twelve-year-old Peter I've rode a bike and like had like the longest time and I'm pumped how am i doing the vlog by the way I think you're doing great so if everything looks good so far the cinematic sound when I read some bikes I do how do I make your globe float oh wait I can I got it I got it I got it Oh what you think renting bikes is a it's a good idea absolutely so we're gonna we're gonna start here come down here over here through here up here which I'll get into this bond Oh excellent penmanship winds how long did it take you to get to your first million subscribers well I guess wait for it wait for it it took nine months come on that's insane all right thank you sir you look good back there Peter they take their bike rules here really seriously so you got to stay on the correct side of the road you gotta obey traffic laws how is it you can vlog it there's a child coming at you how can you blog and ride anything I'd love to know that ready going through the tunnel my thesis on vlogging is that I try to do the best production quality I can but the story comes first so I never let my camera get in the way of the story that's why I don't carry a monster like this is because I don't feel like I could be spontaneous with such a beast yeah this definitely this definitely it's a beast you get used to it but this is turned into like a romantic honeymoon it's his first time in Amsterdam it's amazing here but we spending a lot of time in this kind of threshold to this parking garage because we're just getting so soaking wet its cinematic though its cinematic let's throw in a little bit of mckinnon slow-motion ready it's that kind of weather today where you can't be waxed it's just cold enough work you're wet and cold you'll get pneumonia we're just gonna wait for the rain to stop why is your lighting in your studio so good yeah I never used to die never used to put the work in the lighting always used the window and I was like wouldn't a light forever and then a friend of mine was like no buy a light so I bought a light diffused it set it up nice with a boom mic and everything and then suddenly if production values went through the riot in the studio and I turned my light out it looks like there's like a flashlight do you need to defuse light you can use a shower curtain you've got IKEA and buy a shower curtain just throw something in front of that light so it's softer then it'll look like just money Oh real quick we were having a lovely day on our bicycles and enjoying all that Amsterdam has back at the hotel Peter actually is staying in a separate hotel but then I checked in here and this hotel is huge so he's gonna sleep on that our couch and then I'm gonna sleep in the bedroom which is just down the hall so I said last week we remember I posted the video about Chantal that I wanted to put more energy into using my channel to talk about creators that I really liked and whose work I really liked so even though we're having fun and just out here sort of Peters channel if you haven't seen it Peters channel is the channel that I think like he brings a level of production quality to his work in his YouTube videos that there's not a lot of on this platform and I say kind of in jest that he's helping teach me how to vlog but I mean it like he is a he's a total practitioner when it comes to the act of photography and cinematography how do this is his vlogging camera it's not even a joke Peter's not he's no small youtuber Peters a very big youtuber he's very successful on the platform but if by chance you don't know of him or don't know of his work should definitely check it out it's below and he has like despite all the funny stuff he has genuinely like showed me a few of his tricks and how he achieves like the crazy production quality that his stuff has it's now heavy this is you could do it well you hold it by one of course better oh come on alright I'm try should we go return the bikes now yeah let's go take it back do you remember we're ready bikes home I think we go I think we go around but we have to hurry because the place is gonna close and then we're stuck with the bikes I miss the fall okay this is the coolest passport I've ever seen what what are these this is like yellow pages dude this is good what is that thank you Thanks so looking ahead what do you what do you hope to accomplish on YouTube what's the what's the master plan Peter I think master plan I just continue what I'm doing it's like the first time in my life I've been able to actually like work for myself and just have fun and like no limits so like maintaining that until the next thing grips me and I want to go after that 110 percent

39 thoughts on “Peter Mckinnon teaches me to VLog (in AMSTERDAM)”

  1. Still today I think that one of Casey's best traits and biggest reasons for success is how humble he is πŸ™‚

  2. I'd rather watch Peter and Casey's videos than a full length movie. Especially these days where the movies absolutely suck. At least I can learn something with these guys.

  3. Imagine if casey was a wife and peter is still a guy

    They got a child

    He or she would be the god of storytelling / filming

  4. thanks for the tips! it helps me so much as I just restarted my YouTube channel and there is so much to learn πŸ˜€

  5. Great video Casey Neistat and Peter Mckinnon, Thank you for the tips and tricks! I am starting my channel so I have these awesome tips to use on our up and coming trip to Mexico.

  6. I agree with Peter, Most impressive thing Casey does in EVERY VIDEO is ride and film (on camera or on drone) I hope someone else noticed him riding no handed while flying the drone in the park

  7. Please Please tell me Neistat, that O on your tshirt is not what we think it is….Ohio? (that is a dirty four letter word!) love this colab!!!

  8. Dear Casey, Can I use your drone footage for a project? It will blend in perfectly with my Paris drone shots. It'll be awesome if I can. Please say yes! (If you don't respond, I'll take that as a no)
    Thanks either ways!

  9. Thank you guys. I am not watching all of your stuff. Some content was just like you had to create content. But this here again is entertaining and giving value through information, too. at least for me. I get it out for myself and getting into the mood of starting my postst now. really cool. Thank you for the inspirations.

  10. Every Vloger must watch this and Peters vlog back to back before they can upload anything. Thanks for sharing this so we can learn so very much.

  11. I love how this video is Casey with a touch of Peter style cinematography…which is why Casey wanted to pick his brain

  12. really dont get the obsession with Amsterdam that Casey has, what a dump, muddy canals,crap weather with low grey clouds almost every day, they are so many better European cities to cycle through……..anyway …….in other news

  13. Interesting that since Casey never went to film school he puts the story 100% first whereas other more educated people focus on the cinematography techniques.

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