PERNELL WHITAKER TRIBUTE from 'The Knowledge' Spencer Fearon

member then he flicks in here four seconds out and my old friend Spencer Fearon ak8 master knowledge okay top sky upon net youth worker guru bit of everything really Hayden I'm really really good even better speaker – you my friend are that's okie waiting to ask you more somber subject to start off with we recently lost Pernell Whitaker one of the best defensive fighters of all time one of the best fighters full stop of all time and I know you were a big fan of him – just tell us what he meant to you and what you thought was somebody standout performances well there's there's fights that we have that are we'll see you in in certain fighters careers that I'll really stand out I think jock has like a Jeff lacy was a standout performance that you think oh my god what's going on here because we didn't expect him to win flamie over versatile Touareg a that was a standout performance for for me well for when you watch that you watching something special but Pernell Whitaker he's rematch with Jose Luis Ramirez it was a 1988 sorry 89 that fight was I remember I watched that fight in Jamaica all right on Thursday night I set the fights that was like our big thing out there and for me to watch that and so just a skill that was demonstrated it was absolutely ridiculous and I remember named after that like my best mate he was like my next on a bob country dress his nickname he came from America and he said the same thing when he came back and at that time what my 15 years old he was like that guy's something else and and that's what we saw we saw like as something kills performance from him but then for him to go through the weights like from lightweight all the way up to junior middleweight I showed you like what kind of guy and he was a kakashi puncher we said he's out he's 40 wins I'd like something like 17 knockouts he was a costly puncher but hit hard enough but like a really classy fight which is to me which was very very reminiscent of like Sugar Ray Leonard when she ran in a big wolf Fred Benitez for the WBC Tywin's in 1979 was his fight that he had when he fought Roger Mayweather that is excellent fact because first time Sam yeah because like him him a Roger there was up together and like he push Roger in his face and like Rogers Rogers a serious guy you know like not no one to play with my opponent was like right yeah like up head to head and he pushes him in his face and then he put in an excellent display of boxing in that fight when I wake up from when he won the gold medal in 84 Olympics and you gotta think that was that's one of your best American teams or for boxing we have to see because since then they haven't really propelled to do the same things since 1984 true although we should caveat by saying the Soviet bloc will obviously not they boy quite at those games there was no q bar there was no Russia there was no Poland for example so there is a caveat to attach to it there is but anything or something saying that just really think about this that the guys who came out of the 84 Olympics are all-time greats Evander Holyfield so all-time great no dick Taylor merge it Taylor yeah I mean merger said we could talk about merging Taylor I never did but I'm just saying like what part of waiting could represent to me you can't teach the stuff that he was doing I remember his Eddie Futch that said he is like a 50s fire and he said that he this is a fuzzy word that he was the closest thing that he sought to Charlie Burleigh right there you know famously sugar avoided yeah yummy it doesn't doesn't matter but Charlie burly's bad there's only one fight everyone you get on YouTube but it's such an incredible fire such a yummy he full and like he got bumped against him is when he walk Chavez and he got he was given a joy it was that 93 incredible just an incredible incredible fire incredibly skilled and and it's I would say to anybody who just want to learn boxing just go what she's right just go watch his fight when he fast Ramirez the second time and that's the closest thing that I sought to perfection and that's what he was used to perfection you you

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