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paw patrol paw Patrol Ryder needs your help there's an entire family of kittens and they're lost in the sand we need help to get them out where are the paw patrol pups if you need help digging in the sand then you need kinetic sand paw patrol pups they'll be a great help this is a really cool set and we need to build chase Marshall and rubble so that they can help us dig in the sand and find our missing cat family let's open it up and see what we've got oh do you recognize these colors what color is this it's yellow good job do you know what pup is yellow rubble we'll use the yellow sand to build rubble on the double do you know what color this is it's blue do you know what pup is the color blue it's chase we'll use the blue sand to build our chase pup and what's this last color does anybody know it's red do you know which favorite pup is red its Marshall great job we'll use the red sand to build Marshall and then we have to go find our missing cat family here's Ryder and he's here to help let's start with rubble on the double so we're gonna take our sand and we're gonna put it in here and make us ass and ruble pack it in and then who do we have its rubble on the double Wow that's so cool yellow rubble he's gonna be perfect to help us find the missing cats all right one pop down now we need to make two more go and we're gonna take some of this blue and make a chase go which of these is your favorite rubble chase or Marshall do you know all right are you ready here is chase he's on the case of the missing cats don't worry we'll find the mommy cat the daddy cat and all of the baby kittens so we have chase and rubble now we need to make a Marshall okay move the blue out of the way you remember what color Marshall is he's red that's right yeah take off the extra yeah are you ready to see Marshall tada he's all fired up he's gonna find those missing cats let's look at all three of our pups that we made this is so cool yellow blue red great job everybody and now it's time to start digging let's start over here oh you know what I think we found something right off does that look like one of our missing cats it's a puzzle piece and it's a missing cat this is daddy cat do you know what color he is he's orange now that we found daddy cat we need to find mommy and the kittens and they'll be all together in the same puzzle very cool one cat down let's see if we can find the rest let's keep digging I'm gonna look through this whole thing oh I found something else it's a puzzle piece but this is a different puzzle I wonder what it goes to let's set it over here and maybe we'll find the rest Oh more feet now we have these paw patrol fee and these paw patrol feet huh I hope we find the rest of the pups let's keep digging hey is that a face I think so look at that it's chase I bet it goes with this set but we need to find the rest of his body let's keep looking Oh more pieces I found chases body we can start putting it together like this and like that now we just need chases hat way to go everybody and you know what I think we found Marshalls body do you remember what color Marshall is red Marshall is red tada that's such a cool puzzle we've dug through half the sand but we've only found one cat we better keep looking Oh what is this is it a piece to our Marshall puzzle or a cat puzzle it looks like a kitty cat it's mommy cat do you know what color mommy cat is she's red are Edie red that's what color she is very good there's part of our puzzle now we need to find the missing kittens to finish the puzzle way to go everyone mommy and daddy cat said there are four kittens that we need to find oh I think we found them this one is the blue kitten blue2 oh it's so cute let's keep looking and see what other kittens we can find oh there's something hiding under rubble I think it's one of our missing pieces it's Marshalls face put it together just like that now we're just missing the Hat where are the rest of our kittens oh I see something is it a kitten I think it is it's the yellow kitten why e ll Oh W yellow we have a yellow and a blue kitten ah they fit together perfect I can't wait to put that puzzle together but you know what I see some ears over here it's chases hat oh we completed the chase puzzle one two three four pieces chases all put together see this you put his hat on and then his body and then its feet tada now we just need to find Marshalls hat let's keep digging what's over here oh is this Marshalls hat it sure is tada we finished both of the paw patrol puzzles whoa way to go everybody Marshall and chase but we've still got two kittens to find oh I think I found one it's purple pu r PL e this kitten is the color purple good job we need one more kitten there she is do you know what color this is this is the same color as rocky green means go this kitten is green G are e n green woohoo we did it now let's put our cat puzzle together and get our whole cat family back together first you have mommy daddy then we have baby kitten baby kitten and the last two kittens now let's see if we remember our colors green red blue yellow orange purple great job I'm so proud of you guys for learning your colors wahoo you're amazing I really enjoy showing you all of these cool toys and finding the neat surprises in the sand if you have any questions place them in the comments and be sure to subscribe for lots more toys thanks guys

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