Pasco County School Board Meeting 9-10-19

please turn your cellphone’s off thank
you very much our vision statement for our Pasco County school board meeting
Tuesday September 10th is and always is that all of our students achieve success
in college career and life our thought for the evening will be presented by
board member Megan Harding I saw this the other day and it reminded me of our
amazing Pasco teachers and staff so it says when I’m feeling the stress of
daily life I need to remember that each day I get more hugs than the average
therapists turn more frowns into smiles than the average dentist watch more
brains process information than the average neurologist and give more out of
girls not boys than the average coach in a year and then we do this everyday
because we were born to be teachers we stand for the pledge as for roll call please make note that
all board members are present I would like to ask for a moment of silence and
perhaps you would like to reflect upon the victims of the recent hurricane
Dorian in the Bahamas and elsewhere all right thank you approval of minutes
from the regular meeting of August 20th 2019 I’m assuming everyone read the
minutes I need a motion to approve so moved second all in favor aye aye motion
made by board member Armstrong and seconded by board member Beaudoin motion
approved there are no public hearings this evening and no press special
presentations this evening so we’re going to move straight into public
comment on agenda items and I have one green card and tonight we have Paul
Meeker as our attorney and he’s going to open that up for us thank you
thank you so at this time we’ll have a public comment for those members that
items on the agenda when you when your name is called come up to the podium if
you would give us your name and address you’ll have three minutes to speak at
the end of that three minutes I’ll probably give you about a 10 second
warning to let you know that the that your time will be up thank you we have
the timer now I know thank you mr. Pinker okay our speaker on the agenda we
have one it’s Terry kimple my name is Terry kimple I live at 23 12
cherry Ridge Lane Brandon Florida and I’m just want to speak with you just
briefly about the gates grant that you all are considering we went through a
gate grant in Hillsborough County it cost the district over a hundred million
dollars we had to build an infrastructure to support a grant that
the gates said they were going to support with ten million dollars a year
for ten years and we had to put up ten million dollars a year for ten years as
well so we built the infrastructure and after about seven years maybe it was
eight years the gates decided that they wanted to pull out so we had to support
both sides of the infrastructure while the grant was wound down so the reason
I’m up here is just that you all obviously some of you are nodding your
head so you’re familiar with that I would encourage you to be very careful
in any kind of exit clauses that you have in there so if you’re building any
infrastructure for that grant based on the anticipation that the gates are
going to be participating for some particular limb a period of time make
sure that there’s an out clause that if they get out early they still have to
pay the money Hillsborough County is still trying to recover from the damage
that was done thank you united school employees of Pasco mr. GaN peace superintendent browning attorney Meeker
chair Crumley honorable school board members and district staff after much
thought and several formal and informal conversations with both senior district
staff and employees it has been determined that this president and this
organization cannot and will not support the concept of rewarding all employees
by negatively impacting the time and workload of a signal significant portion
of the bargaining unit our board and staff is standing behind me in support
of this decision this organization as the bargaining agent for all employees
of this district represents every employee and must consider the pros and
cons of each when deciding on working conditions and salary adjustments this
president stated emphatically that no consideration would be given to any plan
that eliminates teachers planning time it has never been advocated by this
organization to selectively divide the workforce into segments and populations
which advancing either of the alternative schedules would effectively
do it is not our desire to pick classroom versus non classroom teachers
secondary against elementary teachers or teachers against SRP union by its very
definition is it coming together not at tearing apart we are collectively
standing with those who would bear the brunt of the burden which would be
shared by all as an organization that looks out for employees we will stand
with their decision to not support making this proposed change just as we
would stand by the elementary teachers or SRP if the situation were reversed
it is and has been our goal to bring about a response that is fair and
equitable to every employee when bargaining salary and workload u.s. CP
and this president has taken a lot of grief for not coming out against all
these plans initially but as the bargaining agent take very seriously the
potential availability of some 15 million dollars to put towards employee
salaries however the only way this funding becomes available is through the
diminishment of 250 teachers 250 bargaining unit members your employees
no matter how you explain it this will result in a major increase of time and
work for others we’ve had numerous conversations and meeting with with
employees across the spectrum to see if any scheduled addition would be feasible
we’ve explored every option discussed and had conversations and emails with
senior district staff to see if preliminary concerns could and would be
addressed should some of some sort of agreement be reached one of the major
concerns shared with us is the creep that is already settling into school
schedules district staff was unwilling to commit to the elimination of all
skinny homeroom recovery for remediation periods when asked by us CP and many or
most of our secondary schools these periods have been added to the student
contact time and add to the length of the student day many schools are adding
extra duties to what the teachers being asked to do during these periods in most
high schools and many of the middle schools class rosters are now pushing up
towards 160 to 175 students well above what the law intended has best practices
in those classrooms many teachers commented on the
impossible task it would be to add 30 to 35 more students to the load they
already have this also would lend to teachers adding more outside the
contract time to their day to complete tasks such as testing grading and
planning for instruction an overwhelming majority of individuals surveyed by
Youssef elected to keep working conditions status quo while
understanding that by doing so would render salary adjustments of 8 to 12
percent unavailable an equally resounding number of voiced opposition
over either of the two proposed alternative plans as discussed it is for
these reasons as well as several additional concerns that Youssef as the
bargaining agent for all employees of this district will not support the
superintendent’s original proposal of 6 of 6 nor will we support either of the
alternative schedules as proposed there may be a plan that we have not yet
discovered that would be fair and equitable to all employees and we would
certainly be willing to discuss those ideas however the existing plans are
divisive it is bad enough that our legislators have devised bonus schemes
that have caused a vision amongst our teachers our own superintendent spoke
out against those plans so it is somewhat confusing to talk now would be
of anything similar the vision causes undue stress and distrust this district
and this board should want no part of any divisive plan to do the same let me
clarify a misstatement from a recent newspaper article Youssef is not
refusing to come to the table we are not the ones promoting this schedule change
and the district negotiating team has not brought forth any sort of proposal
to even have a discussion on we definitely are not standing in the
way what we have done is our due diligence we’ve looked at all the
options spoken to numerous employees at numerous work sites and are ready to
make this decision our governor has gone on record as saying he wants to do more
for teachers so why don’t we initiate hard conversations starting with our own
local legislators to get the categorical strings removed from the best and
brightest bonus plan and utilize the 7 to 9 million dollars this would make
available for improving all employees salaries here in Pasco also I have
advocated for over a year for a ballot initiative a referendum we are at a time
and place where we need to think seriously about doing something that
positively impacts our employees adding the funding from such a project would
complement the monies from the FE FP which the governor says he is looking to
improve communities all over this state both red and blue have voted to stand in
support of public education and local public schools to keep highly qualified
employees dealing with students I think it’s time we do the same instead of
running down a segment of our employees with additional time and workload
expectations to seek savings to pass on to all shouldn’t we be touting that
Pasco County was able to find creative ways to positively impact salaries for
all employees while remaining one of the few counties still teaching only 5
periods a day that sounds like a plus to me and by the way we do have letters
from members that we’re going to share with the board so that you can take a
look at those at your convenience Thank You board member committee reports
we’ll start with committees there if that’s okay yeah I have another of
assignments on no committee report I did I had the district vision and success
plan meeting and each pillar owner reviewed any changes they made to the
metrics that they’re gonna measure this year and I’m gonna share these documents
but there’s some so that is that but something else came up during that
because I happen to be at a table with administrators and I wanted to share I
did some followup with mr. Burch and mr. Shipley so I wanted to share something
that I learned you may already know but some administrators had some concerns
about it that teachers can take leave of absence and work at charter schools and
that is legislative so that’s a problem because we’re holding that position and
we can’t advertise that position so it’s hard to attract teachers qualified
people to take that position so our students suffer I don’t understand that
I mean I do understand the need that teachers you know they take medical
leave we have personal leave and all that as a teacher I did those things too
but I don’t understand why we’re allowing leaves for people to leave and
go to work at charter schools and we have to hold that position I just I
don’t think it’s fair for our students because we can only get professional
guest teachers and people with one-year contracts rather than advertising for
full-time positions so I did talk to mr. Burch and
mr. Shipley and there they gave me the the language from both from the
legislative and the bargaining which of course that goes in line with the
legislative but is I just wanted to know if we should consider look you know
adding that to our legislative agenda or can we consider allowing them to keep a
position in the district but not necessarily hold that position at the
school I don’t know mr. Sibley or mr. Burch has anything to add I don’t know
me I don’t know I have the statue I don’t know are those indefinite leaves
well and what what I will tell you is the language and the collective
bargaining agreement came after the statute right that’s what I was saying
I’m sure it was in line it was in response to the statute the problematic
component of the statute for us is and I think I highlighted in what I sent back
is that shall not require resignations of teachers desiring to teach in correct
so we can’t we cannot compel them to resign if they choose to go work for a
charter school so I would be happy to work with mr. Burch on some potential
legislative fixes to your point that potentially authorize us to hold a
position but maybe not necessarily right like I’m holding for them but not
necessarily tied up cut but it does anybody else not surely concerned yeah
I’m sorry I might have missed that I think you asked this mr. Crumley is it
indefinite when I mean I had I personally had taken a charter leave so
I don’t think it was indefinitely there is no time bind to it the set the
statute says I mean basically just the statement is that the district school
board cannot require a resignation from a teacher who desires to work at a
charter school so they are basically on charter school even definitely okay so
that leaves that position open tie tonight up because we can only hire like
professional yes teachers we can’t and hi only we only
hold the position at the school for the first one two or three yes I think it’s
the first two years of the leave and then after that they are moved that’s
still two years principal higher so that just seems like we can
only hire like a temporary contract is that what that is
is that what that means yeah I will be I guess I should have said this maybe in
the committee report but it’s future I will be going Thursday to FSB a over to
Orlando to do our final platform I’ll be happy to kind of mention that
but I have a feeling that this is really would be something better that we work
with mr. Burch to try to put it into another bill or you know I don’t as
opposed to putting it on a platform item and some of it may be an item that we
can work with USC P to address locally we have some standard provisions that
require us to hold positions at schools for certain duration amounts we may be
able to work with them to carve out an exception for charter school leave to
say that teachers only from charter schools don’t have positions held at
their individual schools for as long as other types of leave so that’s certainly
a possibility but one that we would have to work through at the bargain we want
them to come back to us so like maybe they can still well that’s I’m saying I
was recommending like we’d still have a position in the district correct just
yeah tie up a spot at this I and that’s what happens with most other types of
leave is once you pass a certain point yeah because I transferred to Human
Resources and once they returned from that leave whether it’s military or
extended health or whatever the purpose is we then look to see where we have
vacancies and those teachers are offered those positions at that point so there
are some local things that we can try and do to accelerate the timeline of how
long the position of the specific school is held but I don’t think puts our
leaders and in a tough spot but they have a hard time I just happen to come
up one day I have this and I was at a table and somebody said and I think no
that can’t be in the legislature do we have any idea how many do this mister
GAD actually just asked me that I can get you a read I would say it’s not more
than a handful or a couple handful I think it’s yeah I got the address in
certain schools or impact more than others especially when a new
charter school opens and especially when a new charter school opens with
leadership from someone who used to be a former employee of ours you will see you
know particular schools impacted more than others with several teachers from
local schools choosing to go work for that charter school I think we saw that
with learning lodge in particular we saw a high number of teachers leave with
that principle and that and they took charter school leave instead of
resigning even though nine times out of ten I
think our experience has been that those teachers don’t ever return to us as
teachers they they don’t but I like city and why they do that I mean I would do
that right I could take believe I would do it my concern is for example last
year when we had two teacher shortages last year this is a problem well it’s in
our high schools particularly well we can’t have find enough algebra teachers
and if they’re taking off and taking me and we can’t hire off for somebody a
position oh he’s gonna take that permanent position and that’s not fair
to our students I don’t know really our students pay the price of that our
students will pay the price of that I into ninety two five glad you brought
that up nothing out for sharing oh okay me sorry
so committee next committee reports I had no committees to me sorry mr.
browning superintendent I think I need to remind the board of his is that we’ve
confirmed with FSB a November 1st so November 1st will be the date of our
last master board training session to be scheduled from 8:00 in the morning till
12:00 noon and we’ll be sending an email out to all the board members as we get
closer but we’ll send an email out now and confirm that with you seeing it on
your counter and then we’ll keep us in to remind around what that that has been
confirmed what was that other date that we had on there I want to delete it yeah
leave the 15th we’re all for the Hirst that’s all I am Thank You mr. GAD deputy
superintendent I have nothing tonight thank you okay mr. Sibley there is an
addendum to item 10.1 that has been uploaded into the board packet I’m also
going to let the board know that within the next week or two you will be
receiving the drafts for the 19.2 Neola update and we will are currently
planning on having a workshop for that at the beginning of October so be on the
lookout for that as well thank you good evening
I’m excited this evening to ask Mary gray our director of after-school
enrichment programs to come to the podium excited to share with you some
information about our summer camps that we had this past summer that all of you
were so supportive of and to highlight that for you so I’d like to ask Mary
Gray to come up and tell you a little bit more about our summer programs all
right thank you welcome Mary I’m excited to hear this I’m excited to have the
opportunity to share with you all about what we did is we know that this past
year we started out the year conducting a thought exchange and that thought
exchange was asking families and students what kinds of things would they
be interested in learning about during the summer that would cause them to come
to a summer camp and our goal was try to provide something for middle and high
school students we had a wonderful response to that the overall theme was
career information how to teach kids or have kids participate in things that
would help guide some career decisions for them as they got older as well as
self independence kinds of things you know budgeting and that kind of stuff so
working with our Career and Technical Education Department to identify some
current programs that are happening in the district and how we could best make
use of our teachers in those areas and the locations we came up with four
different topics that we offer to the students during the summer one we called
early educators and that was really giving an introduction to students to
act learn everything there is whether they
want to be a babysitter if their young – maybe a preschool teacher as they get a
little older maybe eventually you know become a schoolteacher and and learn
about all the world of kids we also had culinary camps and that we offer it to
kindergarten through fifth grade in one camp and we called them the culinary
cadets and then the second camp was called chop it like it’s hot and that
was for our six through twelfth graders our third camp was aerospace where kids
could learn everything there is to learn about aerospace anything aeronautical
eish doing drones and things like that and we also offer two camps one for
kindergarten through fifth grade and a second one for six through twelve our
fourth camp was called amp it up aspiring medical professionals and that
was solely for sixth through twelfth grade during the summer we served 108
kids in our four camps and we limited each camp to only twenty students we
wanted them to have a real good immersion experience so what I’d like to
do is introduce you to Carlotta Mathis Carlotta is our enrichment specialist
and her whole goal this summer was to work with the teachers work with Mike
mature Ola over in CTE and to really figure out how we can get this program
together Carlotta got herself trained in first aid CPR and
AED as a trainer and actually provided training with certificates through Red
Cross for all of our students that participated in the early educator
program and in the amp it up program so I’d like to just introduce you to
Carlotta down Carlotta
she has done an amazing job it was fabulous and when she’s through we’d
like to just show you a quick little snippet video that our technology folks
put together for us so you could kind of see just a little bit of the kids in
action so the kids enjoyed their culinary experience they learned to make
homemade pasta different types of homemade pizza and our early educators
we had the little Gators come from the lakes high school and they got hands-on
experience but the preschoolers and in the aerospace camp they got to
fly simulators I got to fly drones they all took away something from their camp
for instance the amping up camp they took away stethoscopes they took away
blood pressure cuffs they got certified in CPR first aid our culinary and cadets
they took away spatulas and hats and aprons so and they made their own
cookbook so all the kids had a great time in the camp and like she said we
served over 108 kids in our camp for this great job all of our camps were
taught by certified teachers here in the district which was really great they
were specialized in their in their areas during the school year so some of our
older students may have gotten to know them but I know we got a lot of response
our lowest attending camp was our early educators that was the first one out the
door but by the end of the camp the kids were saying are you gonna do this again
next year we want to do it and with the culinary camp we have parents asking if
we were going to do something for adults next year because they wanted to learn
how to do the healthy cooking so it was really exciting for the first year for
it to be received as well as it did and we had a waiting list to some of our
camps so we’ll see what we do next year but thank you for supporting it and for
allowing this to go on this year we’re very proud of what we did and I’m very
proud of Carlotta and the work that she did this summer to get it all going for
us so here’s the little show thank you well done impressive I just have to say I’ve heard
so many positive things about that because I know so many people in this
land olakes Lutz Wesley Chapel area all really great things the parents were
saying so I’m so grateful that you did it thank you and of course my son got to
attend to so I was really happy about that but no it was it was great at all
all the feedback every single parent they were raving about it they were
talking about it to other parents it was great thank you thank you for
your work on that well done it expanded exactly oh they’re already working on
that and yeah I’m sure you don’t have to ask them to do that that’s for sure
very well done thank you yes so I’m also excited tonight to share with you a
little bit more about crisis go and so I’d like to ask Christo our director of
safety and security to come the podium and to do a brief overview of crisis go
to we’re getting ready to launch and our secondary schools and our high schools
right now it will then be going to to our middle schools and then to our
elementary schools split into two groups and we’ve been working closely with the
Sheriff’s Office on this and and also met with our two municipal police chiefs
to discuss it as well so it’s been very well received by our municipalities and
we’re looking forward to sharing with you tonight
welcome mr. stone crisis communications are fire
emergencies that be evacuations and there we sub sub components to that that
safety teams could then administer themselves inside if they’re having an
unruly student if they’re needing some help with an EBD unit things of that
nature they can be a peer-to-peer real time without having to get on it on
necessarily there they’re a telecom system or it’s right at that touch their
hand inside their in their laptop it’s in their iPads and it’s also available
to download on their phones this also has so every staff member will
have access to this every technological device the district has already had this
push to it so it has it and we were doing a rollout to we’re doing it in
sections so the first ones were rolling out to the high schools then we have a
River Ridge complex and what’s the chapel complex in golf Highlands
Elementary they’re they’re actually getting classes from the vendor this
month and then they will go live with the intent to do a drill in October
using this app solely so we at the district kind of experimented with over
the summer and we did two drills we did a fire drill needed a teepee drill a
district utilizing the system as well and they went I thought very well
everyone felt very informed we got very positive feedback from the district
staff and feeling that they were informed how we were able to do safety
check-ins and things like that so if you take a look this is kind of what the
what the app itself looks like it’s very simple it’s very intuitive the left-hand
column here where my arrow is is basically they’re just messaging groups
so if you think of them as like group message text messages it’s very similar
to that and and you’re your principal or your school principal and AP that can
set up their own different ones they want to have a safety team if they want
have a leadership team they want to have academics you know whatever they want to
have in there they can set that up however they like to they’re given
training to run a separate system which is a dashboard that drives this
so they’re doing that as well but at its base layer it’s only a couple of pushes
away from setting out an alert that it goes to a law enforcement escalation
group so like mrs. Kuhn was saying that we’ve established a law enforcement
escalation group with Pasco Sheriff’s Office and our municipal partners so
they’re all their dispatch centers and the fire fire emergency fire folks will
be in that escalation group as well so if one of these three so as an example
I’m not gonna push a start on it for sure but this little icon down here at
the bottom is called a fast alert and it brings up one of three choices and it’s
active threat fire or evacuation so any of these three and mine looks a little
different because I’m an administrator so if I push that I can set it up to
alert or drill so when you want to run your drill you can run it and then I can
also choose what communications room I’m going to send this to I’m going to send
it to all you know tens of thousands of employees in the district if I’m gonna
send it to just supernet and staff where am I going to send it to our building
things of that nature so that’ll be accessible for us and then I can type in
you know a message here real time so we as an example we use this during the
hurricane preparedness our superintendent staff so I stab right on
the fly that’s sure I have simple was I hadn’t done it before in the meeting we
were in I set up a message group for the superintendent’s leadership staff and we
communicated during the entirety of the planning process for a hurricane durian
through crisis go so I think it works fantastic so they have to have that
these do so it so there is there is napping download for free on the Android
Market or iOS and it’s also automatically pushed to all of our
technological devices that are in districts they already have them and I
have to say it’s very easy to download on I went ahead and downloaded and then
I was so scared I was gonna hit and start an alert yeah I did come in for a
little quick training with Christo and it’s it is very simple and easy to use
and there’s I would encourage you to download the app because there’s a lot
of useful data on there that that I having at my fingertips in case we did
have a crisis and then the only the one other thing quickly I’ll go over if I
may is the organizational side so in the past we’ve had our crisis flip charts
that have been at the schools they’ve been in the buildings and things that
nature they’re now on the app so they’re they’re 1% so if we go into our
checklists and then I moved down here I moved to active threat plan our entire
active threat plan crisis flip chart is now right there at you at your
fingertips literally so you can do you can you can use it because I will oliver
educators are typically checklist folks right so they can knock it off as they
do it on the checklist they can add a note if they want to do something they
can send messages to folks in their safety team they’re like I can’t my
doors stuck or I can’t move this over or you know whatever they need to do so so
that’s all real time and then whenever one of these alerts is sent up say it
was an active threat is the worst of the worst right now law enforcement acts
relation group gets automatically added to that bill that that’s schools message
group automatically so all the law enforcement folks are already in there
so the 911 dispatchers are there communicating so it happens
automatically so as soon as they hit that alert an escalation group is
already in there so they can communicate as their as the
real-time crime Center from the Sheriff’s Office pulls up the cameras
and starts giving intelligence to the law enforcement side responding
then the dispatchers that are that are monitoring this can help help guide our
administrators during a crisis real-time in this app as well so it also has for
responding officers and folks like that it has our Maps so all maps for all of
our schools are in here as well and then one of the best one of the best
functions that I see I’m not going to pull it up on the on the open screens is
roster reunification stuff for students when we do evacuation we do
reunification sites so it’s all tied to our one roster so it’s updated every 24
hours hope something actually hit one crisis goal yes but mrs. Kuhn sent us an
email that had a link to it that that has the authorization because you know
because you have to be authorized to get the data if I were to suggest other words just anybody just can’t
download it yet all that she knows any site you heard that go over but the
devices that were in the district that’s what you heard was the tone from from
the app so quickly if I may also I was gonna mention something that completely
flat on my head right there so doesn’t matter is either a liar or it
was something made up so be that the high schools River reach complex watch
the chapel complex and Gulf Islands elementary I think they’ll have that
first here in September there are the principal’s were already I sent them
significant amount of links for them to contact the vendor to set up training on
their own its web web based training live interactive training they do with
the vendor and then the principal’s will set up their dashboard training so they
can actually manage their own drill schedule they can manage their own
buildings to get and manage their own message groups and then will move after
about a week or so feedback from the high schools and the pilot schools
they’re moving to the middle schools they same things feedback then we’ll do
half of the elementary schools and then we’ll do the other half and then the
last two functions are student facing bullet or tip type function that’s one
way communication only from the students and then there’s a parent facing portion
that can opt in and they can also then provide tips and information back to us
as well so that’s it a nutshell I’m happy to answer any questions and happy
to also discuss this later on the all or set up training for you all if you want
it as well I’m happy to do that so anything else no other good news to
share but thank you to Chris and to Marian Carlotta and so you for being
here tonight it’s great this is once in know good evening I’m happy to share some things with you
this evening we have completed walkthroughs for 22 of our priority
schools we’ve been in those schools elementary middle and high starting the
first week of school I’m getting some baseline data
and making plans of supports for those schools also as you know item nine point
four indicates that we are grant recipients of a nationwide Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation grant one of twelve recipients in the nation this is
not a matching or an in-kind grant and funds will support high-quality
professional learning aimed at ensuring our middle school mathematics and
structural materials are implemented in a manner to meet the needs of all of our
students if you have any questions about that feel free we’re happy to answer any
of those questions also we saw on many of you at the East and West Side adult
education graduations recently celebrating the success of the students
who’ve persevered often through lots of hard day’s and we were able to also see
the top 10% of these graduates honored with scholarships from phsc thank you so
much for always supporting these events tomorrow is our first day of early
release and we are excited to prioritize that time to launch our social-emotional
learning focus as you heard earlier that’s a great need in our district and
so staff from across the district will engage in professional development aimed
at integrating social emotional learning competencies into instruction in the
school environment so thank you also for your support of that good evening I
wanted to let you know a couple things the first is that we recently received
work from state of Florida PBIS that we have several schools that
have received model school recognition for their efforts last school year and
of course many of our schools have PBIS programs alive and well but what FL PBIS
recognition means is it they took some extra steps to be recognized for their
achievement it middle school level Hudson middle school was recognized with
the Gold level award and River Ridge Middle School was recognized with the
bronze and I know there will be many more this coming school year but for our
audience would you please tell them what that stands for that would be the
positive behavior incentive systems thank you
thank you I know no I have more okay sorry and this one I’ll really spell out
or I could do it all in initials I’ve got Amy riddle our principal from Gulf
middle school she is currently at flips which is the Florida International
Baccalaureate world schools group she is at the middle years program workshop
where she is establishing capacity to begin implementation of the middle years
program at Gulf middle school for next year which I know you’ll hear some more
about next week but we’re very excited to have her there
engaging in that learning we have two opportunities that I want to call your
attention to coming up in the next couple weeks what on the west side topic
that you just explored in the workshop earlier this evening
it’s called clear the fog it’s a presentation for parents and community
members to educate them around the vaping epidemic that’s going to take
pace place at Bayonet middle on September 26 and then on the east side
of the county over at Pasco middle we have something called social media savvy
which is also a parent education workshop on the 18th tied to their PBIS
launch or positive behavior intervention systems and that’s at Pasco middle again
again two topics that we’re really designed to help us focus on some areas
outside of Education that certainly impact the work that we do every day
with families and then finally just to remind you tonight we do have several
schools kicked off last week but the majority of our middle schools are
kicking off their football this evening which of course engages not only the
athletes but the cheerleaders and the bands and their parents and boosters and
our volleyball players are alive and well lots of activities around the
county so thank you for your support of all those yes September 26 it’s also on
their website and social media okay I cannot you know if you don’t I think it
takes p.m. but I’ll confirm for you well miss pose talking okay thank you thank
you thank you very much miss who’s been on two elementary I know she mentioned
the middle schools who were recognized for the PBIS Awards we do have several
Elementary’s at the bronze level we have Cody River Minnie Pete Locke northwest
and Schrader moving to the silver level we have double branch elementary and
then attaining the gold level we have Chaska elementary Chester Taylor
elementary Cypress Elementary Moon Lake and New River Elementary so a lot to
celebrate on those efforts we definitely know that we see that alive and well in
all of our schools but as Marcy mentioned these schools went above and
beyond to attain those three different levels of achievement I also just wanted
to recognize that we had a great turnout at our Starkey k-8 groundbreaking last
Thursday very exciting to see the first kindergarten class represented that was
definitely a delight to see them lead the Pledge of Allegiance and just to be
a part because that is what it’s all about it’s about our up-and-coming
students and their future here in Pasco County so to see the excitement of the
parents the community members and all of them just the great excitement building
around the partnership with our County it’s definitely worth the wait and we’re
looking forward to August 2021 to see that come alive I’m a one final thing
that I wanted to share is that it was Grandparents Day this past weekend and
it’s exciting to see our elementary schools really honor the role that a
grandparent plays and the life of a child and especially the life of a child
at elementary school so last week and this week there are grandparents teas
and breakfasts and all sorts of recognitions just in honoring of that
family engagement at the elementary school and beyond so I wanted to
recognize and thank all the grandparents and the parts they play in our in our
schools just a couple of things tonight one I do want to reiterate what Mary
Gray said about the great camps that occurred the summer my niece actually
attended the medical skills camp and she had the option of going to the beach she
had that option of participating in a running club and so it just speaks
volumes that she chose to stay in the program
so great work by Mary gray and her team also when it shares some news from the
high schools one principal Stanley asked me to share that her athletic trainer
Nicky Frye actually assisted and helped in a medical episode that happened with
a community member at a game and she just talked about how much she
appreciated Nicky Frye and what a difference she made and just having her
there in that situation how much it helped so I wanted to give that
recognition to Nicky Frey also if you didn’t see the press release at Sun Lake
high school the American Geographical Society announced that Miss Anne
Collison at Sun Lake High School is a geographic teacher named selected to
participate in a year-long professional development and to receive resources
from them throughout the year she is one of 50 teachers selected across the
United States so that’s quite an accomplishment
also at Cypress Creek middle high school we do have an up-and-coming leader 10
light that he actually helped coordinate some of the assistant principal
trainings at the district level he works specifically with SSPs I want
to make sure I give that department a lot of credit as well but around the my
grad success and that’s important because it really ties into the
interventions that are happening for kids and it ties into our graduation
rate and then we are really focused on student experiences making sure students
or college career and life ready and that does mean above and beyond even
academic achievement so I do just want to give recognition to the following
high schools who immediately launched from their student groups but that
students said we have to do some collections and donations and we have to
give back for the Dorian hurricane and the devastation that happened in the
Bahamas so that is Gulf High School crimson Lake High School Wiregrass
and Pascoe high school so lots of great stuff going on out there dr. skanky Andy can we do what he’s
gonna get me one day with a really bad picture of me he’s just in case we say
something inappropriate he’s gonna fix me with a really bad picture of me one
day somewhere oh can we add one more thing well first of all time the time
for the clear the fog is 6:15 p.m. on the 26th and then also we just want I
apologize for failing to mention that this week we also are celebrating
accessibility week and so each day we are highlighting different features and
our devices that help support students in the accessibility of curriculum
instruction things to read math any any part of the learning experience and
we’re doing that in partnership with Apple Education and appreciate the
support from them and appreciate all the folks who have worked to bring that to
life and really provide that information to our teachers to the benefit of our
students thank you thank you okay moving on to expulsion recommendations and
hearings and yes so we have a none this week it’s always a good week okay seven
consent agenda does any board member have an item to pull discuss anything
like that actually we’re gonna pull a noun for but
they’ve covered so as I have one I had still one thing to say about ninth okay
go ahead nine one all right so I say first then I need a motion to approve
I’ll move approval of the consent agenda with the exception of 9.1 and adding the
downloaded Docs to 10.1 right second one two nine point four and nine point
one no no I was just pulling nine point one okay one just taste that about nine
point four really fast too so that matter you’re the chair okay so do we
have to pull it okay what so we going to have a second first yeah uh do you want
to pull nine yes yeah so I add nine four to full in nine one second okay
discussion who wants to go first so go talk about it and then we vote what
we’ll only voting on the ones we did not pull okay and this is why I didn’t write
Robert’s Rules we were here okay all in favor aye
okay approved so who would like to go first night by one I’ll do nine point
one since that comes first numerically I just wanted to share some some
information that the questions that I asked about the visit I’m talking about
this statewide assessment calendar if you wanted to look at it you pull it up
it so it’s an it’s a nine point one and it’s the beautiful excuse me the uniform
assessment calendar so there were a couple things that I had asked dr. Jones
Peggy Jones to clarify for me so I just wanted to share the information that she
gave me I asked what life centered education was
and that assessment is provided to students in the upper grades 11 and 12
who are pursuing access points so those of this you know the Student Center well
I think everyone knows what I access points are so and then I also asked
about the NWA because I was familiar with that test but I was asking of all
schools worked all the schools were using it I said I thought only some were
and that it was in lieu of the quarterly checks and I wasn’t clear to me on the
calendar because it looked like maybe students were taking nwea
and Quarterly’s and Erla so I had asked about that I said it looks like our k5
students are taking all three of those is that correct and aren’t they all
reading and ela assessment and dr. Jones said that yes I was
correct but only some schools are administering the mwe AMAP map I guess
and it’s only and it is in place of the quarterly so they are doing both and all
of their schools are missing administering the quarterly checks in
the Erla so there are also quarterly checks for science and math and select
grades but I just wanted to make sure that the students weren’t doing both and
she said they’re not and then I didn’t doubt her and then regarding district
finals window I was pleased to see so it is through the 27th so so I asked so
nobody can make up a final after the last day of school and she said we do
have the ability for students Cape case-by-case to make up in the planning
day traditionally schools don’t requested it
but they do have the ability so I just wanted to make the point which I know
I’ve made the point every year but the district is not restricting
administrators or denying them the ability to give makeup tests on 5:27
it’s a school-based choice not to do that and to waste those last two days at
schools and use them for makeups and I still just have to express my
displeasure that we waste those two days in a lot of schools and in a lot of
classrooms not all of them but in a lot of them so I am grateful that the window
is open till the last day of school I would prefer that it be open a little
longer for makeups but she said that they we do have the ability to do that
so that lies on the dis school leadership to make those choices I guess
so that was it so I move to approve 9.1 second all in favor aye
motion approved so on nine point four then just briefly I just wanted to point
out and thank the Lorri Romano Lea Mitchell and Michelle Kernan for your
involvement in getting this million dollar grant for us it’s it’s a very big
deal to us and I happen to notice mr. Campbell was out of the room when mrs.
Hilton explained that it is not a matching grant it’s to prepare teachers
for new middle school math curriculum which is called open up
resources and it’s an excellent grant and we’re really excited to have this so
it’s different so we’re very excited and again I just want to recognize y’all for
your work on this thank you very much so I would I move to approve I guess –
what can I do yeah okay sure somebody else I think yes
I make a motion to approve 9.4 second all in favor okay okay yeah we did yeah
we did okay moving on all right that’s why I didn’t go to law school okay all
right no miscellaneous action items tonight individual board member reports
would you like to start at this end of this end ladies it’s up to you all right
okay that’s okay okay yeah that’s all right okay so I visited John long middle
school had a chance to walk through the classrooms and learn more about the
differentiating differentiation that’s taking place there as well as the
industry certifications that they offered so I enjoyed the touring John
long I also attended the citizens Academy so now I’m gonna go before use
and miss Harding was there as well and I do appreciate the effort of the district
folks to and the communications with the community and and I also appreciate the
community members who are giving their time to learn more about our district
operations I sincerely hope that these folks will be ambassadors for our
districts when they engage with their own neighbors and friends I also
attended the Eastside adult IDI commencement and that is always a
pleasure to celebrate the accomplishments of this student who are
earning their diplomas GED and childcare ins cosmetology certifications I also
wanted to mention that all the grants that were on the
Genda so nine four through nine six and again favor the teams working on
applying and securing those grants because I’m pleased to see these are
consistently showing up on our agendas every week every two weeks I should say
so thank you for that I visited oak stead elementary and there was a big
focus on kindness there this year and I also noted that at least one of the
grades I think it was fit great so somebody may correct me if I’m wrong
that the teachers are specializing this year so it’ll be interesting to hear the
pros cons lessons learned at the end of the year because I do like that idea and
I’m interested to see what they think about it at the end of the year we all
attended master board training with the superintendent so thank you to everyone
who came to that we talked a lot about communication I wanted to ask hey this
is for Andy the superintendent the school matters video that you posted and
maybe I just didn’t see it but I tried to see if it if I could click for closed
captioning if maybe we could do that because I know some people watch those I
think at work a lot of times so you don’t want to have the volume on where
if it was closed captioned they could read it I was just a suggestion okay it just clicked okay okay I was
just thinking especially that one because it’s going out to the to the
people school-based folks and they probably would be easier for them to
read it okay okay I just happen to notice that this week and then I I
suppose I wasn’t supposed to direct em but since you would pointed about I
probably supposed to go through you okay I’m sorry that I did that I didn’t
follow the chain of command it’s something that came up this week a few
teachers mentioned this to me and I saw it from The Parent Portal so
in my student now there’s a capability to message teachers so a few teachers
yeah a few teachers brought this up to me so I was just I was told that it’s
going like directly to the teacher I don’t let me just finish in them to the
teachers through this messaging and not going to their email so and then for
a teacher to reply they have to log onto my student and respond there so it’s
it’s it’s something that I don’t know if that was something that was planned or
if this occurred inadvertently with some update but I was wondering if there was
a reason for it because the teachers were concerned that now this is another
place that they have to check where it used to just email them so I don’t
expect an answer right now I just wanted to find out if there was a reason for it
or something happened but a few teachers were like now there’s another thing that
I have to check and then they got a log in there to try to respond and then just
one last thing and I do love this when my two passions connect I was at a UT
meeting and I sat with the Education Department and they had mentioned seeing
the new teeth River Ridge new teacher Academy at at a conference and we’re
raving about it so they wanted to connect and they want to send their
interns out to see our program with best hat so they have connected and they’re
working that out but I thought that that was pretty cool that the University saw
such a value in what Beth has and they’re doing her team is doing at River
Ridge so they’re gonna connect him maybe get something going there so I attended
the Adult Ed graduation along with most of where you did handshaking on the
stage attended this Starkey k-8 groundbreaking and most of our citizens
don’t recognize how truly significant that is for our County and that our
staff has taken the leadership in that for those of you that don’t know it is a
true public public/private partnership where the county the school district and
the developer have worked together and instead of duplicating efforts on parks
and libraries and parking and stuff we’re all doing it together and sharing
and it’s gonna be a tremendous benefit to the taxpayers and citizens and allow
each of those people to have better resources by
coming together and mr. GAD and his team were the drivers on that and and I
appreciate their efforts I attended the Pasco high school cambridge meeting for
parents and education session attended Pasco high school open house and the San
Antonio elementary open house we that school has grown now with such of
traffic that mr. Kuhn has been dealing with issues because we are attracting
and and drawing some kids I am NOT going to publicly share some of the stories
but I was there the other day and because I know so many of these people I
recognize some of them who came from private and charter schools that are
there at st. Anne Elementary because of the Cambridge program and they’re doing
a great job there and then I just wanted to again thank Mary gray and Carlotta
for your efforts on the summer camp like Miss Bowden when I have heard absolutely
nothing but positive and people calling to know where they’re gonna have more of
those in our area I would throw one out to you to think about may seem really
strange but being in the insurance business during budget cuts we had to do
away with driver’s ed and I can’t tell you how many parents have asked me about
the ability to have some sort of summer program so I loved your safety stuff and
the CPR being an OEM tee that I think it’s great if we could think about
driver’s ed and safety thrown into a camp i i think you’d get some tremendous
participation and they’d even be willing to pay a little bit because if they pass
and we’re certified they get to save a lot of money just and we’re grass branch
did do one because my son what they did but I don’t
think it was well publicized your parent told me about it but I don’t know I
don’t know what did it but so anyway thank you all for that it was all
positive very much that’s it okay yes no Ezra stated that we all attended the
master board training and I just can’t reiterate how important the master board
training has been to bring us where we can better understand how we can
function as a board to be more efficient and and to accomplish our goals went to
the West adult education graduation students coming out of Marchman
Technical College always a pleasure to see those students that really didn’t
think they were going to graduate watching them graduate and walking
across the stage the went as mentioned before we had the grant out grow opening
or grant groundbreaking for the Starkey ranch k12 a k-8 I’m sorry I’ve opened a
12 that would be really big school but that is you know that’s been long time
coming I remember you know sitting in the County Board meetings because they
had to participate in this as school board meetings as we even had some joint
meetings just to get this accomplished and have to think we the developer we
lock for participating with us in this venture I mean just the idea of being
able a parent be able to take their kid down to the to the library where the kid
no kid takes them in and say hey look this is what I did in school today at
this you know right here and then dropping the kid off then going and
playing some hoops in the gymnasium at the school and then having another son
over there and at the sports field participating in the sports league
alright there is just really a boon to the community also to the county
the just the savings that we can have not duplicating all those buildings and
programs the other thing I did is I went to the Pasco Economic Development
Council Awards in trade show this is something that it’s a school district
we’ve been very active in in the past and I think we need to get back to it
and this is why during the trade show took it upon myself to go around to each
of those businesses and ask them about mentorships and the ones that were
related to any of our career academies you know I said you know any leads on on
instructors that might be interested in or any nurses that are ready to retire
but still want to give back to the community we want them so is it’s
something it’s a rich source of support for our career academies I am for
articles in general so I think we need to have a bigger presence in that
organization like we’ve done in the past yes there there is is part of it but
what we need to do is is we are going in the past we’ve actually been I’ve forgot
the exact term they have when you belong to the organization but we we’ve paid
our dues and belong to the organization and I think we need to look at that it’s
a possibility but in the future I really just wanted to take a moment and think
it’s just Kuhn mr. Fox’s entire maintenance stuff I I cannot speak I
cannot say the most amazing things about them they just problem after problem has
occurred this year and not little problems like big problems have occurred
and they have been on it been able to fix it the communication be from mr. Fox
and I husband it so I can and the communication between mr. Fox and the
staff at schools I just thank you thank you thank
you thank you thank you I know that y’all’s job is not that easy but I just
can’t thank you enough and I’m just I know we all are so thankful for you I
also wanted to thank everyone who was involved in the preparation for
hurricane durian from everyone who listened to the emergencies and her
calls so the schools are ready to take in citizens for shelters we’re really
really are blessed that it did not hit us and I also wanted to thank mr.
browning for allowing time for our families to get prepared and for keeping
everyone informed I also wanted to again thank those that were involved in those
grants I do like to see all the money in there so that’s really awesome thank you
so so much I too attended the first citizens
Academy class for this year 2009 2020 I’m just so grateful that our district
or larger community be involved I wanted to thank our superintendent too for
giving a great detailed overview about our district of schools and thank you to
the accountability and research team research team for presenting our
strategic plan so it’s really awesome I got to speak out seven Springs the PTO
meeting about the importance of parental engagement it was such it was so
refreshing seeing all these parents and guardians and teachers and staff at that
meeting and being actively involved so I wanted to to thank all of them I also
got to visit Northwest elementary school Fox Hollow Hudson Elementary and I
really wanted to thank mrs. Hilton for actively interviewing and working so
hard to get Hudson elementary school and assistant principal I’m very thankful
for that I know that the staff is – I got to meet her yesterday and mrs. Ennis
I think she’s just gonna be a wonderful wonderful addition to their to their
school one of my favorite things that I got to do was attend our fall
commencement ceremony when mrs. Armstrong and mrs. Hilton was there and
of course superintendent browning it’s just always such a happy occasion when
we see our students – crimes me and they when they get to tell you there was a
one of the keynote speakers she was saying how she wants to be a teacher so
it really just when they tell you what they want to do after it just really
warmed warmed my heart and it just makes me so proud of all of them I also wanted
to thank dr. Isles for spending I wasn’t last Friday was two Fridays ago now
she’s spent Friday with me and we got to see five eight high schools new fire
Science Academy building and Hudson High School’s pharmacists technician program
and their mock pharmacy it’s really really cool and what an amazing
opportunity for our students to get them college and career ready so really
really awesome so thank you and then I got to attend also the star kiki school
gown breaking that was my very first groundbreaking ever so it was really
exciting and I’m just – I’m so grateful for the partnership between the county
and the schools it just just what mrs. Armstrong had mentioned it’s just gonna
be so awesome for our students to be able to go back to school and show their
parents the library and you know go to the park and use the gymnasium and I’m
really really grateful for that not to mention those sweet little
kindergarteners that are going to be the first class so it was super fun and then
also I attended the master board and we got to really focus on continuing
focusing on communication so your turn these are couple highlights not covered
in continuing the progress of the program that we’re working on I’m on the
committee with them for the kuchi elementary a program mrs. Poe’s been
very involved very active and involved in getting things moving forward as has
Tom Viking and now we have been approached by USF that is expressing to
do a partnership with us there as well so I’ll just keep giving you the little
tidbits until we come up with the final and of course the kuchi River electric
co-op is providing a very significant sum of recurring money each year to help
us with this okay groundbreaking the Starkey k-8 yes I was there too the
innovation that is going to be coming out of the school and the supporting of
our pathways for all of our kiddos is absolutely amazing I’m proud of the good
stewardship we’re showing to our taxpayers and the black box theater I
can’t wait to see so tomorrow I’m attending a
ceremony which probably some of you all are – at golf high school also attended
the master war training with my fellow of my feller with my fellow boy summers
and super and out of that training I’m gonna end my little spiel here with a
quote that I thought is positive we talked about something called emotional
IQ EQ I don’t know if any of y’all have ever said any of that but it’s a
measurement of not you’re you know Brainiac intelligence Q quotient but
your emotional your empathy your how you relate and engage I see lots of nods so
I don’t need to go on but one of the quotes I thought was really good and
apropos for right now that in negotiating for the purpose of reaching
an agreement the most effective strategy is known as a win-win
it’s the emotionally intelligent approach to negotiation and conflict and
I’m really hoping for a win-win to come for all of us alright thank you that’s
all I have to say and now we are on to Oh the attorney all right then now
anybody else have any new business they thought oh okay so we are on to public
comment with the pink cards

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