Patrick Moxey – Building A Business In Music, Learning From Lyor Cohen & Tom Silverman (247HH EXCL)

building a business and music you have to be so determined you know you have to be willing to walk through the Gobi Desert you know you have to be you want to start it ultra you know at that time record promotion was handing the white label to the DJ and I would wait there at the side of the booth until 2:00 3:00 in the morning to hand a 12-inch to Tony Humphries or climbed the wall of the booth to hand the final over the booth wall so you know you need that kind of determination that you know I'm not gonna heat I'm not gonna sleep I'm gonna just tunnel vision to get it done so I think that's a big part of it you know you've got to be thinking about the higher goal even while you're going through whatever you're going through at that time relationships are everything and I'm I'm always the most comfortable when I'm talking to someone who I know for 20 plus years because I know who they are they know who I am I can count on them they can count on me a great thing to do with business do business a hundred times with the same person that is good business because although you don't you're not watching your back you know where the you know where the cards are gonna fall you you know everything about the situation you're secure on many parts of the situation so it leaves you to be much more creative because you have an understanding so that's very very important the relationship the relationships you have and that they're really deep trust relationships I've had some incredible mentors in the music business really really blessed you know for me absolute person I looked up to was the guy who gave me my first chance in the business Lyor Cohen I worked as his assistant he's now running YouTube music absolutely he was so on the outside of the business we were managing with Russell Run DMC Houdini The Beastie Boys EP MD stats of Sonic and just watching Leora's determination to break into the business to break hip hop into the business to break hip-hop culture into the business you know full of admiration for that and for Lee or so he was definitely a mentor another mentor for me in the business was Tom Silverman I love what he did with Tommy Boy Records I bought every 12-inch coming out on Tommy Boy all the work he did with Arthur Baker soul sonic force the Johnson crew those were incredible records to me working with him and his team and Monica Lynch for the first delassalle show when they came out at my club and started throwing flowers at the audience we were wondering if they were gonna get shot but everyone loved it so you know so all of those those were great moments for me around Tommy Tom Silverman and Tommy Boy yeah a great lyric Owen moment for me was like Patrick I need you on yeah I need you to make this a video happen with Eric B and wreck him and I need you on the Brooklyn Bridge get out there at five in the morning make sure everything is running smoothly so here I was you know 22 years old on the Brooklyn Bridge it's 5:00 in the morning I'm the only one there Eric being rick yemm aren't there they don't show up until 11 o'clock the production company's not there they don't show up until like 7:30 so I'm there Leora told me to be there I'm there where I'm on the Brooklyn Bridge there's no one else around and it was a great lesson like in how you know you got to have that perseverance and you know just ability to just make happen you know and pay your dues and that's what I was doing but I was kind of get a kick out of that story because I was naive enough to be the first one there but it's yeah I learned a lot by being there

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