Paul Mooney Drops TIMELESS Knowledge On Rappers & Black Hollywood In POWERFUL Throwback!

is your brother same aunt here at marvel hip-hop news you already know what to do before we get started with the video do me a favor and hit that like button I do appreciate it alright man this is a little bit of an interview with the legendary Paul Mooney this was probably about 10 to 12 years ago I like going back into crates and digging up old interviews that are relatable to today's society and doing commentary on it so I'm gonna do that right now salute to severe BAE aka more info for some of the content that I'm going to show you right now towards the back end of the video make sure you follow him this is an interview that he did with Paul Mooney probably about a decade ago as well as some other excerpts from Paul Mooney I'm gonna be cutting in and out through the videos to give my commentary and perspective on some of the things we hear not gonna hold you too much longer without further ado let's get to the content man let's go Mike is definitely the new white it is I mean we've got a white policeman at there transferring to Los Angeles for trial saying they couldn't get a fair trial racially and Oakland so black is definitely in the white well if a white man can have a fair trial we're in big trouble well the surprise it's a-you know they say that Mark Twain was the best storyteller American storyteller if that's true then Richard was dark Twain but that super genius thing is just I mean everyone that I've ever known I mean I don't do drugs I never did drugs and from Jimi Hendrix to a little white girl the Mercedes Benz girl yeah Kenneth chomp there all of them the drug thing seems to be a part of it it seems to be the yin of the yang it seems to be a price on it it seems to be some some something you you know some contract you sign with the devil all right i'ma stop to action right there real quick just to give my commentary on what we just heard first off black is the new white now this was around the time that Obama was elected president we started seeing a little bit of a shift or so we thought we seen a shift where black Americans in America were going to start beginning to see a fair shake white America were beginning to play the victim role so to speak with a thought that they were being unfairly looked at prejudiced against and almost felt like they were the minority given the fact that we had so many immigrants of them to being immigrants in this country but that was just a mask as we can see I'm not gonna say I disagree with Paul but what I'm gonna say is given the time in which he said this it really goes to show you how much they took that as a threat and what they're doing now to make sure that they make America great again that's all I'm gonna say as far as him talking about geniuses in the game and drugs I mean I think those two go hand-in-hand very interesting conversation interesting debate on whether or not it's a gift and a curse I think it is but knuckle talked too much longer let's get back to Paul Mooney and then I'll get to the commentary let's go on Marvin's last tour call it the death tour you know I was opening for him when he went out of here and he was on this drug so it was just it was while he thought midgets were chasing him I mean it's just the biggest drug is reality you could be on an acid trip you could be high off marijuana you get up on that building and jump off reality that drug is there you fall off you're gonna be dead that is the that's that's the first biggest threat the reality and life's the second one there's no escaping it even in death you don't escape you know I read the book any Christian could read that book they would slow it down they would know there's some demon wrote it I mean I mean understand that things happen in families and there's a lot of things going on in families that we don't know about you know there's a lot of family secrets which should be kept a secret and I think this movies late I don't think it's I don't think it's innovative all that stuff went on in slavery I mean you can't top slavery there's no topping an asylum look at it you got me watch gone with the wind I mean precious doesn't top Gone with the Wind Scarlett was the biggest hope that you know I mean she was sleeping with everybody she screwed everybody but mammy and she might have done that I've gone with the wind' mix our precious looked like a Disney film you know I want some positive stuff you know as a black male and America we're not actors and actresses or a black woman when we play a role people think that they're that this is a reality show when super fly without they thought every black man was a pimp when they go see these films with black people maybe need what they see you know a white actor they're acting you know you don't think they're a white man's Jason or every white man psycho in that movie that's an act alright mr. moody says I'm real interesting in that excerpt right there no oh God and I just left a BTU wars in Los Angeles 2019 it was real dope seeing Tyler Perry he received an award I'm a Lifetime Achievement Award is something like that from taraji P Henson well-deserved he gave it an exceptional speech that oh god and I are going to talk about one today's podcast episode 183 for those of you who are listening who will be listening in the futures episode 183 go to iTunes Spotify google play you could check out this conversation in its entirety but he was talking about his sacrifices and one thing he said is him putting on a dress got him to where he was today now if you don't know the brothers doing major things he has a damn fucking whole compound out in Atlanta where he has a movie studio it's his movie studio owned by him former Confederate land now owned by him one black man very powerful and the speech it really made all God and I just have a conversation as to yes Tyler Perry is doing some great things but at what cost was it at the cost of the black male image by putting on that dress mr. Mooney brought up a lot of things that kind of go hand in hand with our conversation piece that we're gonna have later on is though or basically putting to the point where any time they see a black male or woman on camera anytime there's a black image that is now perceived as reality when you look at a white person put on a mask it's not Jason or Michael Myers but when a black man puts on a dress it's acceptable we got to make sure that we draw a fine line but that conversations gonna be great like I said episode 182 you gonna check out on the Hofstra spotify google play let's get back to Paul Mooney let's go spent everyone's looking for someone to approve someone's improve of them someone to like them everyone wants to be loved it's it's a petting Club you know I mean it's like no a human being is a very complicated creature they can go to sleep happy and wake up unhappy or vice versa they go to sleep unhappy and wake up happy they're they're unpredictable not all that glitters is gold I mean you know wouldn't you think if a person had super fame super money that they will be okay if we all believe that you know that's what it takes I could just pay my house note if I just paid the mortgage if I could just pay the car note if I could just take care of my family affect it you know all these wishes all these things that we want why do you think these people that you know that a famous that have lots of money I mean lots of money be in a group want to be a Scientologist so want to be in some other group they something's wrong somewhere why would you need that so people hide their feelings I think that people have trouble breathing I think that people think they're gonna be found out but maybe they're not talented you think that they are but they don't think they are it's your self esteem is who you think you are just cutting the drum in about the word nigga oh did I say well n-word why didn't I'll say it anymore everyone asked me that I don't say anymore cuz I I just gave it up I gave it up a limp how about that Annette yeah that's what I gave me but I just I don't I don't deal with the name or I don't say it I I've said it for a long time Richard Pryor myself and we had fun with it and so it was the deep desensitize it it was – it was a different world than we live in a different world and it's funny because when I was the ambassador for the word and while I was saying it no one came to my defense nobody talked about the word no one spoke up if you remember let's go back there you know you didn't hear anybody speak no interest that really dealt with the n-word was Dick Gregory because he had a book he put out entitled n-word well Richard was the only stand up to say not to say it Dick Gregory says he'll say it till he goes to his grave because I do show us what counts us with him I did a sold-out show at the Lincoln Theater in Washington DC with Dick Gregory and he said he said because when him wanna Luther King were demonstrating the sheriff told him if you ins come over this line I don't care what that in love and president says I'm gonna kill you he said he told the people told him they're gonna murder him so he gonna go to his grave saying you know I just had to I always go genius yes he is you know he's like I couldn't call him yeah I'd say mr. ding said I've made it even funnier can easily and mr. dick well that's funny we talked yesterday I was talking only because about the word so would you stop saying cuz it with the Africa it wasn't in the African language and he didn't hear the word while I was there and he said he wasn't gonna say the word anymore and I was an ambassador for the world I had a love affair with the word and I was very dedicated to my lover and I stuck with the word and I said that whenever yeah the word I was in love with the word so you very assertive very very lost your love ourselves I was I was very much into the word and after Michael Richards incidentally and then put it on the table it put the word on the table and every it was on every news channel white black green yellow agent it was all over the world and they gave us a chance to deal with it and then it brought out with the rappers in there call those rappers are caught up into anything that society says no to they say yes to no matter what the derivative is the derivative is of the kids wearing their pants low it comes from being incarcerated and they took the belts from them to keep them from hanging themselves because it was a sign of ownership where the older men that were older and stronger were screwing them and they belong to them it was a sign of ownership this what it is that's what that is you hear it and that's where that that's where that comes from and it's the same thing with cornrows it started in prison because they would do each other's hair they're bored stiffs there and at first that was a very negative thing and and then it and build traits into our society because prison whatever is in prison is real see in prison and people have to be real with their attitudes but on the outside they can hide their situations how they feel but in there they have to be realistic about it you know our society is prison willing that we don't get the people from prison to put on our society we get the people from our society to in the prison so the prison is a reflection of what our society is that's what that's what you see that's that's while it's so wild you know and they sensationalized everything I mean today was all over the news a woman was on the toilet I must stop it right there and just throw the rest of my commentary on the back end of this video I shut it down appreciate each and every one of y'all who stuck around for the end of this video to hear what I have to say man Paul Mooney is a genius now this happened in about I think 2008 to 11 years ago now such a long time ago now now we see what's happened within these last 11 years so much has happened so much time has passed so much has changed and his words are still so timeless and when he talked about just you gotta pay attention to what Paul Mooney says because he was talking about just the love affair that was his lover and you you heard betta say lover like as opposed to talking about it in a sexual turn but he wasn't he was just talking about what his subconscious was in love with his subconscious was in love just the word nigger so he just kept saying it's only here here and all of our subconscious –is are in love with something whether we believe it know it identify acknowledge or not we do things on a daily basis that we have no control over because our subconscious because our habits just lean enough toward the direction you make get up and take a shit piss do this do that and may not even realize you do it it's just customary to your routine that's your love affair he had a love affair with the word nigga so anything that he did he throw it in the salad you throw it in the soup II thought hey throw it there and eventually once that love affair passed once that habit was gone he moved on to something else that a hundred percent understand what he's saying but you got to take it and listen to how he he throws it in wordplay he's very interesting and very dynamic in how he speaks another thing very interesting is he talked about rappers and how they kind of they they go to war fads but they go toward anti-fans and we see that now it's a day Society obviously with the quote-unquote cloud chasing motherfuckers just looking for attention as with that all that is and we see the demand and the thirst and lust for it in 2019 and we just talked about how he was talking about or I could to see where but we talk about it in conversation on the podcast a lot where people just automatically jump to the phone and run to the phone as opposed to checking somebody how we used to because it's the popular thing to do they're gonna and they'll show their Jews because it's the popular thing to do or it's just man it now as far as when he talked about jail traditions and and pants saggin and with that men as far as ownership and braids I mean he's kicking some real knowledge now as far as the Bray's are concerned I know a lot of people in a comment section right now I'm gonna automatically go to praise originated in ancient Africa and this was a tradition that we long had as far as blacks are concerned a tradition that we've done with our hair but you gotta pay attention like I said so Paul Mooney he wasn't talking about braids or locks in particular he said corn rolls was very different my son where his braids he rocks corn rolls and when I find an out by motherfuckers trying to do his hair ladies trying to do his hair if some can do braids and some can do cornrows and that shit is very different and takes a very different style of person so I'm just I'm assuming y'all can correct me if I'm wrong I'm thinking he's talking about corn rolls in particular not sorted your traditional braids or lock that's just my opinion I know a lot of people right now in the comment section I'm gonna go in on what they heard about the braids and cornrows in particular I already know my people have are a pop news I know what's coming that's just me kind of giving perspective of what I think he meant by it but y'all take it what you will and leave that calm in the comments such a right you can really just see how Paul Mooney has a firm grasp on reality a firm grasp on society no matter what you think of him and not he's very very deep very deep thinker in his knowledge is timeless and you can see it even in some of these older videos whether they be a decade old allure day old they still have relevance in whatever society you may live in whether it be today tomorrow next ten years or twenty years ago his words speak volumes because they're very real and very poignant that's just my want to y'all leave a comment comment section let me know what you think of this video and Paul Mooney speaking on a number of different topics I appreciate each and every one of the artists in viola Cobb news subscribe to the hip-hop to podcast underneath in the description box right now also the link to the full interview with severe Bay in Paul Mooney is in the description box as well so little more info about hip-hop news Sam and the building and I'm out of him a piece

32 thoughts on “Paul Mooney Drops TIMELESS Knowledge On Rappers & Black Hollywood In POWERFUL Throwback!”

  1. Paul Mooney is correct bout prison and saggin, yet sagging goes back to slavery, after a male slave was buck broken in , saggin was a sign to other slave owners/overseers that the buck was docile,broken in ,and available.

  2. Tylor not giving no black producer's or directors no movie deals or even renting it out to us white jews dose it every day india Asian dose it even fucking africans doing it so Why the fuck he not doing it ophra not doing it Jay Z trying to do it and we not helping him noone say tidal ever no radio all itunes or spotfi Jay Z put Money and Volince on and they stupid fuckin ass went over to the Whitte liongate where are they now fucked up we need us

  3. So, every white guy is not Jason or Psycho? Huh….learn something new every day. The Olmec heads had cornrows, so they didn't come from prison.

  4. Black is the new white was only a phenomena that eventually faded away. No re-address to Dred Scott & Racial Identity Act(s) then it will never change the ultimate reality.

  5. Yup and richard pryor already told us paul sucked white hollywood producers dick allegedly….he really needs to shut his gay azz up

  6. I love ❤️ 💕 💗 Paul Mooney For not only speaking the truth about our people and the politics that involve us but speaking that truth to anyone who may disagree.

  7. That part about believing we all are what is seen on screen comes from a thought process of not knowing someone ..haven't tried to know but try and relate & or pass judgement without knowing much anything of topic ..Thats Like Telling Someone What Something Taste Like But Have Never Tried It Yourself… With No Way Around Saying …#CommonSenseLaw101..You can't get sense out from something that doesn't make!!😌😉

  8. Paul Mooney is the biggest pan sexual in Hollyweird. Him and Richard Pryor use to fuck and suck all the major directors and producers back in the 70s and 80s. So Paul is full of shitt..

  9. Wait a minute. Hold on is Paul Mooney dead can somebody update new because I haven't seen anything on that

  10. Most black entertainers are still slaves but they are slaves with money. Money doesn't buy respect it only let them (white people) disrespect black people more .any1 can give a powerful speech but is what we do with the speech. I work a 9-5 not making much but I give God all the praise n glory. Being rich doesn't signify black people reach. it only give rich black people speeches. Marcus Garvey Martin Luther King jr. Rosa Park does are stands on what they want for black people. Like Malcolm X said you can see many businesses of other races in a black community but you will not see too many owned black businesses in the white community n that speech was years ago n you look around today it's still the same ( not try to get a 👏 for this statement jus becuz I mention Nipsey Hussle and Rick Ross but they both opening so many businesses n hired many black people so until we as a ppl start providing more actions. I started a Foundation called positive movement we have a GoFundMe account if you would like to help please visit GoFundMe. Thank you

  11. The bad made to look good. The good made to look bad. Someone have to be good guy and some have to be bad guy. They destroy blacks by imagine. Seeing is believing verse the truth…actually talking to a person.

  12. I completely agree to what Paul Mooney asain except for the statuses those are completely incorrect and this is my portion of understanding

  13. Gday luv
    He's absolutely right growing up in the suburbs all thought
    I lived in projects
    The feminization of Black men since Flip
    Dave Chapelle
    The image of really starlets loud cussing fighting clown hair breasts out sleeping around sadly reflects us as
    Women of color
    Paul pure genius
    Reds Foxx
    Richard Pryor
    Paul Mooney
    Dave Chapelle
    Lost all respect for Will Smith his first movie gay pornish
    His cheese been slide on the cracker

  14. I met him years ago in a public place. He was nice, friendly, and funny as hell in real life. I will always remember that experience. He is the real thing.

  15. There are no black americans. There are stupid black masochists that live in america, with their owners.
    Who hate their ancestors, their ancestors home and gods.


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