Paul Lilly – FINALIST – 2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education–Extracurricular Leadership

I wrote this letter in support for Mr. Lilly because I really think that he spends so much time dedicated to us
students. He really seems to just radiate energy walking in the hallways. He loves kids, he loves his job, he’ll do, like, anything for them. And you can’t help but
feel energized and excited and passionate when you’re with him. He has seemingly endless energy for creating experiences outside of the typical
school classroom. Such an honour to be able to be chosen and to highlight some of the things we do here at Chief Dan. One is the leadership, fundraising for
the leadership kids. We have the Dragster Program here that’s unique in
Canada. The last one is the play, we do a big production every two years. How much it means to them to grow personally when they’re working on the play, and the
finished product is magic. The kids just fill me with energy, a positive energy,
and I just love being around them.

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