Pencils Down: Channa Comer Teaching About Scientific Controls

What is a control? Brittany? Yes. Brittany said that a control is something
that stays the same. Right? So you’re changing only one thing in your
experiment and that is the — ? The covering. We’re only changing the covering therefore
everything else in our experiment has to stay the same. So you are going to figure out with your team
what is that list of things that has to say the same. Go. Yeah, actually, so that’s nine. The person who pushes the car, that’s nine. But then there’s the eighth one that you’re
missing. The ramp. She has ramp, you have position of ramp, that’s
two different things. It’s ramp and position of ramp. It’s two different things. So that’s nine actually. So the ramp and the position of the ramp are
two separate things. Why? Why is that two different things? The ramp is by itself and the position of
the ramp — Is where you put it. The position of the ramp is where you put
it on the books.

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