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This is not juggling. This is called misdirection. And no matter what
level you are magic, we've got stuff here for you. Learning basic
principles of magic, it's like learning
chords on a guitar. Once you know a few
simple principles, you can build your
whole magic routine. But if you're smart
enough to work silently, it brings out a huge
amount of wonder. When you don't
talk, the audience has to tell itself
the story, and they don't know where it's going. The basic method behind this
uses sound misdirection. [COINS JINGLING] [COUGH] Palming is when you hide
something in your hand. You're going to bring
your whole hand around to conceal that ball and
completely close your fist. That will make all
your relatives laugh. The simplest trick you
can do involves exploring how do we know what is true. Take those two
ends and tie them in a double knot
around each other. Yeah, I'll see you later. [LAUGHTER] There's more magic in
cards than anything else. You don't need to know the card. You just need to know the
card next to the card. Was that your card? Whoa Yes. [LAUGHTER] If you get good at magic, you
will automatically get good at a certain kind of acting. Magic forces you to learn
about storytelling, assumptions about the way we
perceive the world. And then smash it. That's it. You must be empathetic. You must try to see yourself
through another person's eyes, and I think you
have to simply say that one of the things that
makes life worth living is giving other people joy. We're Penn and Teller, and
this is our MasterClass.

43 thoughts on “Penn & Teller Teach the Art of Magic | Official Trailer | MasterClass”

  1. I've had the pleasure of meeting them back in the early 90's and so I've known for many years that Teller can speak. The fact that he chooses not to is part of his charm, and part of his craft. You assume things about him, which allows him to be more successful. They are both very intelligent.

  2. Damn, Masterclass!
    You have my respect for pulling together some of the best minds of our time and having them share their 'secrets'.

  3. does anyone know the name of the piece that starts at 0:38 or is it just something that was written specifically for this advertisement

  4. Can someone, please, tel me the name of the muscal piece that starts at 0:05. It's one of those thta everyone has heard but few know the name. Thanks.

  5. How the heck does Penn do that juggling trick?! I've been looking it up for a long time now and still haven't found any results apart from him doing it.

  6. The first song, the choral piece, I recognize that but can't remember the name. What is it?
    Edit: disregard, I found it. Verdi: Dies Irae

  7. Well, it looks like someone tapped Teller’s face(or maybe he did so himself) with a magic wand, again.

  8. Wow, So Cool. Completely Agreed, One Of The Things That Make Life Worth Living Is Spreading Joy To Others. I Work At A Cenima, I Carry A Deck Of Cards With Me, Currently Practicing Getting A Handle On The Cards (I'm A Level -1 Magician, Not Very Good… YET! I've Always Had Such A Deep Passion For Magic. Magic It's Real, I'll Never Stop Practicing)Anyways, As An Extrovert, I Enjoy Spreading Joy To Others, I Use That At The Cenima I Work At, I'm That Kinda Guy Who Does A Comedy Act After The Show Ends, Thats When Mine Begins. I Joke With The Guests, Gives Strange But Fun Trivia About The Moive, I Get To Watch Movies 2 Days Before Release That Gives Me Times To Research The Movie For The Act. ANYWAYS AGAIN…. I'm Learning For The Soul Purpose To Make Others Wonder, Spread Joy And Hopefully Happiness, Heck, Inspiring Someone To Begin Magic Too. Magic Is Real, I Believe. This Is So Cool, Watching This Is Gonna Push Me To Save For These Classes With STICKY FLOOR CHANGE! I Wash Them Down With Dawn Extra Dish Soup NOT SPONCERED Actually, On A Good Day, Findings Are Like…. €6 A Day, So, HA! I'd Love To Entertain The Guests With The Acts. (Goal, Slide Of Hand Street Magician) Thank You Pen And Teller, I Love And Appreciate Your Magic, Personally I Love Your Guy's Smaller Tricks. HUGE Inspiration, 🇨🇦

  9. This was like the only ad I willingly sat through and then even searched up after cause Teller just freaking talked wtf

  10. How did he do the trick with the grape? 0:55 and how did they do the beaker wrapped in paper trick at 1:42?

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