Paw Patrol's Skye and Chase's fun day at the Playground & No Bullying at School Baby Pups Videos!

I can't believe writer finally let us join the paw Patrol yeah we're not just puppies anymore or paw patrol wakey-wakey hey who said that pops it's time to get up it sounds wake up you two come on pups it's morning it's Genevieve's Playhouse wake up so we can go to the playground today yeah writer you finally let us join the paw Patrol but pups you're still just puppies see you're still in diapers maybe if you started using the potty like big pups you could join the paw patrol what do you say no way maybe when you're ready for now it's time to get out of bed you can go down the bed slide first it's your turn all right here I come okay pups let's get you out of those diapers okay Ryder your turn first taste oh my goodness let me close it up then I'll get your sky here we go Oh whoa your diaper is full too I really wish you pups would start using the potty like big pups not yet we're not ready don't worry I won't force you here let's put on some clothes this outfit will look good on you chase look at these cute gray pants on they go there now it's unzipped the hoodie and get the shirt from under it Wow check out this white tank top with blue and grey stripes let's put your arms through the holes and make sure it's on in the back perfect now we can put on this blue hoodie gotta make sure to zip it up and raise the hoodie you look adorable now for your outfit sky here's a cute gray skirt put it on like this now for the pink top with straps arms through the holes oh so cute now for your sleeveless hoodie oh my gosh you look so adorable what do you think pups do you like the outfits no it's too hot oh then we can try this it's got blue jeans and a t-shirt let's take off this hot hoody and your tank top and put on this cute t-shirt with a shark on it there that should be better and for you sky I've got this cute summer dress off goes your skirt your hoodie and your pink top now let's put on this dress put your feet in like this your arms go like this and then we could just zip it up now isn't that better we love it great now let's get breakfast good job pups now let's eat right now we can hardly see the table silly me don't worry I have just the thing it's two clip-on puppy chairs we're not puppies I mean pup chairs here let me put them on great job pups except you're sitting in the wrong seats oops oh here we go now let's get your plates here's one for you Skye and this one's yours chase first up for breakfast is this egg eggs are really good for you now for some toast with some butter for taste here you go sky and now here's chases here's some bacon for you pups I like bacon bacon Bon Appetit Wow good job cleaning your plates now for your bottles of milk there did you get enough to eat yeah we want gumballs all right coming right up pink blue here they come blue once were you chase and pink ones for you sky now don't eat you mini chase this guy all right well let's go to the playground okay and I get to try wait what this pups got a job but first we have to buckle up now let's roll time to play [Applause] read and yellow basket I wrote letters look at us pups get down from there you might fall puffs are you okay I hurt my foot don't worry I'll call an ambulance oh my goodness Scottie your head and chase your foot let me get some band-aids how about this yellow one taste No Oh a green one um how about blue yeah yeah okay here you go how about this orange one sky no ah this red one no thank you how about pink yeah yeah here you go home we feel better already you pups stick great now go home and get some rest come on pops let's get some bed rest here you go pups get some sleep I need a potty me too okay pups let me get you some diapers diapers we want to use the potty oh that's such good news let's go to the bathroom sky you can go potty first oh wow you went titi in the potty great job [Applause] [Applause] my turn I really have to go good job chase you went poopy yay I did it Wow you guys use the potty just like big pop I'm so proud of you that tomorrow you puck and join the paw patrol we can but for now get some rest can you play us some bedtime music sure pups good night reporting for duty writers paw Patrol honor roll who's been driving my car yay time for school I can't wait to see what we're gonna learn about today yeah me either hi kids welcome back to class I hope everyone had a great weekend oh yeah we had fun sky and I went camping yeah and me and Robyn went swimming at the lake yeah it was a big splash I'm so glad everyone had a great weekend I don't know where he is mm-hmm I haven't seen him either well I guess we'll have to start class without him again okay so raise your hand if you want to be the first one to present your homework from this weekend you're supposed to show us one thing that you learned are you I do all right all right love to here I come rubble and I went fishing at the lake I caught you fish trouble caught three fish two plus three equals five together we caught five fish you're right Marshall great job I knew I do okay Marshall you go ahead and sit down I can't wait to see what you show it's guy what did you learn about Skye I learned about the interchangeability of mass and energy what you can sit down now okay guys I'm here can I miss anything um yes you actually missed a lot of important stuff in class take a seat in the back wow that sounds boring good thing I got here late one more target run out and you'll have to go to the principal's office I don't want to go to the principal's office I didn't learn anything this weekend because I already know everything that's why I didn't do my homework well you know nobody knows everything not even you I do do know everything yeah me it was to Romeo I saw you do it don't be a tattle-tale Jace come with me from you know you're going to the principal's office yeah it was so mean of him to call me a tattletale and it hit me with a piece of paper don't worry about Romeo guys I took into the principal and you won't be back for the rest of your day now let's concentrate on finishing the school bell ring it's time for you guys to go home everyone who's got a ride to go ahead if someone's going to pick you up you can wait here me and sky won't wait you here in class because writers gonna pick us up today oh I'm driving rubble home we'll see you guys tomorrow see you later hey guys I'm here to pick you up come on and get in the car and tell me what kind of day you have finest Whistler here you go sky let's make sure to buckle you up so you're nice and safe they're nice and snug and now for tape you need a buckle too they are great so tell me pops how was your day at school and he called me a tattletale I know maybe we can invite Marshall and rubble to come play with us at the playground to take your mind off that Foley Romeo hey great idea yes really I'll let him know that we're on the way and they can meet us there dial Marshall and rubble hey guys would you like to meet us at the playground oh yeah writer that's a great idea we'll meet you there paw patrol pups to the playground alright guys let's go alright guys we're here and look here comes Marshall and rubble all right let's play yeah let's go fire fire ha ha so fun yeah I know my turn we here we go Wow I'm ready for fun fun slide you're okay whee up and down up and down so much fun race you yeah come on up Mar so you can do it all right it's Marshalls car and I can take it and not even wear my seatbelt now I just start it up and take your hey Marshall your car Oh No here Marshalls car is mine all mine what are we gonna do to stop him Wow I have no idea I never leave home without my little remote-control firetruck good idea hey are you okay yeah you should have worn a seatbelt I'm okay but why are you guys being so mean to me mean to you but you're the one that's being a bully but sky said I didn't know everything and you told on me chase that's not very nice but you don't know everything but if you had told the teacher the truth I wouldn't have to tell on you that's right Romeo you need to consider other people's feelings as well like skies when you threw the paper at her and Marshall when you stole his car other people's feelings I never really thought of that before I learned something important today Yeah right Romeo come on guys let's go home guys come back mm-hmm we're gonna go later Romeo guys I'm so sorry that Romeo ruined your day today but look I have everyone's favorite foods corn tomato and orange for you chase broccoli watermelon and Apple for you sky banana kiwi and cauliflower for our fire pup and carrot cucumber and lemon for rubble thanks for the food writer but I'm still sad that Romeo is so mean to us today yeah bullies are not cool well you never know if you treat Romeo nicely maybe he'll stop being a bully and will one day be your friend we'll treat him nicely but I doubt he'll ever be nice to us hey who's that at the door just a minute hello oh Romeo what are you doing here I just want to apologize to the pups for being so mean wow what a nice thought Romeo come on up and say it to the pups look pups do you have a visitor hi there everybody hide come on up guys Romeo really wants to apologize yeah I do huh apologize yes I'm really sorry for being a bully today you guys taught me an important lesson is it that great maybe now you guys can play together outside yay now we can be friends I'm fired up let's go outside and play together Romeo all right show me the way over here come on all of us yeah I can't wait watch me no my turn Wow Chase's on the slide he blew us you hey where'd everybody go check this out Wow Wow hearing you oh no too fast I'm okay boy that was fun I'm ready for a ruff-ruff roller coaster I'm going to try guys look out below whoa Oh No chase are you okay I'm all right let's all go at the same time good idea I'm ready see guys wasn't playing together much more fun yeah because bullying is no fun easy no fun at all and Romeo's never gonna bully us again yep we're gonna be friends forever I'm so proud of you guys

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