Peter Boghossian on Critical Thinking

15 thoughts on “Peter Boghossian on Critical Thinking”

  1. One has to start analyzing why there are so many people who are still maintaining belief systems from decades/centuries/millennium past. I have five brothers and sisters who have college degrees but are taking part in ideologies from many years ago that should have been considered ridiculous fifty years ago. Yet, here they are, acting like obedience to hierarchy (authoritarian elitists), superstitious values, and class orientation are noble and wise things to do. How is this possible? I can name a few things but it all boils down to who is disseminating our "information."

  2. The problem with Western education these days is that they’re teaching kids WHAT to think and not HOW to think.

  3. Agatan Foundation If you need more material, you may wan't to look into Frank Zappa. He is on par with Hitchens in wit and understanding, but since he was a musician (the most prolific in all modern history), his best moments on the topic of religion are in his music. I suggest you give "Dumb All Over" a listen. Now that his wife has perished too, "the Zappa family trust" should be more generous with any rights, as they were when she was in charge. His name in a title will definitely draw new viewers to discover your channel, most of which are critical thinkers. Frank as a person and his vast body of work, can occupy years of study, and never come to completion. Beware, He is not "easy listening" for the masses, but demands a more refined and intelligent audience.

  4. Peter is amazing. Very penetrating wit, concise, to the point, and down to earth. I always enjoy listening to him. Thank you for bringing him up! 🙂

  5. Those who are critical in their thinking and open minded learn. Those who are not critical thinking and close minded are religious.

  6. "If knowledge is to mean anything, certain people have to be wrong." – Peter Boghossian. Those 'certain people' would most likely be those whom disinform, as well as misinform, through the special privileges of organized religion. Religious organizations are the greatest threat to critical thinking, and once ensconced in governmental institutions, dictatorships are conceived and born.

  7. Peter needs to be more fair with himself, though. Not all slang definitions will be included in the average dictionary.

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