Past, Present and Future of AI / Machine Learning (Google I/O '17)

23 thoughts on “Past, Present and Future of AI / Machine Learning (Google I/O '17)”

  1. Listening to these ladies felt like drinking water from a fire hose. Their knowledge inspired me to work even harder.

  2. I really didn't think it possible, a forty-four minute "lecture" with a content so vacuous, so utterly devoid of useful details. It seems the content is geared towards a pre-teenage audience, a primer if you will, AI 101.
    It is astounding how this group can speak for so long & say so little!

  3. The moderator is in way over her head, isn't she? She seems really nervious and as tho she just bearly understands the language the pannelists are speaking.

  4. I love how a lot of sexist men are off-putted and somehow wants to undermine this video. Feeling emasculated?

  5. At 15:38-40 the subtitles read: "So visualization is one way that you can sort of peak and try to understand what's happening in these systems". The word should be "peek". The speaker actually reinforces what she says by her body language (her hands and arms looking over the edge of something). "peak" makes no sense in the context and you may be able to guess what she means simply by listening to the audio, maybe in combination with her body language, and by ignoring the incorrect subtitles.

    Is an AI system doing the subtitles?

    Yeah, humans too can produce utter garbage in creating subtitles (we could open a channel for some real doozies!) but at least any reasonably educated person can pick up the mistake and make them read sensibly. Does it matter? Yes, it does to people who are deaf and to people who do not know the language being subtitled. English has a lot of homonyms and their misuse gives rise to jokes, and you can still enjoy the opera/film in another language even if mistakes are made, but correct "translation" is incredibly important in international councils like the UN.

    "That is why it was called Babel—because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth."

    AI has a long, long way to go to making a "good hash" of speech recognition. What a lot of levels of meaning and punning can be made out of those two little words 🙂

  6. These are excellent AI researchers. But Google's Deepmind leaders are at a higher level than anybody in the field of AI, IMHO.

  7. Yes I love this! Power to the women! This is what little girls need to look up to not Kim Kardashian and Barbie dolls! Do something meaniful in your life and stop looking in the mirrior every 5 minutes! This is what women should look like cause we are human beings not objects for men to play with! So use your brain girls and have some self respect! Listen to these women they are where we need to be.

  8. DATA is already in sequence we need a purpose to pick up right data at right time. The purpose is to make human life better, faster and comfortable.

  9. 25:55 It's so mind blowing to me how much of research is motivated by nature. It seems really obvious, but it's not like I look at my phone throughout the day and think "gee, I'm able to unlock my phone with my face because of insights scientists gleaned from nature"

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  11. where are the white males? Driven from google by the diversity initiative? or down in the engine rooms of google writing the actual code?

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