PDE Book Nook – Episode 6 – Executive Deputy Secretary of Education Dr. David Volkman

Today we’re going to be taking a
look at and reading The Night Before the Fourth of July by Natasha Wing and the
art of this book is done by Amy Wimmer. ‘Twas the night before July 4th and all across the USA Americans were gearing up
for Independence Day. Mom tied up the bunting while I gave dad a hand. We hung
up the flag from our porch stand. And there of course you can see the bunting
ribbon like material on the fence with red white and blue. That night we both slept sprawled out in our beds, whilevisions of fireworks popped in our heads. And
quickly there they are sleeping. I think it looks like they are with their two
respective dogs. The next morning we dressed up in red white and blue. I even
wear stars one on each of my shoes. I think the dog likes the stars on my
shoes. And of course there’s mom and dad. We lined up on Main Street. Look here comes the parade floats! Hooray for the marching band and the 4-h club goats! Look at the
goat there chewing on the banner. You know goats eat anything and everything.
Remember that if you ever get a goat. The mayor tossed candy. I shouted,
“here here” and Uncle Sam, walking on stilts, brought up the rear. And there he
is. Friends and family came over for a
backyard barbecue. Dad fired up the grill as a storm started to brew. The
goodies were sitting on the picnic table with care. “Get them while they’re hot!” holler dad. Flipping burgers into the air. There we go, dad flipping burgers and there are the two little dogs again. But just when we
sat down, it started to pour. “Grab the food!” shouted mom and they headed for the door. And there they go! In hot dogs and salads and blueberry pie, and melon
and corn, keep those potato trips dry! And I think they did everything looks pretty
good to me there. We gathered in the kitchen and spilled into the hall. “Squeezed hen” said mom “There’s room for us all.” As we munched on our food, grandma
turned to grandpa “There’ll be no firework show if this
rain doesn’t stop.” There they are crowded in the kitchen and in the hallway. “What?”
we all shouted “no rockets red glare?” 4th of July without fireworks, that’s totally
not fair. There you can see the rain pouring down. When what to our wandering eye should appear, when the rain suddenly stopped and the sky was now clear. And
there they are trudging out on the wet ground, at least the sky is clear. We
piled in the car and drove to the park. We threw down a blanket as it began to
grow dark. We snapped glow sticks on our wrists and glow halos in our hair. Dad
loved the sparklers. He drew circles in the air. There they are, you could easily see them at night. The first firework was launched high into the night. It bloomed like a flour exploding with light. Wiz, crackle, boom! “Whoo-hoo”
cheered the crowd, but my brother covered his ears and whimpered “It’s too loud” Poor little guy. the band played the national anthem.
Dad sang “Oh can you see” but that’s when I covered my ears because he was way out of key. And now the grand finale. Wow! The best I’ve seen yet! A sky filled with
color, the show I’ll never forget. There we have dad singing and of course you could see the fireworks. When the last fireworks fizzled like fairy dust in the sky, we all cheered and shouted, “Happy fourth of July!”and I hope it’s the best fourth of July ever for all of you.

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