Parents Try School Lunches

– Get ready for that puke shot. (upbeat music) – I’m definitely not a nutritionist, but I care about what my
kids eat and what I eat. – We get a calendar every month that lists the breakfast and lunch
that she gets at school, and it looks good. – I remember the cafeteria
lunches growing up being really bland and dry. – They tasted like cardboard. She’s in the same school
district as I was, so hoping they improved. – I’m sure it’ll be some
sort of combination of processed and heated foods and then maybe like a
token vegetable or fruit. (upbeat music) This is a substance I’m not familiar with. Can somebody tell me what this is? – See? Blob. And it smells like nothing. – Nothing. Just tastes like beige. – Seriously, this is
what they give at school? – It says fruits, grains,
vegetables, protein, dairy. My only question is is
if this is what we’re supposed to be eating,
does this chicken salad sandwich reflect that? (upbeat music) – I’m not excited about this. Not at all. – This is definitely
like a microwaved moment right now, I can tell. – Oh, it’s so gross. – This sandwich looks like a scrotum. – The meatballs look like they can bounce. – This tastes like it was
prepared maybe a month ago. – I can plug my nose when I try it, right? – It bounced. – No one’s seasoned this obviously. This is like tiny water
balloons in my mouth right now. – It tastes a little dish watery. – Very sad corn. – Where did they find this? Did it fall off a truck or something? – I would probably just eat these. (upbeat music) It’s like a shoelace posing as meat. – Very pliable. – Aren’t they supposed to be orange? – Why can’t I pierce it
past a certain point? – Pretty bendy. – Is it really an egg? – That is disgusting. – I don’t know what this
ham meat is supposed to be. – I wouldn’t give that to my dog. – How is that meat? That’s rubber. – Almost a fifth of
the entire day’s sodium in this one packet. – That’s so bad. How do children eat this? It was actually way worse
than I thought it would be. – Everything felt a little rubbery. – I’m really worried that
this is what I depend on while I’m away from her. – I just think about the
kids who don’t have access to meals and this is how
they’re gonna eat lunch, and I’m just kinda bummed out because this is what we’re
offering them, and I think we can do better, and we should do better. (peaceful music)

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  1. My school lunch is amazing! I don’t get why everyone complains about theirs? My school can’t be the only one that has amazing cooks.

  2. My food at school was never bad it was actually ordered from local fast food and stores like dominos and McDonald’s in the mornings not even joking

  3. Man stop school lunched these days are dry DISGUSTING tast like yesh there strawberry with nuggets in salads so thank obameas wife she wanted thing to be healthier more like thrasher

  4. I’m very lucky that we get pizza served every Wednesday and it’s actually really nice but on the other days I just go out to a supermarket

  5. IV had the meatball sub and ya it looks like even prison wouldn't give that to there prisoners but it was good in my opinion

  6. So the school food we don't eat it we probably eat the fruit or little cookies ( when they do give out cookies)

  7. ok like yeah the food that they make at the school can be disgusting but at the same time i feel bad fir the pepole that make the food beacause they try

  8. My school just doesn’t care. The milk is spoiled or about to be spoiled, the burger buns are always a big no if you don’t want to puke, I watched an entire can of spray butter used on 10-15 calzones (the pepperonis saved the taste but it’s still not healthy), in middle school there’s a rumor that the school reheats restaurant pizza so that it looks like they made it, the tuna salad in the tuna salad sandwich is sour, I could go on and on. Basically, the gumbo, spaghetti (that they got rid of), the soups (that they got rid of), ice cream, sweet tea, pea salad (gone too), the crustless apple pie, and a few more are healthy and edible… most of these are gone or a one day thing tho… like the thanksgiving dinners..

  9. This is like the everyday foods at my school, but we also get a rotating menu that features stuff that is actually pretty good. (chain diner quality)

  10. The thing us I got so triggered because this wasnt even half as bad as my school
    That school had pasta my school had onion meat loaf😡

  11. I am shook that there are kids with real plates for for lunch. My school gives TV dinners that are pre packaged

  12. Honestly, at my school the food was so bad I wouldn't eat breakfast or lunch and would starve all day until I got home. I also had after school activities almost every day. So I would go from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm without anything. Luckily now I'm moving to middle school so I can have better food each day. Also I can't have a lunch bag because that is to expensive for my family with four kids and my mother who works as a barber from home and my dad an ER nurse.

  13. Yaha poor you people.. are school has pizza, meatballs with pasta, Chicken wrap, chicken bites and bbq sauce with rice, and it has flavour.

  14. Who else laughed when…

    She said It looks like it can bounce

    Thrøw mėåtball øn fløør



  15. 1:01 that's the same lunch I get at my school THE MEATBALL SANDWICH WAS SOGGY AND MADE ME GAG, I only eat some of the corn and dump the rest

  16. I live in a really small town/county and the food there is always really good. The cooks get high brand frozen/canned foods and good produce. They also make food out of fresh ingredients. Kudos to all the kids out there that have to eat that stuff 5 days a week 9 months a year.

  17. One of the the lunches they served at my school was just a breadstick with some mozzarella cheeze on top and a cup of tomato sauce.

  18. we supposedly the richest country but places like Puerto Rico have such good and healthy school lunches that are actually COOKED and not just heated. like tf why cant we spend money to have better lunches for schools. USA rLLY fucked up

  19. I have anorexia and TCA so eating in the cafeteria is hard. Sometimes I'm not even eating or if I do, I try to just vomit it because that's disgusting. At 20mins of my school, there is a market so I'm """eating""" quickly at school I go there and buy some things for lunch.
    When I came back home, my mom is like "what have you eaten today at school ?" : I can't even describe it ! Sometimes the food looks like vomit or as if someone had diarrhoea in our lunch. That's what being in a French School is ;;

    Btw, at the first year of my high-school all the teachers told us to "try and eat to the cafeteria. Some people are being fat for eating the things in the market". We're going there because some of us can't always pay for going to the market- Plus, if the thing in the cafeteria were better we wouldn't go to the market

  20. If you go to my middle school then you get to choose your lunch from a list of cheezeburgers, fried chicken, french fries, salad, breakfast burritos, and 4 flavors of frozen yogurt and no, its not a private school. Like if you hate me right now.

  21. I mourn the death of flapjacks…. Brownies…. Custard….NOE ITS FREAKING OEN USE PLASTIC SO CALLED JELLY

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