PDE Book Nook – Episode 14 – Secretary Pedro Rivera

You ready to read a book? Yeah! First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg
illustrated by Judy Love. That’s so good. Ok, remember I was turning the pages. So we were on First Day
Jitters. Daddy’s letting me turn the pages. “Sarah, dear time to get out of bed.” Mr. Hartwell said poking his head through the bedroom doorway. “You don’t want to miss the first
day of your new school, do you?” ” I’m not going!” said Sarah and pulled the covers over her head. “Of course you’re going honey.” said Mr. Hartwell as he walked over to the window and snapped up the shade. “No! I’m not. I don’t want to start
over again. I hate my new school!” Sarah said. She tunneled down to the end of her
bed. Look at her there with the dog and the cat hiding in their covers. The
cat is on top of her… Let’s see what happens next. “How can you hate your new school sweetheart?”
Mr. Hartwell Chuckled. “You’ve never been there before!” “Don’t worry, you liked your other school,
you’ll like this one.” “Besides, just think of all the new
friends you’ll meet.” Look at all those smiling faces. Then this is what she’s thinking. “That’s just it, I don’t know anybody, and it will be
hard, and I just hate it that’s all.” Hate is a bad word.
Yeah, not a good word. “What will everyone think if you aren’t there? We told them you were coming!” They would be looking for her by the looks of all these pictures. And the police will go find her. This is the police. Let’s see what happens next. “They will think that I’m lucky and they
will wish that they were at home just, like, me.” Mr. Hartwell sighed… “Sarah Jane Hartwell, I’m not playing this silly game one second longer. “I’ll see you downstairs in five minutes.” What does five minutes mean? That’s when she has to be downstairs. Sarah tumbled out of bed. She stumbled into the bathroom. She fumbled into her clothes. “My head hurts she moaned as she trudged into the kitchen.” Mr. Hartwell handed Sarah a piece of toast and her lunchbox. “My head hurts.” she moaned as she trudged into the kitchen. Mr. Hartwell handed Sarah a piece of toast and her lunchbox. Good, let’s see what happens next. They walk to the car.
Sarah’s hands were cold and clammy. Sarah’s hands were cold and clammy. She drove down the street, she couldn’t breathe. Why were her hands cold and clammy? They walked to the car.
Sarah’s hands were cold and clammy. They drove down the street.
She couldn’t breathe. And then, they were there. “I feel sick.” said Sarah weakly. “Nonsense.” said Mr. Hartwell “You’ll love your new school once you get started. “Oh look! There’s your principal, Mrs. Burton.” Sarah slumped down in her seat. “Oh Sarah!” Mrs. Burton gushed peeking into the car. “There you are. Come on, I’ll show you where to go.” Is that her teacher?
That’s the principal. It’s her teacher.
Mrs. Burton. She led Sarah into the building
and walked quickly through the crowded hallways. “Don’t worry everyone is nervous
the first day.” she said over her shoulders as Sarah rushed to keep up. When they get to the classroom, most of the children are already in their seats. The class looked up as Mrs. Burton cleared her throat. “Class. Class! attention please.” said
Mrs. Burton. When the class was quiet she led Sarah to the front of the room and
said “Class I would like you to meet…” Can I read this one?
Sure! “Miss Sara Jane Hartwell. Your new teacher Miss Sarah Jane Hartwell. Wait, I thought she was a student. So did I, but we found that at the end of
the book she was the teacher was nervous to go to her new school. Do you think your teacher might be nervous
to go to your new school? No. Why not? Because, she is my teacher now. And you think she’ll be
happy to start a new school year? Yeah. First Day Jitters, text copyright 2000 by Julie Danneberg. Illustrations copyright 2000 by Judy Love. Used with permission by Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.

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