Paw Patrol Toys Teaching Colors Best Learning Video for Kids Alphabet Letter Sounds Weebles Toys

hey everybody we have the learning resources rainbow sorting crayons and today we've got some surprise paw patrol weebles I'm pretty excited about learning our colors and having fun with these neat toys so let's get started inside we have some crayons look at this do you know what this says red that's what color this is it's a red crayon what other colors do we have green so we have a green crayon do you know what color this one is blue and we have put a surprise in each one of these this one is purple I cannot wait to see what's inside pink yellow will we find some of the paw patrol pups inside orange brown so those are all of our crayons and we are gonna open them up and see what's inside which cran should we open up first let's let Everest decide she thinks we need to open up the orange one alright Everest let's see what's inside says orange and this is the color orange inside we have orange popsicles hmm I bet Everest will love that an orange pencil an orange goldfish and a pumpkin too and they're all the same color Oh what's this ah its Zuma do you know why Zuma is in there because he's orange just like the rest of these pieces we also have a kitty cat and a carrot what color is everything orange that's right perfect and Zuma was our surprise way to go now let's put it all back in there so we can open up the next crayon and find the rest of the paw patrol pups I can't wait to see what else we find that was pretty cool oh hold up Zuma's got a puzzle for us what's this Zuma an orange puzzle hmm let's look at it has a car a cow and a cake are you ready to put it together it's the letter C car cow and cake Zuma brought us an orange letter C C makes book sound very good Zuma that was perfect thank you for sharing that with us now let's let suma pick which cran we open up next Zuma chose the red one all right Zuma will open up the red crayon here we go what do you think will be inside Oh lookie the first thing we found was our surprise it's Marshall and he has a red outfit I wonder what other red things we'll find ah it's a little crab a fire truck a red tomato slice mmm I love tomatoes on my sandwiches a red fire hydrant there you go Marshall now you have a fire truck and a fire hydrant and we've got a red apple mmm that'll be great for a snack later and a strawberry wow that's a big strawberry pretty cool I loved all the red things we found Marshall Zuma and Everest are the surprise weebles we found and Marshall gets to pick next before Marshall picks he wants us to look at his puzzle oh I see a donut a duck and a dog they all start with the letter D look at that Marshall I love your puzzle the letter D goes dead for donut duck and dog that's a pretty cool puzzle and it's the color red just like Marshall woohoo very neat now Marshall it's your turn to pick which color we do next he wants us to open the pink one all right we can do that I wonder what will be in here let's check it out I wonder what we'll find it's sky what color is sky she's pink and she was in the pink crayon what a cool surprise she also has pink ice cream a pink doughnut pink roses and what else is in here oink oink oink it's a little pink pig that's super cool and a little heart be mine it's pink too it's a pink worm that's super silly we got a worm and a pig ice-cream and donuts sky that was really cool thank you for sharing it with us let's put these all in here and we'll let sky pick the next color she picks the yellow crayon super cool which paw patrol pup do you think will be in the yellow crayon let's see if you're right before you open that crayon you forgot to do my puzzle Oh sky we're so sorry here we go sky brought us a puzzle we almost forgot to do it it's got a horse a heart and a house what letter do you think it will make H horse heart and house the letter H makes the sound that is a really cool puzzle sky I love it thank you for sharing it with us now you can open the cran alright let's go ahead and open it who do you think will be in here rubble on the double woohoo he's yellow way to go we also have a yellow chip a yellow lemon banana School Bus a yellow starfish and a yellow leaf they're all yellow just like rubble way to go all right rubble while we put these in why don't you go get us your puzzle I bet it'll be yellow here's one piece and here's the other it's yellow and it has fire fox fish do you know what letter it's gonna be the letter F it makes the sound for Fox fish fire whoa that's a really cool letter rubble thank you for sharing it with us all right it's rubbles turn to pick next let's see what color we get here he goes he wants blue all right rubble which paw patrol pup do you think will be in the blue one do you know it's chase he's blue that's perfect let's see what else is in here we have blue glasses huh that's pretty cool those are really big glasses we have a blue whale a blue reindeer that's silly a blue ship a blue teddy bear and a blue backpack very cool chase go ahead and get us your puzzle pieces and we'll put all of this back inside I think the glasses were my favorite that's pretty cool all right go put the lid on here's chasers puzzle pieces what do they have on them we have an airplane an alligator and an apple do you know what letter this is let's put it together and see it's an A for a alligator that's awesome I love it thank you for sharing it with us chase we've got the letter A now it's Chase's turn to pick out a color let's see what he picks he picked brown alright chase let's see what's in here what's inside hey it's one of our surprises it's mater and he's the color brown he's also very squishy he's a Masham yeah Wally wooly is the color brown we've got a lion a cookie mmm a turkey a horse a brown squirrel a pretzel Wow that's really cool these were the two surprises that we have in there and then let's put the rest of these back in all right it looks like chase gets to pick again oh what's that chase has another puzzle for us let's look at it we have a elephant eat eagle a envelope do you know what letter that is it's the letter e you can go at or it can make the sound e so it has two sounds a elephant or e e eagle very cool chase alright now it's time to pick here we go he chose green alright let's open up the green cran and see which paw patrol pups inside its rocky green means go green what's inside green grapes oh what's this it's a green vine like a weed that you'd find outside a green frog a green Christmas tree celery yum yum that's a good vegetable and a grasshopper that's a lot of cool green things there we go put it back inside I think rocky has a puzzle piece for us let's see what he brings us Oh what are these we have balloons bumble bee and ball what letter do you think this is but ball it's the letter B for but ball Bubba B and Bubba balloons wow that's pretty cool Thank You Rocky and it looks like rocky there's only one cran left it's purple so let's go ahead and open it up hey it's Danny dog from Peppa Pig and he has a purple shirt on that's pretty cool we also have purple grapes a purple fish a butterfly mmm purple popsicle an airplane and a purple dragonfly whoa that's pretty cool I think Danny dog said he has a puzzle for us so let's see what he brings us I wonder what letter this is gonna be we have a goat a gift and a guitar which letter is this put it together and what have we got a G guca G so we have a gift goat a guitar for the letter G thank you so much Danny dog I've had so much fun with these puzzles than all of these colors but I really hope you enjoyed this fun video if you have any questions place them in the comments and be sure to subscribe for lots more toys thanks guys

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  1. Where did you get the letter puzzle? I can't find one like it anywhere. A link would be great if you have one. I found the crayons on amazon. Katie

  2. You can't beat Crayons. They have been around since ever. The difference is each generation gets better and better versions hahaha

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