Perrysburg Board of Education Levy Presentation 10/21/19

So today we wanted to talk a little bit
about the future of Perrysburg Schools and we titled this “Two Paths Forward” so I think what today hopes to accomplish is to provide some background information
on Perrysburg Schools and growth and then how that actually leads into the ballot
initiative that will be voted on November 5th and then we will we will
conclude with what happens if the levy fails on Tuesday November 5th and I think
each of these are important components that we wanted to make sure that we’re
sharing. Since 2008 we’ve grown 21% and we’ve added 976 students to Perrysburg Schools during that time and again to kind of step back
and say okay that’s a big number what does that actually mean
consider that Ottawa Hills School District is the same size so we have
added an entire school district to our enrollment to our school district here
and there’s some thoughts out there about you know well with all the new
students you’re getting certainly the state and the funding model that we have
in the state is there to help us with that. We are supposed to get like $15
million dollars, however we have a cap we can’t give you more than 3
percent so Perrysburg Schools you are going to get $11.1 million dollars
and this is really a challenge for us because there’s this kind of expectation
that well more kids equals more state aid and going back to 2008 when you look
at the percentage of state funding that came in for every dollar that came in
for example then 31 cents came from the state of Ohio
today for every dollar that comes in with the whole addition of an Ottawa
Hills School District it’s 27 cents that comes from
the state. So they looked at all the different operations all the different
kinds of things that we do here in this district and they came to this statement
where they said this could drastically change and that you met with the
auditors we interviewed the auditors there is no offense to any auditors that
are in the in the audience but they’re not one to use hyperbole they are black
and white here are the numbers take it or leave it
they’re here today in the district coming up with numbers and then they leave and they’re on to their next project so to say that this will drastically change
I think is important because I think there’s a perception in the community
with individuals who are saying that you can make these cuts and you’re going to
continue to have the educational excellence that we’re having today and
the Ohio auditor state is saying this the word drastically. Prior to the
conversation about the levy we made $900,000 worth of reductions in our
budget going into the school year those things that we identified our listed
here in terms of where we are with the reductions that we have so that’s
important to note too that we continue to tighten our belts as we came in to
this upcoming school year there’s some sentiment out there that folks are
saying things like defeat this levy the district will come back with another
levy in March or next November it’ll be smaller we’ll approve it and you know
what we will have everything we’ll keep continuing to go along as we are it’s
really not going to change what we do here in Perrysburg Schools and here’s the
thing that they don’t realize or they’re deceiving and not sharing
the whole truth and that is this the way that school districts work is we
start school in the fall and end in the spring it straddles two calendar years
but what we know is that with taxes if you pass in November the soonest you can
collect is the following January 1 of the next year so if we pass this levy in
November we begin collecting on January 1 of 2020 and we will not have
to make these reductions. If the levy fails we will not have the funds at the
end of that school year so we’ll have to make those reductions and then let’s say
we pass it in March or November it doesn’t matter when it’s passed we won’t
be able to collect until that January of 2021 so we begin that next school year
with having to make further reductions so to think that we can just kind of
glide through this is false the Ohio auditor of state was very clear we’re
going to share multiple slides that outline the reductions by department by
building that will have to occur in November and then the following school
year the process to arrive here has been agonizing every position that we have in
this district is helping achieve that mission so when you start to pull 1 out or 2 out you know that that person is doing something which is helping us achieve
that mission making a difference in that student’s life or supporting
those people that are making a difference in their lives so when we begin to talk about pulling these positions out and now
we’re talking about a total of 128 positions being removed that’s
devastating and it’s agonizing we’ve invested in this staff we’ve invested in
the people that are here we’ve attracted the best and brightest and now we’re
talking about undoing that in a significant way colleges love to recruit
out of Perrysburg because of the academics and without those programs and
clubs students’ applications are going to look different in the future if you’re
not taking AP courses if you’re not signing up for those clubs and
activities that you can put on your application for college or get those
great letters of recommendation because you know that staff member and
like that is going to have an impact in terms of the school resource officer is
something that we began a number of years ago we’re very fortunate to have a
school resource officer in the halls at the high school when we’re having to
make the reductions and making decisions about how many language arts teachers we
can have this is something that obviously is something that will have to
go away because our mission is trying to keep those classes online and keep those
classes going for those students no school resource officer that I can’t
even fathom the risk associated there that you have students that are in year
long courses and eliminating that position those students will be moved to
a study hall so those courses will end at this semester they’ll receive a half
credit but they will not be able to continue in that class so if you learn a
teacher and your spot is being removed that you currently have and you have a
license to teach another subject area maybe you’ve never taught that before
but you have it on your license and you have more seniority you can bump into
that position there will be instances where as students enter winter break and
return in January that in the middle of the school year they will have a brand
new teacher oh these these cuts don’t need to be made I mean this is simple
math this is simple math you don’t have seven million dollars in additional revenue
you have to make seven million dollars of cuts. Without AP courses your gifted students are not achieving their their potential without the music and the art program
that we currently have those students are not achieving their maximum
potential we will again have elementary students who’ve been with the same
teacher who will be having a new teacher in January This is not a joke, I said this months ago this is the real deal
for Perrysburg what’s it cost for an “A” district this is what it costs to our
kids and let alone the staff who we’ve hired these are serious times and
these are very serious types of conversations for our community first
and foremost I’m a dad this would break my heart we do then frankly we’re the
ones who told Tom that we wanted to hear this we wanted to know specifically
from the administration we’ve been doing the work but let’s really hone in so we
know as a board and as a community what this decision what this decision on
November 5th really means for the kids for our district and most of all to keep
Perrysburg as we say Perrysburg and when you look at the slides that
we’ve just covered we know that this will tear the fabric of our school
district and I think change the DNA of our
community. If this leaves you with a sick feeling in your stomach that you want to
do something about this you have the ability to do something about this this
doesn’t have to be the Perrysburg schools of tomorrow this doesn’t have to
be what happens on November 6 this is a fight that is worth having. This is a
conversation that we need to have.

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