Pearson working in partnership with JLL and The Education and Skills Partnership

[Apprenticeship Standards: How Pearson, The Education and Skills Partnership and JLL collaborated to make apprenticeships work Katie Polycarpou: At JLL it’s very important
for us to have apprentices in the business, so firstly from a diverse and inclusion perspective,
we need to make sure that we’re bringing in talent from all aspects. So whether that be
senior level or really junior level, but also it’s important for JLL to nurture talent at
a very young age. We’re bringing in people from school, we can make them office-ready,
we can teach them office etiquette and we can teach them the skills that we look for
here at JLL. Jason Hargreaves: We look to work with our
employers to be able to provide an oversight at a granular level, all the way through the
journey, so that the employer actually comes along with you on that journey. To do that
we need the apprentice on board, we need the employer onboard, supported by ourselves as
the training provider, and also supported by an EPA organisation that has the resources
in place. Katie Polycarpou: I think the advice I’d give
to other employers is to make sure they’re educating the business on what apprentices
can do and what their capabilities are, covering things like study days but also that it’s
their first day at work. It’s likely that they haven’t been in an environment before
so making sure you give them office etiquette training is really important as well.
Chloe Gill: At the start of my apprenticeship, I rotated around all the teams, because I
wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to fit in, because I’d never really been within a creative
marketing environment before. So I got exposure to each team and I spent a significant amount
of time which each team to decide where I wanted to be. I was given more, and more opportunities
as my course went on. So I was learning business skills within my apprenticeship course. Which
I could then apply into my workday life. Katie Polycarpou: I think the benefits of
a company working with Pearson is that they’re extremely responsive. JLL are a very busy
company, especially the HR department and we don’t have a lot of time to deal with all
the issues that arise from apprentices. So partnering with a company like Pearson for
the endpoint assessment was really beneficial because they were responsive, and they were
able to help with those kind of queries we might have had. We had eight apprentices with
Pearson, seven of those achieving their endpoint assessment and three of those got a distinction,
which is amazing. I think what else is good to know is that they’re all in great jobs
at the moment. Some of them in our EMEA talent acquisition team, some are sitting in IT,
some in finance and they’re all looking to do a high qualification now. The majority
of those being degree level. Ross Pettitt: So I am now looking into getting
involved in a projects manager degree, and this is because I spoke to some project managers
within my team, and they really sparked an interest in that role and I thought it had
loads of different opportunities and aspects to it, and it could open up lots of doors
within the wider business. Jason Hargreaves: From an apprentice’s point
of view, they see their journey and they see it more of a, I like to look to at it as more
of a career than a job, because they’re investing that time, they’re investing their commitment
and they have been rewarded for it, and then they’re able to take that viewpoint and to
be able to embed themselves in that organisation and really bring huge benefits to the employers.

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