Personal Best (with dodie, Sammy Paul, Daniel J Layton and Reb Day)

Game shows are really expensive to make. You need a studio, crew,
prizes, a live audience. Or, you can go to an old garage,
get some friends, and just have some fun. We’re back.
New players, new games, same garage. Enjoy the show. This is the Game Garage,
and we are playing Personal Best with the crew from
Some Lovely Board Games, who are: Reb Day. Reb Day’s friend, Daniel J! Sammy Paul. Dodie! Excuse me? It’s not that you’re excited to be here, it’s that you’re excited to be you. And that’s just wonderful. – Oh!
– Yeah. That’s beautiful. Yeah, that’s actually beautiful. Let’s see the first game. “Game one of four is simple: “unlace and re-lace this shoe. “It doesn’t have to look good,
it just has to be laced. “When you’re done, hit the buzzer. “Whoever finishes first will then try to
beat their personal best to win money.” Untie and re-tie these
shoes as you find them. They need to be tied up the same way. By all means, inspect the shoes. – I am.
– Is it just a simple bow? We’re not unlacing them. Don’t unlace them yet. I won’t. As in, we’re not taking
it out all the holes? Do you do that every morning
when you put your shoes on? – All the way.
– I’m thorough. The lace needs to be separated. What? I don’t know how to do that. Okay. Then you may have a
slight disadvantage in this round(!) – Are you ready?
– Not really. So, two hands on the table please. Oh, that’s smart. Time starts when you hear me slap
the button on my keyboard because I don’t have
anything better for it… I’ve already failed! Right. Oh man.
This is hard. This is so hard. Oh, my god. I’ve never… Oh, don’t hit me on the face, Reb! Laces out. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. I hate both. Right, lace is out! Lace is still in… Lace out! Damn! I do not know how I… I don’t know how this works. Ah! My buzzer! Oh, piss. “Oh, piss…!” I should’ve made them half. I’m not even being funny,
I’m just playing to win. This isn’t about comedy, guys. Just… I’m just going to lace some shoes. – Oh, s***…
– Question, how well laced must it be? Must it be perfect? Wearable, surely? – ‘Cos I’m loosely there.
– Oh, no. No, it needs to be as you found it. Needs to be as you found it. I have zero clue. Oh, no. Oh, no. I’ve misjudged the lengths. I really do not know anything about this. Yeah, Dodie wears Velcro shoes.
This is mean. Excuse me(?) Can I look at my own laces for reference? Remember, it’s tied in a bow at the end.
Just a single bow. Does it have to… Can it just be, like… Sammy, I see you. Why don’t you just hit the thing? Ohhh! – Oh no!
– Reb! It sucks to be Sammy Paul.
He got cocky. He thought, “Oh, I’ll do some extra
comedy, I’ll do a psych-out.” – What did you do?!
– And it came back to bite him in the- Egg on your shoe! Damn it. We might have spent a while
playtesting this and worked out that if someone looks at their opponents
and tries judging… what happens is they get beaten by someone
they wanted to mess up. Oh, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. What happened? Right, Reb, 92.11 seconds. I’m so proud of you. Thank you. Can I just say, lightning reflexes
on the buzzer there. Thank you. Not only did you somehow
see what Sammy was doing, you took it.
All right. Here’s the good news. You have £1. Finally! You can get a lottery ticket for that. Be gone, overdraft! You can gamble that. If you think you can
beat your personal best, the next one is worth £5. But you will have to beat 92.11 seconds. I think I can do it. I think you can do it. I think, now you’ve done it once. ‘Cause I mucked up the first time.
I had to take them out and redo it. – All right.
– Quids in. And still, Sammy, I came first. Embarrassing. Embarrassing. Hands on the table, please. Oh, is it just me? It’s just you. I don’t want this anymore. You have 92 and a little bit seconds. For £5, time starts when I hit this button. Go on, Reb! Thank you. Do we want cheering or do we want silence? It’s entirely up to you. What do we think? No. This is a very supportive group, cheering her on like we’re not in
direct competition for one hundred pounds! She’s got her game face on, look at that. Has she really? Is her
tongue sticking out? No, but it will be. That’s right, that’s right, Reb. Okay, I’m actually going to watch. – All right, Dods, pay attention.
– Yeah, so I can learn. – Future reference.
– It is a learning experience. – Oh, you do it that way.
– Don’t get nervous. Thanks, mate. Useful advice, there. I think she’s got this.
I think she’s smashed it. I think you’re doing it so quick you’re not going to be
able to beat this score. All right, all right. Done! 57.67 seconds. That is less than two-thirds
of the time of your first attempt. That’s amazing. £5. I think I found my thing. You’ve earned that £5, Reb. Well, have you? That’s the question. Do you want to bank that? If you want, you can take that
and put it in the bank. You will get… So, we were going to have
some kind of fancy system to work out who was sitting out,
letting other people try and beat them, anything like that. A graphic, perhaps. Yeah, what we have is
the wallpaper crown. – Yay!
– I like it. So, if you want, you can
take the £5, you can sit out and you will get it at the end, if no one else beats them, if no one else beats
their personal best twice, you’ll get that. Or, you can try and beat 57.67 and go up to £10. – I’m shaking!
– You went really fast. You went mega fast. You need to,
like on the second round… That’s what I said, you
could’ve stalled it. On the second round, you
need to go slightly faster. But it’s hard to tell what
the time is, really, isn’t it. What do you think, Reb? I’m going to do it. – All right!
– Oh! She’s a gambling gal! Hands on the table, please. Oh, why did I do this? I want to join in. 57.67 seconds to beat for 10 pounds. Time starts when I hit this button. – I’m tense.
– I’ve mucked this up. Go on, Reb! Feel sick! Don’t say any words, just do it,
just concentrate. No words, just actions. Go on. Out of context, this is
a very surreal activity. No, you shouldn’t have gambled on it! Didn’t go well, maybe
that’s foreshadowing! Stop commentating! Oh, they’re off! Oh, no… She’s off to the races.
I still believe in you. She’s shaking, she’s shaking! I know, the adrenaline’s really kicked in. Her hands are trembling!
The laces are everywhere. My goodness. Oh, you. You’re going to be such a good mum, if you choose to do that. – She’s burned, but she’s-
– Lads! – Oh, it’s over, it’s over.
– You’ve f***ed it. You’ve f***ed it. Oh, it’s a mess, it’s a mess, it’s a mess. God, this went from so supportive
to so destructive so quickly. Oh, I’m embarrassed for her. – You’re an idiot!
– You’ve disappointed us all! Whoa! I’m sorry, I was just saying that
for dramatic effect. Oh, she still needs to tie the laces… Time! Reb… – No!
– I’m so sorry! – So close!
– You lost it! I’ll never wear shoes again! Oh, I’m so sorry. So, unfortunately, no money, no crown. But, there are still
three more games to go. And you can still win the next few. What’s game two, please? “Sort the marbles so there’s only
one type of marble in each cup. “You may only hold the cups below the ridge
near the bottom. “If a marble falls out, you can pick it up. “But it must go back into
whichever cup doesn’t help you. “When you’re done, hit the buzzer.” Game two. So, no money in the bank yet,
but that’s fine, there’s still three more games to play. This is a sorting test.
All you’ve got to do is get all the marbles
of one colour in one glass, and all the marbles of the other colour
into the other glass. You can only touch the bottom of
the glasses, underneath that ring. So we can’t touch the marbles? You cannot touch the marbles themselves. That would be easy, wouldn’t it. That would be extremely easy. Oh, no. I’m trying to beat that time. I’m into this, let’s do it. All right, you’re all ready? – Yes. – Yes.
– No. Remember, the clock only
stops when you hit the buzzer. Hands on the table, please. Time starts when I press this button. I saw that, Sammy. Oh, no. Can I touch the other cup? You can touch both cups,
but only from the bottom. What I’ve done is put all of
my balls in the other, jeez. Damn it! Oh, no, please, no, no! I think these marbles are weighted. Can I pick them up if it’s in my lap? Yes, you can pick them up
if it’s in your lap. Oh no, I was doing so well. Damn it! Right, back to square one. Yes! 37.68 seconds. Dodie, congratulations! Wow! How even? She can’t even tie shoelaces! You got one in! Oh my gosh, that’s terrifying. Do I want to try again? Yeah, you’ve got £1 in the bank and you can take £1
and the crown if you like. You can go out on that. You absolutely have to. – You must!
– Go on. Yeah, all right. Chaos! Dodie, 37 point something seconds. Hands on the table, please. – Okay.
– [gags] – For £5…
– [gags loudly] – That’s not helping!
– Sorry. Time starts when I hit this button. Go on. Oh, no, too far, too far, what about that? Let’s start again. Back to square one. No. Okay, seems like- Just get out of it. Why!? You’re thinking about it too much. That’s very good, that’s very good. Yes, there she goes, yes, queen! Slay! Just one! Go, go, go! 31 and a little bit seconds! Oh, my god! Dodie, would you like
£5 and the crown or would you like to gamble for ten? I am banking! All right! See you in a crown. Dodie! [sings Game of Thrones theme] Yeah! We don’t have the rights for
the Game of Thrones music. Dodie, congratulations. You have £5 in the bank. Unless someone gets above you
and banks more than you, that crown’s yours,
you’re the one taking the money home. Hear that? Which would you rather? The money or the crown? I mean, you can take both. It’s made out of old wallpaper that
we found up in the garage, so. Game three. Dodie, you get to sit out
of this one, take a rest. Oh, god bless. The other three, let’s see which one of
you is challenging her. Game three. “Do the jigsaw. “When you’re done, hit the buzzer.” The instructions for this are
incredibly complicated and difficult. Do we have to do- Do the jigsaw. All you’ve got to do is do the jigsaw. It’s in a box, the pieces are in there.
There are no tricks or twists. It is just a child’s twenty piece jigsaw. Don’t put the word
“child’s” in front of that. I don’t need that today. Clock stops when you hit the buzzer. Time starts when I hit this button. I hope you all fail. Oh, they’re quite big pieces.
Right, where’s my corners? There’s corner. That’s a sun. – Are you going to talk all the way through?
– Yes! Oh no, I don’t know which ones are mine! I have a tiny horse. Oh no, you’re losing them! Turn them all up the right way. Dodie got very cocky
now she’s not playing. Careful, don’t mix up your pieces. Yeah, yeah. Or maybe do. Oh here we go, here we go. I’ve got more pieces in! Who are even any of these
characters, by the way? Do we know? – I do, Pinkie Pie.
– Oh my god, really. Sammy, you’re so close. Sorry. You’re making it more difficult. Oh, no, what? That can’t be right. Oh yes, yes! Yes, Sammy Paul! You’re very nearly done. Oh, done. 104.35 and my screen, it turns out,
doesn’t go to that many digits. – Okay. Okay.
– You took way too long. The good news is, you now know the jigsaw. Yeah, this is true. It’s going to get taken apart,
it’s going to get put back in. You don’t have a choice here. You’re on £1,
you’ve got to go for it because Dodie has the crown and
only one person can take the money. So. Does anyone mind if I
just carry on doing this? You’re fine, you’re fine. So, if you could push
that over towards me. I’ve ripped the box a little
bit as well, I do apologise. That’s okay. What we have, because you ripped the box,
is a spare jigsaw. Wow. That is production value. Did you rip the box on purpose? I didn’t mean to, no.
I was very excited. Could you move the paper as well?
There we go. Just get all the jigsaw
you destroyed out of there. I was very excited. Sammy, you’ve got to go for it. Okay. You know what, you don’t
have a choice here. This is for £5. This is for £5 but
that will only equal Dodie. Time starts when I hit this button. His reflexes, oh, he’s done it again. Ripped it! Sorry, it’s a manic time! All right, sun goes in the corner. – I need the photo.
– Photo? It’s a realistic depiction of- Equestria’s real, right? They’ve copyrighted it.
Other kids’ shows are available. That’s a man who knows
where My Little Pony’s set. Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. There’s a lot of things about Sammy
that we just don’t question. Do you start from the middle? I go by character.
That’s how I was doing it. I was looking at what colours- Yeah, that’s what I did. Good strategy. That’s how I write, by colour. Okay, that’s in the top corner… I just tried to put the corners in. Where do you go? Who knew Sammy was so good at puzzles? Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. I’ll give it five seconds. Three, two, one… Done. Sammy tried to strategize the game. That’s a man pushing his luck. But? 82.95 seconds. You have beaten your personal best. So, you’ve equaled Dodie,
you now need to try and beat her. It’s not a choice here,
you’ve got to go for it. Sammy, get this, ten quid and the chance to gamble for twenty. Okay. Fail, Dodie’s keeping five and the crown. No, my crown! Your time starts when I hit this button. There we go. – Oh, that’s very neat.
– Won’t rip it that time. – I’m glad we enforced that.
– Yeah. Oh, we see he’s more sporadic.
Perhaps a little nervous? – Mm, the adrenaline is coursing.
– He’s not chatting as much. Maybe his mental faculties
are starting to fail. I see it now. Starting off with the pink one again? She’s my favourite! She’s always been there. She gets me, you know. I’m just going to say this right now,
I don’t want you to get this. No, I don’t want him to get this.
I like my crown. I think it would be a
shame if you won today. – Okay.
– Ooh! Well we’ve learnt a lot today. I reckon… Why!? 75.96 seconds. You shaved almost exactly seven
seconds off your time there. Sammy, you have a decision to make. You have £10. You can bank it, take the crown, and hope that no one beats
you in the final round. Or, you can gamble for 20,
and the chance for 50 or 100. – I’d gamble it.
– I’m going to bank. I’ll play it safe.
I’m going to take the crown, I’m going to hope that
nobody can outdo themselves. The right decision. Dodie, please hand over your crown. Yeah. You no longer have the fiver, I’m afraid,
because Sammy, it’s up to the last game. Either you’re going home with ten, or Reb, Daniel, Dodie, you’ve got a chance of going for more. Is this round the “name as many Janet Jackson
songs as you can in a minute” challenge? No. I’m in! Let’s see what it is. “Stack the cups. “They are not professional
quality speed-stacking cups. “Make a pyramid with three at the bottom,
then downstack them, “then make a pyramid with four
at the bottom, then downstack them. “When you’re done, hit the buzzer.” The final game. Either Sammy is going home
with £10, or one of you is going
home with more than that. So, stack the cups. You’ve got to make a pyramid,
three and two and one. Then put them back together. And then a pyramid,
four, three, two, and one. And then put them back together. – In a stack?
– In a stack. – All right?
– Yeah. Hands on the table, please. Oh, no. – Good luck, everyone.
– The final time. Start when I hit this button here. Vacuum! Oh, Reb’s messed up already! Right, Sammy. Oh no, she’s caught up very quickly. – Oh, I’ve done it wrong!
– Okay, three, two, one? – Yep.
– Dammit! – Okay.
– That’s fine, yes. Oh my god! Yes! Reb. I’d ask you to clean those up but none of you can really easily get out
from behind this desk, so… I don’t want to(!) Reb, 28.8 seconds. – Oh my god, Reb!
– That’s really fast. – Wow.
– That’s lightning fast. So, you’ve got to play it. I’ve got to do it. You’ve got to, you don’t have a choice. This is “redemption, thy name is cups”. Yes. Will do it. I think I can do it. All right, Reb. Hands on the table. Sammy beat his personal best twice, you’ve got to at least
equal that for a chance. Oh, man. Your first attempt starts
when I hit this button. Okay, remain calm. This crown’s not going anywhere. – Oh, very stable. Very nice. – That’s it, that’s it.
– Good stacking, good stacking. Little moment there, that’s nice. – Oh, the cups aren’t coming together.
– You’ll be right, you’ll be right. I think she’s slow and steady,
but it’s going to do it. She’s done it. That’s a tower, that’s a tower! Yes! 22.2. That’s so fast! Beat that! All right. I was cheering you on
because I wanted you to do it so fast that you now can’t beat it. I have decided to not be
your friend after today. Reb, to equal Sammy,
hands on the table. I’m so shaking. I’ve got faith in you. Thank you. I’ve got less faith in you now. Hands on the table, please. This- – For the crown.
– To equal Sammy. No, this is to equal Sammy. Okay, okay. Time starts when I hit this button. Yes, close together. That’s it. Yeah, she’s got it. Slow and steady is the thing. She’s getting better. – Really slow. Really slow and steady.
– Ssh! She’s got it, she can do this. This is what private school
education does to you. Oh my goodness! And down, and down, and down,
and down, and down! Yes! By half a second! By less than half a second! 21.72. And there was still a fumble in there
so you can still do it. I’ve got so much faith in you right now. Are you going to try again? – She has to!
– She has to get this perfect. She has to beat Sammy! I, actually, good luck.
I’m genuinely invested now. All right, all right. Cups close together. – I believe…
– All right. Cups close together and
level with each other. I’m going to move this
to give you less stress. – Reb.
– Thank you. Yes. Get it right, 20 quid,
and the chance to gamble for more. Get it wrong, and Sammy’s going home with this £10 note. – And that cannot happen.
– That cannot happen. Money! Mmm! Okay. Are you ready? Err… yeah. (You got it.) She’s got it. No… No, it’s okay, it’s okay,
still got it. Go, go, go, go, go. And then this one, fine, fine, very good. Very good, very good, very good. Yes! Yes! Yes! No, no, no! Time! I think she should get another go! I think she should try again! I disagree. Sammy, £10 to you. I’m going to buy some take-away! Thank you very much! – To Reb Day.
– Thank you. To Daniel J Layton,
to Sammy Paul, to Dodie. Congratulations, Sammy, the
crown and the money is yours. I can stop this clock. That has been Personal Best. And we’ll see you next time on the Game Garage. Capitalism!

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  5. things i've learnt watching this:

    – sammy is a meanie when it comes to a tenner
    – daniel j layton is very supportive
    – dodie looks great in a wallpaper crown
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