39 thoughts on “Path of Knowledge & Wisdom Bring Abundance and Peace”

  1. Love your videos !!!❤️I know this off topic but what do you think about “ karmic energy “ and the belief that the energy from the meat you’re eating transfers to you . Do you follow a plant based diet to keep your vibration high ?

  2. Heyy my sister God bless you and all you do Im praying for you..thanx so much for your love and guidance..🙏👼🙏💣💣💣

  3. The blessing is in the lesson. Religion is simply ones beliefs carried out into “practice”.
    In my opinion, There’s no such thing as “evil”. There’s balance and imbalance/unbalanced.
    The extent of your imbalance or unbalanced behavior/ actions directly affect or, causes your “misfortune/mistakes” aka HELL.
    And yes, misinformation is largely the basis of misfortune and imbalance.
    Also, Self discipline and knowing what you want is important. Do Not take things for granted.

  4. I was listening to sheraven7 this morning and thought, I’ve never experienced her show stopping for a commercial. Now, listening to Ashera, there Was a commercial. Maybe this is a paid station.

  5. Indeed my Queen.. the foundation to this life & beyond is Supreme Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding!.. Proverbs holds powerful keys!.. no doubt Queen.. you dropping excellent Wisdom & insight in this, as always!.. lol. . .

    Wisdom also means to have a "wise-dome".. a dome or head full of free & independent thinking & seeing reality for exactly what it is & not what it appears to be or is presented to be (Understanding).. no question Queen.. powerful jewels..

  6. Yup. The definition of insanity is to repeat the same folly over and over and over and expecting a different result. To grow and change we must honestly look into our own defilements and like an investigator to put ourselves and lives under the microscope. Many religions hide under the cloak of God saying they are saved but continue to fall into blunders over and over because of failure to look at self. Thank You Ashera for your wisdom🌹

  7. So the black sheep of the family is the sacrifice that the family needs in order to reconnect with the connection that they lost… Satanism at its finest.

  8. I always wonder whats controlling your eyeballs in the beginning of 90% of your videos. lol 🙄

  9. Because of this woman right here, I was able to walk away from a mentally unstable dusty! Thank you!

  10. You are a great teacher Goddess 👑 you have helped me & so many women raise their vibration! I received my gold elixir Ashera ✨& in few days I had everything come to clarity where I’ve been in my own way & ready to take action now!! I’m grateful.
    Can you please make a video on the significance of the womb in spirituality & clearing energies in the womb to manifest through it! Thank you 🙏🌺

  11. Thanks to the knowledge you have given me, I replaced casting spells on men with feminine, designer clothes. I have full control over men now using my femininity as opposed to casting spells on men that didn't work fully because of the 50/50 girl I used to be. I'm too abundant to work now. Thanks Goddess!

  12. I know this is off subject….. I just noticed you have DIMPLES !!! ———> I HAVE BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT DIMPLES ALSO.. only 20% of the population owns dimples.

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