Perimeter Scholars International: A Different Kind of Master's Program

since this program was first conceived by director Neil Turok less than ten years ago it's become one of the most sought-after programs in theoretical physics well just how competitive is it to get in here it was more difficult to get into Sai last year than it was to get into Harvard Princeton Stanford or MIT the program is super intense as much as it is rewarding I think the program is such that you can only take away as much as you're putting in did you say from the get-go that the workload isn't it I've never had to work this much in my life psi is like a drink trying to drink through a water hose or fire hose or something like this you know there is there's so much to absorb so is not about getting a grade it's not about competing with your classmates it's about exploration personal exploration as much as academic you can start all kinds of berries acai berries and all these topics and of course which is towed by their goods scientists who are really doing research and they're very kind and friendly you see all these big physicists big-name fences walking around just the other day we were at lunch and we saw yaki Aronoff from the art of bomb face sitting next to us playing chess and I was just incredible it is looking at the see notice yeah this is p.i because we met a lot of people here I made a lot of friends like we tried 29 people yeah it's already feels like a like a like a family we live together we ate together we have the classes together and I noticed that for the first time how we how close we are right now to come to the fair I study it that's until this coming 90 been the winter scope was that to take a week out from the usual psi courses and immerse the students in a in an authentic Canadian winter environment most of these students are from countries which don't have snow and please they don't really get to express the Canadian venture that the positive aspects of it the fact that you can actually go and do all this awesome stuff it's pretty cool actually it's nothing like the winters I've ever had they should experience like the research by me the research go down all sorts of dead ends and blind alleys and you fail many times before you sort of discover what you're trying to find maybe what's the question what we are here to do is to serve humankind and improve the world and theoretical physics is one of the most powerful ways we can do that you can really see what that the love that people have for physics in this place that you don't necessarily see many institutes in many universities out there I guess for me the best example we have is we had to do a repetition away with it to this year and you had all these people in the Bistro and they announced it and everyone was smiling I saw people crying begins boos so even like even if you weren't for the course itself the atmosphere and research being the API and passion people have that's really something that's a nice place dr. Lee

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