Pear FORCED to play – Mario.EXE Basics!!! (Baldi Mod)

– [Pear] Man, I need to
collect, oh jeez, no, no, no! (exhilarating music) (Orange laughing) Hey guys what is up, it’s Pear. “You will not like what happens next “since you’re playing
this excuse of a mod. “Please be aware he
might come to your house, “and murder your family.” What? “Kill you and knows who you
are, but don’t know him, “but he knows you?” Oh no. No you know guys. Mario.EXE’s Basics? Oh no, not, oh Jeez, it’s an .EXE game, but it’s also in Baldi’s Basics? All right I guess I’ll do the first one. “I am God.” No I’m pretty sure you’re a plumber dude, and a very evil looking plumber, but yeah. Oh boy, I don’t wanna play this, but of course you guys
are forcing me to play it, as always, hah hah! Oh.
Hello Waluigi. – [Pear] Waluigi? – [Mario] Long time no see. – [Pear] Oh no. – [Mario] You must have escaped from my asylum along the way. – [Pear] You look so creepy dude. – [Mario] While you are here
I can finally get rid of you. – [Pear] What? – [Mario] Welcome to my school. – [Pear] No! – [Mario] Golly, not again. – [Pear] Huh? – [Mario] Why are you a
thing, why are you a penguin? – [Pear] I, why are you a penguin? Is that what he said?
Whatever. – [Pear] All right, I’m
just gonna go in here, because I know the first
notebook okay, severed hands. Whoa.
Oh my god. – [Pear] That’s not terrifying at all. Okay, we got one. – [Mario] That’s what I like. – [Pear] Yeah I don’t like. – [Mario] Problem two! – [Pear] Yeah, problem
two is negative six. – [Mario] Minus, this is the
best I’ve ever seen so far. – [Pear] Oh my goodness. – [Mario] Problem three. – [Pear] This is so terrifying. – [Mario] Huh, perfect. – [Pear] Wha, why, why is there
blood all over this thing? I need less of this. – [Waluigi] Bloody corpse
make me wanna throw up way. – [Mario] Oh, did you like it? – [Pear] No, I didn’t like it. I’m gonna go get the other
severed hands in here. Oh, no, this is a floating brain. Oh jeez. – [Mario] Four that’s what I like. – [Pear] Mario what did you do man? Oh no, oh, ooh, ooh, ooh! (demented laughing)
(lightning crackling) Oh, ooh I don’t, no don’t like it. – [Mario] Oh, I’m coming for ya mate. – [Pear] Ah, oh no,
what’s that, argh, Jeez! No there he is. Ooh, oh no! Sans, why would you do this to me? What does it say? He gets in your head like a virus, oh boy. Were people dismembered? Ah, no, no, no, Mario. I don’t wanna, no I’m stuck. No I don’t wanna be dismembered. Ooh, oh!
(distorted whirring) I don’t like it, don’t
like, don’t need any of it. Definitely not scary, super boring. That’s the only problem
with this. (groans) Okay, all right, let’s try this again. Okay, we’re gonna go
get the floating hands. I don’t know whose hands they are. I just definitely don’t
want floating hands. I don’t need floating hands. Yeah, it’s gonna be 10 and then
we got five here good to go. – [Mario] This is the best
I’ve ever seen so far. – [Pear] Thank you, I’m pretty
good at math, not to, not to compliment myself or boast,
but I am, I’m pretty good. – [Waluigi] Throw up way. – [Pear] Ooh, no. Okay, okay, okay, just let
me get the brains so you can start chasing me once
again and I like it, it’s fun. It’s a fun game. Everybody loves to be forced to play Mario.EXE in Baldi’s Basics. Oh boy, ooh, oh I don’t like that noise. I don’t like that noise at all. – [Mario] Oh, I’m coming for ya mate. – [Pear] No, don’t come for me. I’m just a Pear, you
don’t need to go after me. I think you just need
to go like find Yoshi and pet, you know, pet
your pet for a little bit. Then you’ll feel better,
okay, ’cause you know like, for humans and stuff they
like to pet, oh jeez! Yep, that was the wrong door. That was definitely the wrong door. Sweep Sweep it’s definitely
got a Murder Factory going on in that closet,
do not need a what is that? I don’t want to encounter anything, okay? Oh, what is this, what is that? Oh it’s an Intsomi, oh wait
wait wait wait wait yes, okay, okay, okay, gimme, gimme. Okay five minus six, negative one. We got five, yeah, okay then. Oh, no. Okay, okay, okay, okay, I’m hitting okay, I’m hitting okay, I’m hitting okay. Get three out of seven cors,
corpses, courses of corpses? Of course there’s courses of corpses. That’s really tough to say. I don’t even know why I’m
saying it just saying things just to fill the time ’cause
I don’t wanna get murdered. I don’t even know what that was
back there, that was freaky. Okay, is there anything, oh,
I see some, no, nope, nope, nope let me out, let me out,
let me out, lol, is that? I think that’s Sonic down
there, Sonic, no Sonic, no Sonic.EXE what are you doing? No I don’t wanna be turned
inside out please let me go. please I don’t wanna
play this game anymore, please I don’t wanna ah, oh! Oh, for real? For real y’all? I’ll be honest, this makes the Baldi’s
Basics game even worse. – [Mario] Oh, hello Waluigi. – [Pear] Ah, stuff it in your socks! Yeah, yeah, just let me,
let me just play around with this pink pad
that’s covered in blood. Sure that’s fun, for a Pear. You know it’s one thing if
you play Baldi’s Basics, there’s kind of like that like okay, yeah, obviously there’s some scary stuff happening here, but is it murder? We don’t know, but here in
Mario.EXE’s Schoolhouse, definitely murder, lots of
murder, lots of scary sounds. Okay don’t need any more creepy laughing. – [Mario] I’m coming for ya mate! – [Pear] No I don’t, no,
no, don’t come for me, don’t come for me, no! In fact you just stay on the opposite side of the schoolhouse and we’ll
be good, we’ll be totally fine. Peach is in another castle,
no I, I wasn’t even running! What makes you so afraid of me, oh boy. Oh, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, how’d you get in here? Oh wait, no that was Sans, he was leaving. Come on, come on, come
on, gimme the countdown, gimme the countdown, I
need to get outta here, gotta go, gotta go. Man, I need to collect no
I’m chased, no, no, no, ooh! Okay, yup, I meant to do that. I was just telling you guys which way you don’t go. I was just showing you don’t go that way ’cause Mario.EXE, no! How, jeez! No, no, no, no, Sonic.EXE
and Mario.EXE, (babbles). No, come on! Which ah!
(demented whirring) (softly laughs) I hate it so much. Oh shush, shushies, shushies, stuff a potato sack in it. In your mouth, over
your head, stop talking, nobody wants to hear you. Who would go to this school? No one would go to this school! No, okay I thought you
were gonna murder me right then and there, yeah, ah, okay. So now we gotta get the hands, yup. I can make your severed hands clap. You heard that song before. I can make your hands clap. Oh boy, ah boy, ah okay. Okay, I can make your severed hands clap. No? Okay, I’m out now, I’m out now, okay, so I’m feeling good, I’m feeling good. Mario has only murdered
me every single time since I played this, nope! Nope, Sans, Sans? Just I’m not running, I am not running. It’s okay, it’s cool. Where is he, where is
he at, where is he at? I hear ’em. I heard the thumpity thump, who’s that? Is that Sonic again? Sonic don’t do it, don’t do it. Gosh, shoulda, yup, he did it. Okay, it’s cool I like
jumping rope with demon Sonic. That’s fun for people and me. Yeah thanks Sonic, thanks
for the nightmares, I’ll enjoy those later. I think we should stop calling this the Annoying Orange Channel, or the Annoying Orange Gaming Channel, and just call it the Let’s,
Let’s Terrify Pear channel. Because that’s, every time I play games, that’s all you guys do, you
love to scare me, or annoy me. Personally I don’t think
it’s that funny you guys! I don’t think it’s
funny when you, oh, ooh, is that a foot? I think that’s a foot, is that a foot? Yeah, that was a foot. All right, so I’m collecting a foot, cool! Why am I collecting body parts again? Do I have to reassemble
a zombie or something? Oh man, I do not like this. I just, I don’t like it, I don’t like it. I don’t like any part of it. I don’t need it, don’t want it, but you’re definitely gonna
give it to me, every time. What is this, blood? I don’t, I don’t understand. All right, no I’m not running Sans, wasn’t running, so you’re good. Oh there he is I see him. He’s coming at me. It’s cool, I’m gonna go
through the lunch room. It does not seem that severed
limbs are on the menu today for food, but that’s, that’s
all right, I’m not saying. Oh, no you scared the crap
out of me, and now you? Yes, I’m jumping I’m doing
it, stop yelling at my nonexistent ears, you love to do that. Sonic, Sonic, stay away from me. Stop going in the same
direction I’m going. Yeah, normally I like Sonic but not no. I hate you, I hate you,
okay, what is this? Goodie, oh that thing, it’s
another, is that a floating leg? I think it’s a leg, either that or an arm. I’m not gonna sit there
and analyze it though. I’m just gonna answer
these stupid questions. Wait my sanity in unfixable? Did you mean to write is? How are you a teacher of this school? You can’t even form a complete sentence! I would think that would a prerequisite for becoming a teacher. Jeez, oh go, go, go, okay, okay, okay! Oh, man he’s angry, he’s so
angry, why is he so angry, what did I do, I didn’t do anything! Dude I was just I know
I’m collecting body parts, but hey, wait, somebody’s gotta do it, apparently I gotta do it, all
right, all right, all right. I’m cruising, I’m cruising, no. Nope, nope, can’t catch
me, can’t catch me. See I’m going so fast,
oh no, I need to rest? No, now is not the time for rest. No sweep sweep don’t do it, don’t do it! Okay, I think I’m all
right, oh, wait there, no, let me go in here, let me go, go, go, go. Hey ah.
(distorted whirring) Okay, does it have to be that loud, why? Argh, this so boring I just don’t, I don’t like it ’cause it’s so boring, and that’s why I’m stopping, it’s not that I’m not stopping
because I’m scared and I hate it, the murder, okay,
all right, see you guys later. Peace out, stop making me play this! (exhilarating music)

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  2. Why are ya making pear suffer like this people?! Even to you viewers! Give him a break already!!! He doesn’t deserve this! 🙁

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