Peer Education

Remove those negative words, and negative thoughts out of your head. Put in the positive thoughts. Learn from our presentation. You can do so much. All of you guys are so smart. Don’t let anybody push you guys around. Nobody. My name is Diane Omura, I’m a peer education coordinator, as well as a health teacher, and I’ve been here at Baldwin High School for 39 years. Peer education was designed to teach about teen health risks. The peer to peer model has been proven to be effective. Once my students present their own personal stories, what happens is the whole room just, there’s like complete silence. This is really because students, when they can identify with the presenters, they’re more apt to listen. And it also gives them a sense of inspiration, knowing that my students have gone through what, perhaps, they’re going through presently, and knowing that there’s an answer and a way out, to be successful in overcoming their challenges. So, last week we went to ʻĪao Intermediate and Maui Waena to do presentations about anti-bullying, and one of our team members she did a testimony after the presentation just to talk about her story and show them that they have somebody that they can talk to and open up to about it. How many of you guys have been bullied? I have, too. Bullying is seriously not something that you should take lightly. Because getting told every day that you’re not worth it? It hurts. And it’s gonna hurt forever. But there are ways that you can actually be a more positive person. Stand up for those. After this presentation, I hope that every single one of you guys go out, you guys help those who are in need. If you see somebody getting pushed around, or if you see somebody that shouldn’t be treated like that, I really hope that you guys stand up and do something about it. It’s just a way to show that these kinds of situations do happen in real life, and it can happen to somebody sitting next to you that you think you know very well, but then they’re hiding something deep down and it allows you to understand what’s going on in their life, and how they deal with these situations. I learned a lot in this class. I wasn’t a very talkative person before PEP. It’s just, when you do presentations, you see a script, and people think, “oh, you have to read it off and it has to be, like perfect,” but, it’s not the best because you don’t get to connect with your audience. That’s where the passion comes in. When you’re passionate about what you do and the topics that you talk about, you don’t really need a script because you know what you’re trying to say and you know what you’re trying to convey to your audience. I feel like the biggest takeaway is just to connect with people on a personal level rather than spitting facts at them. Well in the previous presentations we did have students come up to us and say that we’re an inspiration. I realized that that was a really big accomplishment, to know that you’ve made an impact in somebody’s life that was one of my big goals was just to know that I helped others and that I was an inspiration to them.

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