PDE Book Nook – Episode 5 – Secretary Jerry Oleksiak

Hi, my name is Jerry Oleksiak and I’m the
Secretary of Labor and Industry here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I’m
taking some time with some of my friends to read one of my favorite books about
the world of work. I Can Be Anything by a very famous Pennsylvania author, Jerry
Spinelli. And the drawings are by Jimmy Liao. Everybody wants to know what they
can be when they grow up. Well, you can be anything and that’s what this book is
all about. When I grow up what shall I be of all the many many jobs which one will
be best for me? Hmm let’s think about it, pumpkin grower
dandelion blower, important jobs, paper plane folder, or a really special one
puppy dog holder. Puddle stomper or apple chopper. Mixing bowl licker… That’s a job I had
when I was a kid! …and tin-can kicker. Barefooted hopper or bubblegum popper. Snowball smoother or baby sis soother. Gift on wrapper or jump and clapper. Cheek-to-cheek grinner, dizzy dance
spinner. I bet a lot of you like to dance. Cross-legged sitter, make-believe critter. Deep hole digger, lemonade swigger. Honeysuckle smeller, or silly joke
teller. I never tell silly jokes I think they’re silly. Best part saver, goodbye waver. So many jobs they’re all such fun, I’m
going to choose everyone! Good luck in whatever jobs you choose. Bye-bye!

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