Perfecting the Black Acrylic Ombré

I’ve been dying to do the black ombre designs I love these these are a little hard to do but this product is going to make it a little easier. Let’s get started Okay, Kirra sky has some beautiful color blends and the reason why I’m choosing this for this particular design is these are blended very softly And they’re very easy to fade so I’m going to do the black where is the black and Base the beautiful colors. Let me just show you there’s some very new tones. Got a very bright green, but I just want to search here’s the black and I think they’ve got several nude colors in here, but I’m going to use Honey love okay. Put all these away like to try out a lot of these look at that beautiful Just gonna get my little holder Get these ready I Did notice that they don’t have the labels on the bottom or anywhere else So if you’ve got the label on top don’t mix up the lids It’s no big deal when it’s black, but when it comes to the nudes, it might be hard to find out Which nude it goes to now these nails were already prepared I actually did a video on how to prepare The nail plate to avoid lifting and I’m going to use that set of hands for this application Now ombre is in itself hard to do and when you work with black it’s even harder, and the reason why it’s hard is because black is so strong in color and it has a lot of residue and it’s harder to fade any darker colors a little bit harder to fade and Black of course being the darkest is actually quite hard to fade, but when you do it, right? It’s so beautiful. I’m just putting my form on and making sure that it’s good One of my favorite designs is the almond nail with an ombre Look it pretty much being on Rea anything. But that’s one of my favorites right now so just got my little form on I Have to apologize for all the car noise we’ve got some construction and we’re now the thorough way for all the extra traffic Trice cameraman insane because he’s a sound guy the detailer. They’ve made put everybody around right by our studio So we have soundproofing but not that much Let’s see how it turns out doesn’t bother me so much. Okay. So I’m gonna get up way to liquid. This is the liquid monomer It’s acrylic to help make this design and I’m gonna get my clear out I don’t really need the clear to the end because I want everything to set first, but I’ll just get it ready now When you’re working with black or any dark color like a deep green red brown black You want to do all the dark color first and then clean your brush and then go for the light color Because there’s a lot of residue that’ll be the powder in your brush that can turn the lighter color quite ugly muddy So when you’re building an ombre, there’s three layers There’s the black in this case black on the end nude near the nail plate and then the clear capping over top and each stage has to be done very Specifically so when it comes together it creates that beautiful soft look So we’re gonna do the black bead first and that is the free edge working inward Now Sometimes I’ve noticed some technicians will bring the black and leave it a big hard line just like that You can do that what you’re going to have to make sure then that’s your color coat Whatever color you’re bringing over top is going to be thick enough to cover that solid line so I like to fade the line a little bit and what this black is actually a little bit easier to fade a Few little tricks is you can get a little more liquid and soften that edge But I don’t like to bring too much black and you’re the cuticle Because it just can start to look kind of dirty and money I Am also trying to shape my almond You’re gonna go kind of long Because I’m just in that kind of mode you like long house I do Although it has been really kind of nice for these few minutes between videos to make a fist I can’t make a fist with this. You never know when you might need a fist. I don’t like the sounds of that Now it’s a little easier when you’re doing somebody else of course cuz you’re looking at a completely different angle I Don’t have to worry about the end so much we can shake that up later I just wanna make sure it’s thick enough you want this quite thin? Because we want to bring the pink over top not to the end Of course just in the stress point just in the high arch point the apex where it meets together But I’m going to bring a little bit of black in Here because I’m gonna bring it in and fade it just a little I want to make sure I have ample black up in there So when the pink is faded, it’s not fading into faded black because if there’s parts of black missing you look horrible How far to bring the block up really is a personal design taste Because wherever you bring the pink Makes a big difference on the extension and the look of the nail plate. That’s probably enough for me right there Now if you’re starting and trying to learn the ombre and you’re working on a person as A nail technician you may not have time to practice all the time. So sometimes you use clients as practice. I Would start with the fingers you don’t see so much Like people don’t focal point on so much like the pinky Sometimes the thumb But by the time you get to the other fingers you might have learned quite a bit in that procedure So when you get to the index finger and the next two fingers thereafter It’s a little bit more visual That’s a nail technician trick Okay. So the big thing too is I will wait until that black is dry before I put on the pink for two reasons my Brush is full of money I could switch out brushes but I’ve tried that and I can never organize it enough and I want to make sure this black is dry If I go ahead and put my in this case Like a nudey pink on top, I could blend the two together and move the black out of place I don’t want to do that So i’m going to leave that guy and i’m gonna move on and i’m just gonna go ahead and do all my blocks No, I was on a forum the other day forget which I’m on a bunch of him on Facebook Kevin which one this was but somebody was talking about she was a nail technician actually and she has a daughter and I think the daughter was only 12 and She just wondered if it was okay to do a 12 year olds nails as in acrylic Do you mean to do the nails herself or to get the nails on herself? No that mother wanted to know if it’s okay if she put or if a 12 year old should get acrylic like go to a professional and have her nails done and It was an interesting conversation watching everybody’s opinions and was amazing how many nail technicians felt that? Twelve-year-old shouldn’t and one person even suggested that the nail beds not properly formed and it could damage her nail plate Mm-hmm. Our nails are properly formed. That’s okay. There’s there’s not like new baby nails or anything like that They’re ready to go. You can put acrylic on it. It’s just whether it’s a lifestyle thing It’s also whether you can get down to the salon and get them filled in this case It was the mother was a nail technician. I personally think it was kind of a neat moment where a mom and daughter could share that together and she could You know spend time with her daughter and something they have in common So as far as age there is really no age requirement. As long as the nail is healthy and happy like anybody’s now I Honestly, don’t see anything wrong with it now if I was a nail technician Which I have in a salon and a customer came in and she was 12 and she wanted her nails. I probably would Get the permission from the parent because maybe the parent wouldn’t really want them to do it. It’s not a permanent thing like a tattoo but it is, you know, you put them on there and I Would get the permission from the parent to make sure that was okay It’s an ongoing question good question They’ll go back and complete the thumb just so we can make sure that we’re bringing the black high enough and not too high So, let me clean off my brush Now you can dip it in acetone a little bit yes, of course it would dry out the bristles it’s not great to put your brush in acetone all the time, of course, but my whole career I done it all the time and I’ve never found it to really harm a brush unless I left it in there a lot It would dry out the bristles but I always condition it in my monomer and I always leave it in the bristles when I leave it overnight and I’ve never had any issues with it, but acetone can just totally clean it. I have used brush cleaners before And maybe it was a bad experience that I had but it left a bad taste in my mouth because it turned The product that was in there kind of yellow. You shouldn’t put it in your mouth. That’s the problem. Why No, you can’t go anywhere Cuz if you’re not here they can’t see it so you can see how dirty my paper towel is look at this See how black can be very City Right, but just turn it over because you don’t want that black to get onto your brush to contaminate your pink I think you just got a little bit your nice towel, though No, because I have other paper towels underneath. Oh, okay. Yep. I’ve learned that. I’ve run somebody tells you guys What it was? So when choosing a pink or a nude the color that’s going over top of the dark colored wreath in this case black you wanted To be on the opaque side if it’s completely see-through, you’re gonna see all this mess that I just left there So you want it a little bit more opaque so it can cover the black achiness under there So this one that I’ve chosen does have that nice opacity to it This is where the fade truly comes in. Actually, that’s a bit big. I think I got a little excited He’s a little bit big just gonna get a smaller one So you can see the opacity of this stuff is quite nice and That is going to be our fade. That is what we’re going to see coming over top of the black So that is mostly what’s working for us in this fade. And then you have to decide how far down you’re going to come And of course the pink nude represents the nail plate You Okay, so you can see how crooked that is we’re gonna try to straighten that out now Make it look like a nice nail plate fading into the black or just softening into the black It’s up to you how short you want to make that nail plate look You can see some residue over here. I’m going to see if I can cover that up with the nice pink Interesting this nude has a bit of gold tinge in it It looks like that least when it’s blended with the black it does look uh, is it gold on a black it does? Very pretty think about my nail plate to look a little bit longer You The index finger is a much smaller nail, so I’m going to take a much smaller bead let’s focus on the cuticle area and I’m just gonna place that bead right at the cuticle and I’m gonna just make sure that the cuticle is nice and flush and Even because the color is so strong you want to make sure that it is solid near the cuticle before you start fading Then we can add the fav later so let’s make sure that cuticle is happy It’s easier sometimes to attack it in little sections as opposed to just kind of doing it in one bead Especially when you’re talking an hombre Okay, so that looks horrible, so we’re just going to get another tiny little bead and come over to this side place that right over top of it get to that powder and Bring that right out on the side. So it’s nice and Smooth and solid in color and then we can start to fade this guy up This color this nude has a slight bit of gold. I don’t know if you can see that in the video, but it’s quite pretty You don’t really notice it until it fades overtop of the black and then the gold kind of comes out It’s all second. I’m very fine glitter. Yeah. Yeah. It’s very gentle Ya can see it’s sparkling a little bit. Hmm. So when I do the nail plate again I want to have the nail plate where it has a little bit of elongated and it kind of drips off into the center part a little bit narrow Because I don’t want it to be a wide Fade of pink I want to look quite delicate and dainty like the nail pink part is coming up a little bit That’s where the trick of the fade is it’s a lot to do with the pink I’m going to look at at different angles. Yeah that to me. I want the paint to be a little bit longer. So I’m gonna put it here And I’m gonna bring it in a bit of a so you don’t reach it I mean not so much on the sides But more in the center not too long and fading it off And then if you don’t like it, you can also bring the black in and fade some more So gay very thick if you keep doing that though Um, well I’ve done it so thin that’s a good question though. I’ve done it quite thin so it really won’t You can see where it’s not ready gently faded there so I’m gonna bring in just a tiny bean Pink right there Now these are very very tiny beads, you know in the camera I’ve noticed that it really does look a lot bigger So it makes it feel like it’s quite thick. I’ve noticed that with a lot, but it’s actually not at all I think it’s because I’m getting such close shots it is And that looks like a line. I hate that I’m just gonna soften that a bit more That’d be more difficulty with this one because it is a smaller finger we try to create that design in this smaller area How’s your burn feeling on your finger by the way it’s fine, you know what after that video it didn’t hurt anymore at all I think I still wanted to be more soft here. I don’t want what’s happening right here Now this point can be a little bit higher because this is your apex So it’s okay for it to be a little bit thicker here you want it to be that is part of structure Now I’m gonna even bring in a little bit of black I don’t want the gold to reach down too far, but the gold is extremely fine glitter So I am just going to bring it up a little bit Just a very gentle tiny little heed Getting too much back this way Yeah, that’s a bit better I’m getting the black out of my brush you see how its kind of dusted on there I Don’t want that. So I’m gonna try to take it away with my brush won’t you just follow that away though I could well because I’m gonna clear cap it right So if it’s bugging me, I’ll just wait till that dries a bit and then I can just give it a dusting with my file Okay, I’m gonna form them all up and then I’m gonna finish them up Okay, now I finished the black and the nude the black being first the nude coming over just a little bit and fading out now once that design is complete you want to make sure it’s completely dry because when you do the clear cap It’s to protect all of it and the reason why I do do a clear cap on top is because if I was to just file and you could If I was to just file it I may take away some of the nude which could expose more of the black Which could upset the balance of the design that you’re trying to create so I like to do it this way I finish it and then I clear cap. So that’s I’m going to do a little tip Make sure your brush is Completely clean of all that black and nude and we just did the nude last so you’ll make sure there’s no sparkles in there Okay. So here we go. We’re gonna pick up a bead of clear And I’m gonna place it right there and you could do a giant feet and do in a one ball method Or you can do it in ten or twenty little beads. Whatever makes you feel comfortable doing a one ball method is Definitely convenient if you can do it, but if you’re not ready to do that yet It can be very very awkward to try to move that around before it cures up on you now this bead is very forgiving Because you’re just gonna sculpt off file off whatever you don’t want so you just want to put a nice bead on there and Make sure that you’ve entertained the whole arch and the structure this would be the Protecting layer. This will make sure that it doesn’t break And I’m just going to go ahead and just put a nice clear cap on all of them Okay Now we’re going to e-file and sculpt these into that perfect beautiful almond shape Okay, now I’ve done a lot of filing and I’ve got them almost shaped up So when I’m shaping almond I find one of the most effective ways to making sure you get that total clean Almond shape because you’ve got to sort of divide the nail in half and make sure each half matches The best way is to put it up against a light source So when here in the studio? I can put it up against one of the lights and it creates a silhouette that I can see the sharp fine edge of that Almond any shape actually, but almond I find very effective if I’m watching TV and do nails I put it up toward the TV When it has a light image on the screen and it really helps being able to shape that almond shape so now I’ve got these pretty much shaped up to exactly where I want and I have smooth the surfaces And I look at them every angle This also works when you do it in front of the TV for this angle as well when you’re looking down the barrel you can really see if you’re uneven on either side and you can do that with each and every nail These look really good. I’m happy with them. So now I’m just going to clean them off And use a little bit of alcohol to get rid of all the dust It’s just store-bought alcohol that you can get right from the drugs alcohol. Yeah You want to use a high quality alcohol and you get those from your drug store Okay Okay, so now I’m going to put a top coat or you can put a clear gel top coat anything you want I just want to put a clear coat on it I Will say I didn’t plan on this, but that nude Has quite a gold sparkle. I did not know that it had and it’s really coming out with this top coat Sometimes you never know until you do something like this and you’re like wow that’s got a hidden and beautiful element to it Now sometimes when I’m doing top coats with a Polish if I’m putting it on top of acrylic I will often I’ll probably always put two layers of top coat Reason being is the first layer of top coat with polish does seem to absorb the acrylic a little bit And you sort of lose a bit of its shine When I’m doing clients, I’ll do one coat on all of the fingers and then by the time I finish that it’s dry enough I can go back and do the second coat So as I’m blabbering away it is starting to dry a little bit and soak in and you can sort of see it almost as a little bit of a matte finish So I’m going to put my second coat right on top The trick with nail polishes make sure there’s plenty on your brush to glide across the surface of that nail But not so much you’ve fled the cuticle Polish will stay on acrylic a lot longer than on natural nails because it doesn’t have any of the natural oil to push it away You’re losing your polish in a couple of days Nothing wrong with you or the polish it’s just the natural oils are kind of repelling it there we go One of the hardest sets to do but one of my favorites let’s check out the reveal show As a nail technician whenever you do is set you always Examine it for things you could have done better and I see lots of things I could have done better But I do like the way it turned out overall Thank you for joining me and I’ll catch you guys in my next video

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